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    I am not seeing a lot of new confirmed outbreaks of bird flu. In fact, All I am seeing is big talk of gov't intervention programs and big donations, flu fatigue and preparations being made worldwide.
    Egypt admits BF is endemic, but we knew that already, so why tell us now? Something goin on? Or pressure from the conference to admit it?? Egypt is about the only country that has admitted to human suspects recently.

    Bangladesh / India border areas have been having tremendous fever outbreaks,encephalitis and reports of BF, which were immediately denied. Thailand has had a couple recent suspects, also denied. Sandwiched somewhere in there is suspects but tons of dead birds and pigs.

    Indonesia is pretending to hide sequences .. but we still have a lab there? The news from Indo is all but dried up completely, except for the occassional bird deaths.
    A few birds in Sweden, Japan and South Korea have been reported. Germany and africa have also had recent outbreaks..then silence.
    Economic news is bad, and no country wants to admit to any BF whatsoever, for risk of damaging their economy even more. I understand this, but will not hide news for any country. I urge all to redouble their efforts in reporting and preparation. I am not buying the lack of cases.
    The birds are flying and we know what they are bringing with them.

    China stays busy with plenty of problems they will admit to, but bf is not one of them. Of all the places that have had huge bird outbreaks, China would seem to me to have more than 1 crow infected in the last few months. As usual, this thread may have any kind of news from China. Bird Flu season is here, so I will start this new China thread..just in case.

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    Re: China news -Part 2

    mmmm..mmmm.. good!

    Anhui black slaughter Fang Wanggu human life
    The over hundred dead pigs flow in the market every day

    29/10/2008, on Wednesday in the morning 04:51

    Inland question food endures not 絕, Anhui Bozhou Mengcheng County is uncovered has dies of illness the pig to flow in large numbers after personal slaughtering the market, consumer's health is worrying. After the butcher purchases dies of illness the pig, according to the pig different cause of death separately processes, each catty pork's selling price only needs two Yuan to three Yuan, the so inexpensive price has attracted large quantities of small restaurants and the halogen vegetable files patronage.
    "Anhui Market Newspaper" reported that Mengcheng County has several ten personal slaughterhouses, majority of slaughters gets sick, the dead pig primarily, the conservative estimate has hundred Yu Zhi to die of illness at least every day the pig to flow in the market. This newspaper's reporter made secret inquiries the discovery the other day, these slaughter room conceals in the private residence, in the field stinks to high heaven, and to avoid the bystander discovering, the slaughter room usually only then begins in before dawn.

    Immerses the blood processing sell
    Reporter from the man who once was engaged in dead pig slaughtering learned that slaughters the dead pig's method and the live pig is different, and the different cause of disease's pig's processing method also varies. Because the dead pig's blood already dispersed to the meat, after dead pig slaughtering, must put in the water to soak removes the scarlet, the yellowish pink sends the dark meat to process the half-finished product to sell again.
    Because local death pig slaughtering industry is prosperous, thus also some person of specialties purchase the dead pig, more than a hundred catty death pig only needs 20 Yuan to be able to buy, handed over again sells to slaughter Fang Jiuke to obtain turns time of profit, died of illness the pork after the processing, the selling price also only needs two Yuan to three Yuan.



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      Re: China news -Part 2

      sends the dark meat to process the half-finished product to sell again.


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        Re: China news -Part 2

        well.. almost 3000 geese die but no clear cut explanation? Possible Ecoli and cholera

        2829 nameless dead goose farmers to Kaifeng Zheng rights
        2008-10-28 8:36:32
        Because the breeder died one after another, Kaifeng, a farm animal to the Henan Agricultural University Hospital on finding the right solutions.
        不料想,在吃了大夫开的上千元的药物后,鹅的病情不仅没有好转,而是迅速蔓延,2829只种鹅陆续死亡,养 殖场损失上百万元。
        But think of it, eat a thousand dollars on the doctor opened the drug, the goose's condition did not improve, but the rapid spread of the 2829 one after another breeder died and more than 100 million in farm losses.
        In order to find out Zehui Shi, yesterday morning, the farm owners with only 21 geese came to the hospital to discuss claims.

        <TABLE align=left><TBODY><TR><TD></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

        The owner of the goose to talk after the death of breeder.
        Farm owners with 21 breeder claims review
        At about 10 am yesterday, in the way of cultural and high-yield road intersection 200 meters to the west road south of Henan Agricultural University Animal Hospital in front of 21 geese lined up lying on the ground, blocked the door to the hospital.
        ?2800多只种鹅,现在就剩下这21只了,我不能不要个说法呀。?说话的是开封一个种鹅养殖场的场主徐东 升。
        "Breeder just over 2800, and now the remaining 21 of these, I can not say you were not." Speaking of Kaifeng is a breeder farm in the main field Dong-Sheng Xu.
        据他介绍,10月3日之前,夫妻俩还拥有2850只种鹅,发现种鹅生病后,徐东升就带着病鹅来 该医院治疗。
        According to him, before October 3, the couple also has a 2850 breeder, the breeder was found sick, sick with the Dong-Sheng Xu goose to the hospital for treatment.
        在吃了该医院尹教授开的药后,种鹅的病情不但没控制住,现在只剩下了21只了,其余的已全部死 亡。
        Ate in the hospital Professor Yin Kai-medicine, the breeder's condition not only not under control, with only a 21, while the rest have been killed.
        Professor Yin Dong-Sheng Xu numerous experiences of finding representations so far can not be an accurate statement.
        Breeder nameless dead, a thousand doctors and drug
        ?我发现种鹅死因不明就赶紧带了几只来看病。? 徐东升说,10月3日,养殖场的饲养员发现B区的种鹅有2只死亡,但原因不明。
        "I found the cause of death unknown breeder to quickly bring to the doctor a few." Dong-Sheng Xu said that on October 3, breeder farms found to have a breeder of the B Zone 2 dead, but for reasons unknown.
        4 and 5 dead, I can not see the reason.
        5 in the morning there were 10 deaths breeder, as well as the emergence of a few can not, do not feed the situation, and so on.
        当日上午10时,徐东升不敢再耽搁了,通过药物供应商的介绍,带着几只已经死亡的种鹅和几只患病的种鹅,来 到河南农业大学动物医院治疗。
        10:00 the same day, Dong-Sheng Xu not dare to delay by drug suppliers, with a few of the dead breeder and breeder of a few sick and went to Henan Agricultural University Animal Hospital for treatment.
        ?他说不是传染病,问题不大。?徐东升说,接诊的是一个姓尹的老大夫,尹大夫解剖了3只,表示支气管有炎症 、卵巢和肠子也有炎症,但是问题不大。
        "He said it was not a disease, not the problem." Dong-Sheng Xu said that the reception is an old doctor surnamed Yin, Yin Doctor 3 of the anatomy that has bronchial inflammation, ovarian and intestines have inflammation, but it can be done.
        Dong-Sheng Xu is worried about infectious diseases, Dr. Yin said, "is not."
        随后,尹大夫给徐东升开了1580元的药,让他拿回去拌开后喂所有的种鹅,并表示?有病的治病,没病的预防 ?。
        Subsequently, Dr. Yoon Dong-Sheng Xu to open the 1580 yuan worth of medicine, let him get back to open mixed after feeding all the breeder and said that "ill treatment, not prevention of the disease."
        徐东升说,尹大夫开的药全是用透明袋包装,十分简陋,里面装的是灰色、白色、黄色的粉末,有50克、100 克、200克的剂量。
        Dong-Sheng Xu said Dr. Kai-Yin medicine with transparent bags are packed, very simple and crude, which is filled with gray, white, yellow powder, 50 grams, 100 grams and 200 grams of doses.
        There is no bag marked name drugs, there is no indication production unit and is valid and so on.
        In addition, Dr. Yin also had 5 bottles of injection, but the hospital has not given a receipt and invoicing.
        Experts think of is to open the medicine, Dong-Sheng Xu did not think about it, according to the doctor to go back after the drug mix in 4000 will jin of the feed.
        "I think the experts say all right, it will certainly be able to cure these geese."
        According to the doctor to take medicine, 2829 has been dead goose
        October 6, B area breeder died and more than 20, then 7 more die.
        In addition, A, C, D three districts have died breeder.
        This can not sit still under the Dong-Sheng Xu, also arrived at the top speed of Zhengzhou.
        这次,徐东升没有直接到农大医院,而是先到了河南牧专的一家鸡鸭鹅医院,一名姓赵的专家检查后说?是大肠杆 菌感染和霍乱?。
        This time, there is no direct Dong-Sheng Xu Ambassador to the hospital, but the first in a special henan animal husbandry chicken, duck and goose Hospital, a check Xingzhao experts said, "is the E. coli infection and cholera."
        And issued a certificate.
        The Yin to the doctor there, Dr. Yin insisted so in accordance with the previous prescription medication to continue.
        Ambassador, taking into account the hospital's large number of well-known, although the two have doubts about the diagnosis, but he is still in accordance with the Ambassador of the hospital medical treatment.
        10月9日,又有大量种鹅死亡,徐东升又气又急,第三次来到郑州,这次直接把尹大夫带到养殖场实地 检验。
        October 9, breeder and a large number of deaths, Dong-Sheng Xu and gas and urgency, the third came to Zhengzhou, Yin directly to the doctor to test on-site farm.
        ?我问他到底是不是得了传染病,他就是不回答。?最后,尹大夫还是开了同样的药让他继续给种鹅喂 食。
        "I asked him in the end is not won infectious diseases, he did not answer." Finally, the doctor or Yin had the same drug to allow him to continue feeding to the breeder.
        In the following days, every day hundreds of deaths and only a blink of an eye breeder 2850 with only a 21.
        ?我们埋了整整7天啊,饭都吃不下去。? 徐东升痛心地说,家里人和工人一边挖坑一边不住地掉眼泪,看着自己辛辛苦苦几年培育的种鹅就这么死了,妻子 几次哭昏过去,甚至还有了轻生的想法。
        "We buried a whole 7 God, to eat all meals." Dong-Sheng Xu sad to say that the home side and the workers digging on the side and could not cry, to watch their hard years of training on the breeder so dead , Lost his wife cried several times in the past, even the idea of suicide.
        Da Shuipiao 100 million, he would like to know how the goose is dead
        From 15 to 20, Dong-Sheng Xu tears while dealing with the bulk of the breeder died, while a phone call to the hospital.
        ?我就是想弄明白,到底是咋回事。? 徐东升说,他想不明白,?到底这些鹅得的是什么病?为什么种鹅吃了药后会大批死亡而且死得更快了??23日 上午,徐东升多次用固定电话和手机拨打医院的值班电话,可始终没有人接听。
        "I just want to find out, in the end is Zehui Shi." Dong-Sheng Xu said that he would not understand, "these geese get in the end what disease? Why breeder Chile Yao will be a large number of dead and the die faster? "On the morning of 23, Dong-Sheng Xu number of fixed telephone and mobile phone call on duty at the hospital, no one has answered.
        25 am, arrived at the hospital asked Dong-Sheng Xu, Yin Doctor did not give him a clear view.
        ?我实在是没办法了,要是他们再不给我一个说法,我就诉诸法律,为种鹅维权讨个说法。?徐东升说,就是出于 对医院名气的信任他才会一再相信尹大夫。
        "I really can not, if they do not give me a statement, I will resort to the law, breeder for the rights to have a say." Dong-Sheng Xu said that out of the hospital's reputation will trust him again and again believe Yin Doctor .
        His wife and 5 painstakingly culture breeder of the year has been very hard.
        The current breeder egg production has reached its peak, did not expect such a thing.
        "90 million, not the whole." Dong-Sheng Xu said that nearly 100 million Daleshuipiao, which they simply want to kill the couple.
        The Ambassador said the hospital has nothing to do with school
        And so on a morning, Yin Doctor's Hospital and no one opened the door, at 11 am, Dong-Sheng Xu found in Henan Agricultural University.
        河南农业大学宣传部一位姓王的负责人说,?河南农业大学动物医院?里的尹大夫确实是农大的退休教授,目前还 在学校教课,虽然?河南农业大学动物医院?租用的也是农大的房子,但冠名?河南农业大学动物医院?并没有得 到学校批准,动物医院也是私人的,所以与农大没有任何关系。
        Henan Agricultural University, one of Wang's propaganda department official said, "Henan Agricultural University Animal Hospital" the doctor Yin indeed, a retired professor of agriculture, are still in school text, although the "Henan Agricultural University Animal Hospital" rented Agriculture is also the home, but the title of "Henan Agricultural University Animal Hospital" has not been approved by the school, is also a private animal hospital, it had nothing to do with agriculture.
        该负责人还说,对于该动物医院擅自使用?河南农业大学?招牌的行为,学校领导研究过后也会做追 究。
        The person in charge said that, for unauthorized use of the animal hospital, "Henan Agricultural University" signs, study after school leaders will be held to do.
        Provide clues to Li a letter
        Breeder geese with a disease, was very bad.


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          Re: China news -Part 2

          Thanks for this post Treyfish. I agree with everything you've said.

          The birds are flying and we know what they are bringing with them.
          You mean like this:

          Wild birds carry avian flu viruses to U.S.: report (Reuters)

          WASHINGTON (Reuters) ? Migrating waterfowl may be carrying avian influenza viruses from Asia to the Americas, U.S. government researchers reported on Tuesday.
          They found genetic evidence that some non-dangerous influenza viruses infecting northern pintail ducks in Alaska are genetically more closely related to Asian strains of bird flu than to North American strains.
          "Although some previous research has led to speculation that intercontinental transfer of avian influenza viruses from Asia to North America via wild birds is rare, this study challenges that," said Chris Franson, a research wildlife biologist at the U.S. Geological Survey, who helped lead the study.


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            Re: China news -Part 2

            This is a true story and they have been talking about it for about 2 weeks in a lot of different papers, some showing huge piles of oranges destroyed or rotting in the street. It is a citrus maggot infestation they say is under control.

            Fruit fly maggots panic spread to Chinese citrus market
            <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=story_author align=middle width="75%">
            新唐人电视 2008-10-28 23:47
            New Tang Dynasty TV
            【新唐人10月28日讯】据《BBC》报导,四川近日传出柑橘长有蛆虫的消息对全国柑橘销情造成了显着打击 。
            【New Tang Dynasty on October 28
            According to "BBC" reported in Sichuan in recent days have been long orange maggots on the news of citrus sales in the country resulted in a significant blow.

            《中国日报》星期二(10月28日)引湖南市委宣传部新闻科科长陈志强说,恐慌至今已经给当地造成直接经济 损失4亿元人民币(5700万美元),而且估计这数目还将继续上升。
            "China Daily" Tuesday (Oct. 28) cited Hunan Municipal Committee Propaganda Department of Public Information chief Chen Zhiqiang said that the panic has been caused to the local direct economic losses 400,000,000 yuan (57,000,000 U.S. dollars), and it is estimated that the number will continue to上升.

            在据称占全国10%柑橘产量的湖北省,柑橘产业整体损失估计将高达15亿元人民币(2.19亿 美元)。
            In the alleged accounting for 10% of the nation's citrus production in Hubei Province, the citrus industry as a whole is estimated that losses will be as high as 15 billion yuan (219,000,000 U.S. dollars).

            事件源于上周初在互联网和手机短讯流传的消息,指称四川广元柑橘长了一种?小蛆状?的虫子,超过1万公吨果 实被销毁,呼吁人们最近不要吃柑橘。
            At the beginning of last week's events from the Internet and mobile phone short messages spread the news of the alleged Sichuan Guangyuan citrus from a "small maggot-like" insects, more than 10,000 tonnes of fruit were destroyed, recently called on people not to eat citrus.

            四川省农业厅随后证实,四川广元市旺苍县的确发生了?柑橘大实蝇?疫情,但称疫情已得到有效控制,四川全省 没有发现新的疫情,市场上也未发现有?蛆果?销售。
            Sichuan Agriculture Department subsequently confirmed in Guangyuan City, Sichuan Wang Cangxian indeed have taken place in "large citrus fruit" of the epidemic, but said the epidemic has been brought under effective control, the province of Sichuan have not found a new epidemic, the market has not found a "maggot fruit "Sales.

            However great the impact of citrus in China all over the country by the obvious impact on sales.
            In Beijing, citrus prices fell to less than 1 yuan per kilogram, sales are still going from bad to worse.

            Hubei Province Fruit Association of Friends of the Li said the province this year's citrus output and nearly 70% can not be sold.
            Hubei media reported that local citrus poor sales volume of up to 1,600,000 tonnes.

            尽管《人民日报》星期二的报道说,?有关方面?在发布信息时用词不当,?柑蛆?、?蛆虫?等字眼,但是加重 了人们的心理恐慌,而一些地方政府应对危机的能力没有办法改善。
            Despite the "People's Daily" reported Tuesday that the "parties concerned" in the release of information when a misnomer, "Orange maggots," "maggots" and other words, but add to people's psychological panic, and some of the local government's ability to cope with crisis Can not improve.

            路透社指出,在经历三聚氰胺污染乳制品事件后,?柑橘蛆虫?事件是对正在努力赢得国际对其产品质量予以信任 的中国的又一打击。
            Reuters noted that the experience of melamine contamination in the dairy case, the "orange maggots," the incident is making efforts to win international confidence in its product quality to be China's another blow.



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              Re: China news -Part 2

              Huge oil deal in the pipeline


              <SCRIPT language=javascript> function ShareBoxShow() { if (document.getElementById('shareListing').style.dis play=='block') { document.getElementById('shareListing').style.disp lay='none'; } else { document.getElementById('shareListing').style.disp lay='block'; } } </SCRIPT><SCRIPT language=javascript src=""></SCRIPT>

              RUSSIA signed a pipeline deal with China yesterday to create an overland supply route for Siberian oil as the two countries negotiate a package of export-backed Chinese loans.

              Russian pipeline monopoly Transneft and China National Petroleum Corp agreed to build an extension to carry 15 million tons a year of oil (300,000 barrels per day) between the countries' trunk pipelines from 2009.

              Russia's top energy official, Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, said Russian oil firms would receive "considerable" loans from China in return for increased oil supplies and that the exact amount would be determined by individual projects.

              "Financing is required to realize major projects," Sechin told reporters after the signing ceremony, attended by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and visiting Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao.

              Sechin declined to specify the amount of Chinese loans or Russian oil supplies being discussed. He said Russian and Chinese energy companies would submit a proposal for cooperation by November 25.

              "It's still early to speak of the credit agreement but work will be spread over production, refining, sales and transportation," he said.

              Sechin said Russia planned to increase oil deliveries to China and that falling prices would not be critical for Russia this year. Crude has more than halved in value to about US$63 a barrel from July peaks.

              The extension agreed yesterday, the cost of which has been estimated at US$800 million, will branch off the East Siberian-Pacific Ocean pipeline at the Russian town of Skovorodino and run to the Chinese border.



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                Re: China news -Part 2

                More melamine fed pigs for your BBQ

                The Anhui personal slaughterhouse sells dies of illness the pork

                ]Inland question food endures not 絕, Anhui Bozhou Mengcheng County personal slaughtering is uncovered the bulk sales to die of illness the pork, some hundred Yu Zhi dies of illness the pig to flow in the market at least every day. After the butcher purchases dies of illness the pig, then defers to the pig different cause of death separately to carry on the processing, it is reported that each catty pork's selling price only needs two to three Yuan, the so inexpensive price has attracted large quantities of small restaurants and the halogen vegetable files patronage. "Anhui Market Newspaper" reported that Mengcheng County has several ten personal slaughtering spots, and each slaughtering slaughters nearly dies of illness the pig primarily, the conservative estimate has hundred Yu Zhi to die of illness at least every day the pig to flow in the market. This newspaper reporter made secret inquiries the discovery the other day, 絕 majority of slaughtering conceals in the private residence, in the field stinks to high heaven, the ground bloody water crossflow, to avoid the bystander discovering, slaughtering usually only then begins at night before dawn. This newspaper reporter once was engaged from one dies of illness in the pig slaughtering work male spigot to learn that slaughters the dead pig's method and the live pig is different, the different cause of disease's pig's processing method also varies. Because the dead pig's blood already dispersed to the meat, after dead pig slaughtering, must put in the water to soak removes the scarlet, the yellowish pink sends the dark meat to process the half-finished product to sell again.

                Japan sells hundred profit to turn time
                In addition, because local death pig slaughtering industry is prosperous, but also has had the dead pig purchase profession. It is reported that the acquirer bids is very low, more than a hundred catty death pig only gives 20 Yuan, but handed over sells to slaughtering to be possible to obtain turns time of profit.



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                  Re: China news -Part 2

                  Jiangsu thousands of workers took to the streets to discuss the Protection of Wages
                  <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=story_author align=middle width="75%">
                  新唐人电视 2008-10-29 02:26
                  New Tang Dynasty TV 2008-10-29 02:26
                  【新唐人10月29日讯】据《自由亚洲电台》驻香港特约记者严修的采访报导,江苏省吴江市上千名工人因被公 司拖欠工资,上街示威,多条道路被堵死。
                  【New Tang Dynasty on October 29 According to the "Radio Free Asia" in Hong Kong, special correspondent Yan Xiu's coverage of the news, Wujiang City, Jiangsu Province thousand workers as a result of non-payment of wages by the company, took to the streets, roads were blocked.
                  In the local government promised to solve the problem, the workers end of the demonstration.
                  Analysts believe that by the global financial impact of the tsunami, the factory wage arrears widespread phenomenon. {SNIP}



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                    Re: China news -Part 2

                    <TABLE style="MARGIN-TOP: 10px" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=5 align=left border=0><TBODY><TR><TD colSpan=2>Hubei eggs melamine detected in Hong Kong, Han Wei: last month found that feed the issue
                    of the South Newspaper Network 8:59
                    </TD></TR><TR><TD style="PADDING-RIGHT: 10px; PADDING-LEFT: 0px; PADDING-BOTTOM: 5px; PADDING-TOP: 0px" vAlign=top align=left> </TD><TD height=120> The testing, including a total of 55 samples, involving milk, eggs, milk powder and baby powder, one of the eggs were detected in samples for melamine content of 2.9 parts per million, the Hong Kong Center for Food Safety spokesman said the failure of eggs collected from a restaurant By imports of Hubei Province, is the name of the plant, "Peng Wu Jingshan, Hubei Agricultural Products Co., Ltd." Production date: October 10, 2008, production batch number: 4200/D0701808223).
                    The Center has notified the relevant distributors and restaurants to stop using and selling substandard products.
                    被检出含百万分之2.9三聚氰胺的中型鸡蛋... 全文>>
                    The detection was 2.9 parts per million melamine-containing medium-sized eggs samples, such as a 10 kg (about three-year-old) children do not eat every day more than 1.1 kilograms (assuming medium-sized eggs each weighing about edible parts of 46 grams, or about 24 Only) of the egg, or a weight of 60 kg per day for adults do not eat more than 13 kilograms (assuming medium-sized eggs each weighing about edible parts of 46 grams, or about 283) of the products, melamine their intake of up security The reference value.
                    记者了解到,湖北鹏昌农产品有限公司属私营企业,位于湖北省京山县钱场镇钱场茶场,始建于2007年1月份 ,公司总资产5000万元,其中流动资产4500万元,现有职工50人,主要从事鸡蛋的销售业务,年销往香 港鲜蛋0.6万吨,系湖北省最大的出口蛋品企业之一。
                    Reporters learned that agricultural products, Wu Peng, Hubei Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise, located in Jingshan County in Hubei Province money market money market town of tea plantation, was founded in January 2007, the company's total assets 50,000,000 yuan, of which current assets 45,000,000 yuan, the existing 50 workers, mainly engaged in sales of eggs, fresh eggs in Hong Kong sold 06,000 tons, the Department of Hubei Province's export Egg largest businesses.
                    Han Wei, Chairman of the Group: last month found that feed containing melamine
                    When problems are identified, we quickly on the market in the eggs were recovered.
                    --- Group chairman Han Wei Han Weigong open apology
                    本报讯 前晚,大连韩伟集团董事长韩伟公开道歉,并表示因饲料中含有三聚氰胺超标导致产生?问题鸡蛋?,并愿意承担 由此引发的一切责任和后果。
                    By night, Dalian Hanwei Gong Kai-Han Wei, chairman of the Group of apology and said that as a result of melamine in animal feed containing excessive lead to the creation of "egg" and is willing to bear all the responsibility and lead to consequences.
                    "Corn distiller's grains," the problem of raw materials
                    前天晚上11点左右,大连韩伟集团在当地召开了一场新闻发布会,到场的除了企业负责人还有包括凤凰卫视在内 的5家香港媒体。
                    The day before yesterday at about 11:00 p.m., Dalian in the local Han Wei Group held a press conference, in addition to the scene of the enterprises there, including Phoenix Satellite TV, including 5 Hong Kong media.
                    Yesterday, the chairman told reporters Han Wei provision of this "press release."
                    在这份文字材料中,韩伟集团披露,该公司9月22日在作为部分饲料配方的?玉米酒糟?原料中发现含有?三聚 氰胺?,检出量为4.8ppm和104ppm.?玉米酒糟?在饲料中的添加量为5%-7%.
                    The material in the text, Han Wei Group of disclosure, the company on September 22 as part of the feed formula of the "corn distiller's grains," raw materials found in the "melamine", and the detection capacity of 4.8ppm and 104ppm. "Corn distiller's grains" Feed adding amount of 5% -7%.
                    9月24日,韩伟公司更换饲料配方,同时对上市产品进行了跟踪检测,对检出?三聚氰胺?的产品进行了收回、 封存和销毁。
                    September 24, Han Wei's replacement feed formula, at the same time on the track listing of products tested positive for "melamine" to recover the products, storage and destruction.
                    September 27, Hong Kong of 100 eggs were "melamine" test, this is not detected, "melamine."
                    Replacement of the feed formula, the company's production of all products were "melamine" test.
                    October 4, after the production of all batches of products were not detected "melamine."
                    字,销售又需要一天,老百姓都挑新鲜的鸡蛋买,出厂一周后的鸡蛋一般少人问津。所以,当发现问题后,我们很 快就对市场的问题鸡蛋进行了回收。?昨天记者了解到,大连市场上未出现鸡蛋下架的情况。
                    The recovery and destruction of the specific issue of the amount of eggs, Han Wei, chairman of statistical data needs on the ground, did not disclose specific figures, he said: "The need for fresh eggs, the factory and then sent to Beijing needs of the market day, the shelves and sales a day, People are out to buy fresh eggs, egg factory a week after the general Shaorenwenjin. So, when problems are identified, we quickly on the market in the eggs were recovered. "Reporter learned yesterday, Dalian does not appear on the market eggs Under the frame.
                    "Da giggle" and the "best choice" of different origin
                    According to Han Wei Group in Shanghai Sales Manager, Mr. Wang said, "Da giggle" and the "best choice" of the production base, relevant departments have issued the "Da giggle" does not contain proof of melamine, is able to guarantee the quality and safety, a number of Supermarket shelves worried, quite "jittery."
                    Three days or authoritative news
                    In the egg problem was revealed, reporters immediately with the General Administration of Quality Supervision get in touch.
                    Yesterday, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, said in Liaoning province was handed over to the Immigration and Quarantine Bureau to the media.
                    下午4点,记者致电该局办公室主任张先生,对方以相关情况尚不清楚,以及等待辽宁省委省政府通知为由拒绝, 张主任称:?最快三天内能有消息发布,但我从不接受电话采访。?
                    16:00, reporters call the Office of the Director of the Bureau, Mr. Zhang, related to each other's situation is not clear, and wait for the Liaoning provincial party committee refused to inform the provincial government, Zhang Zhuren said: "The three days to have the fastest news release, but I Does not accept a telephone interview. "
                    记者了解到,虽然大连市委市政府已经准备启动新闻发布预案,但当晚8点,辽宁省委省政府通知相关政府机构, 只有在接到国务院新闻办通知后,才允许召开新闻发布活动。
                    This reporter learned that, although the Dalian City party committee and government are ready to start issuing press releases plans, but the 8 o'clock that night, the Liaoning Provincial Government to inform the relevant government agencies, only the State Council Information Office received notice before holding a press release to allow activities.




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                      Re: China news - October 28, 2008 +

                      Previous China news thread here:


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                        Re: China news - October 28, 2008 +

                        <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=645 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=style2 align=middle>Overseas Chinese urged to come home</TD></TR><TR><TD bgColor=#cccccc height=1></TD></TR><TR><TD align=right height=25> </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=630 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=style3 style="PADDING-BOTTOM: 10px; PADDING-TOP: 10px"><!--enpproperty <url></url><domainname></domainname><abstract>The government will continue to promote policies aimed at enticing skilled overseas Chinese to return home to develop their careers and build an innovative country.</abstract><date>2008-10-29 09:00:46.0</date><author>张运兴</author><title>Overseas Chinese urged to come home</title><keyword>overseas;chinese</keyword><subtitle>Overseas Chinese urged to come home</subtitle><introtitle>Overseas Chinese urged to come home</introtitle><siteid>1007</siteid><nodeid>1021657</nodeid><nodename>Central Government News</nodename>/enpproperty--><!--enpcontent-->The government will continue to promote policies aimed at enticing skilled overseas Chinese to return home to develop their careers and build an innovative country.
                        "It is the talent pool that empowers China to compete in the campaign of global innovation," Wan Gang, science and technology minister, said during the 5th Overseas Chinese Forum Worldwide yesterday in Beijing.
                        The government has always endeavored to cultivate the nation's technological talent base, and its human resources in regard to the technology fields are now among the best in the world, Wan said.
                        China is emerging as an ever-popular destination for foreign students, with numbers steadily rising over the past few years, he said.
                        The country already ranks sixth in the world's overseas study market, according to the latest research of the China Association of Science and Technology.
                        "However, the market is still hungry for cutting-edge technological talents," Wan said at the forum, which attracted more than 200 overseas Chinese from 14 foreign countries.
                        "The forum aims to be a bridge for overseas Chinese to learn about the favorable policies of the Chinese government, and share cooperative purposes with domestic peers," Li Haifeng, the chief of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, said.
                        "I made the right decision to come back to China and restart my career here," Xue Lan, chief of Tsinghua University's Public Policy and Management School, said, after studying and working in America for about 20 years before the 1990s.
                        However, Xue said that China still has a long way to go to promote "trilateral networks among academia, state and industry".
                        The current global financial crisis could increase world unemployment by an estimated 20 million, according to the International Labour Office earlier this month.
                        Insiders said that although the crisis might also plague China, it could serve as opportunity to entice more overseas Chinese home.
                        "My former colleagues in America call me every day to consult me on the latest information and chances to work in China since the recent economic crisis hit America," Wang Dazong, general manager of Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Company, who studied in America and worked for General Motors, told China Daily.
                        The Overseas Chinese Forum will finish today.
                        (China Daily October 29, 2008)




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                          Re: China news - October 28, 2008 +

                          This story is similar to reports on drills we have in the U.S. The Chinese are having drills for BF all the time and there are always stories like this mainstream report.

                          Henan were infected with highly pathogenic avian influenza health emergency exercise was held yesterday
                          Chinese Culture Network <!---time--->
                          2008-10-28 11:10:57 中原网讯:
                          2008-10-28 11:10:57 Central Plains Network hearing: <!--关键字 b-->
                          <!--关键字 e-->
                          <!--主体内容 b-->
                          Yesterday morning, the province's people are infected with highly pathogenic avian influenza health emergency drill in the city of Zhengzhou Electric Power College Stadium.
                          The scene of a mock exercise township hospitals report a suspected human infection of highly pathogenic avian influenza patients.
                          市卫生局接报后,立即启动各项应急程序和处置措施:启动应急响应程序、现场指挥调度;疫点的消毒处理过程; 现场流行病学调查;样品的采集与处理
                          City Health Department received a report immediately after the start of the emergency procedures and disposal measures: emergency response procedures, on-site command and scheduling; outbreak of sterilization processes; epidemiological investigation at the scene; sample acquisition and processing <TABLE align=left><TBODY><TR><TD></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
                          Operation; personal protective procedures (dress, Uninstall); medical treatment of patients with a total of six.



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                            Re: China news - October 28, 2008 +

                            This seems to be extreme measure to control a dengue fever outbreak on a few border areas ,with 20,000 immigration officials measuring tempratures on one border alone. It will be the same for a human outbreak of BF..

                            Yunnan and Myanmar border to prevent dengue fever epidemic spread to China
                   2008 on 10 years 15:32 on 29 Chinese News Network
                            <!-- 正文内容 begin --><!-- google_ad_section_start -->
                            中新社昆明十月二十九日电(记者刘子倩杨洋)记者今日从云南检验检疫局获悉,发生于中缅边境的登革热疫情目 前已得到有效控制,云南边检部门采取有力措施防止登革热疫情进一步向中国境内蔓延。
                            China news agency, Kunming, Oct 29 (Reporters Liu Ziqian and Yang Yang) - Reporters today from Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in Yunnan Province was informed that the Sino-Burmese border took place in the current dengue fever outbreak has been effectively controlled, the border of Yunnan departments to take effective measures to prevent Deng Leather fever in China to further spread.
                            Since late August, an outbreak of dengue fever in parts of Myanmar.
                            云南与缅甸接壤的瑞丽、畹町、磨憨、临沧、德宏、打洛等边境地区陆续发现和确诊多名来自缅甸和老挝的登革热 感染患者。
                            Yunnan, which borders Myanmar and Ruili, Wanding, Mohan, Lincang, Dehong, in the border areas, such as Daluo discovered and confirmed more than Laos and Myanmar from the dengue-infected patients.
                            So far, in the border areas of Yunnan detected more than 60 cases of dengue fever cases, the increasingly grim situation of the epidemic.
                            因中缅两国边境通道多,无天然屏障,边民跨境而居,往来频繁,给疫病疫情的防控带来了较大的困 难。
                            As a result of the two countries, border crossings, no natural barriers, cross-border neighbors, have been frequent, to the prevention and control of epidemic diseases has brought more difficulties.
                            据了解,疫情发生后,云南检验检疫局官员赴边境一线检查防控工作,并第一时间与云南省卫生厅、边境一线地方 政府和相关部门负责人沟通、协调,共同研究疫情防控措施。
                            It is understood that the epidemic occurred, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in Yunnan border officials to inspect the prevention and control work, and the first time with the Yunnan Health Department, the border line of local governments and related departments in charge of communication, coordination, joint research of the epidemic prevention and control measures.
                            同时,相关部门还调拨了登革热监测试剂和监测设备支援重点口岸,并认真收集、分析疫情,及时向中国国家质检 总局上报。
                            At the same time, relevant departments to monitor the dengue fever has also allocated reagents and monitoring equipment to support key points and a serious collection, analysis of the epidemic in a timely manner to the China General Administration of Quality Supervision reported.
                            与此同时,云南边检对两万多名出入境人员进行了体温监测,医学巡查,及时有效地隔离、移送疑似病例,并协助 地方卫生部门对采集的血样进行检测。
                            At the same time, on the border of Yunnan, more than 20,000 immigration officers carried out a body temperature monitoring, medical inspections, timely and effective isolation, the transfer of suspected cases and to assist local health departments for the collection of blood samples for testing.
                            在此基础上,云南相关部门还制定了详细的应急预案及周密的防控措施,对传染源登革热病例做到早诊断、早发现 、早隔离,并及时移送地方医院早治疗、早控制。
                            On this basis, the relevant departments in Yunnan Province has drawn up detailed contingency plans for the prevention and control measures and careful, the source of infection of dengue fever cases as early as possible diagnosis, early detection, early isolation and timely transfer of the local hospital early treatment, early control .
                            同时,云南检验检疫部门加强了口岸出入境交通工具的检疫查验力度,及时杀灭登革热传播媒介,切 断传播途径。
                            At the same time, Yunnan to strengthen the inspection and quarantine departments of the port entry and exit inspection and quarantine of transport, and in a timely manner to kill dengue fever in the media, cut off the route of transmission.
                            目前,云南边检部门储备了大量登革热检测试剂、体温监测仪和杀虫剂等防控物资,保障口岸防控工 作的需要。
                            At present, Yunnan border department reserves a large number of dengue fever detection reagent, temperature monitor and pesticides such as the prevention and control of materials, port security prevention and control work.
                            云南检验检疫局局长范国珍介绍说,?我们将注重防控工作的针对性、实效性,大力加强边境地区出入境人员和边 民的宣传教育工作,并建立疫情疫病防控的长效机制,严防登革热疫情的传入。?(完)
                            Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in Yunnan Secretary Jane Fan said, "We will focus on the prevention and control of the work of the appropriateness, effectiveness, and strengthen the border areas and border entry and exit of personnel publicity and educational efforts, and the establishment of epidemic disease prevention and control of the long-term mechanism to prevent Imported dengue fever epidemic. "(END)



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                              Re: China news - October 28, 2008 +

                              Guangzhou Haizhu District found 25 maggots orange kumquat 15 maggots are sourced from other provinces (map)

                              2008-10-29 07:18:29 广州日报网络版
                              2008-10-29 07:18:29 online edition of the Guangzhou Daily

                              <!--enpcontent--><!--enpproperty <date>2008-10-29 07:18:29.0</date><author>陆建銮</author><title>广州海珠区发现蛆橘 25个金橘15个有蛆 货源来自外省(图)</title><keyword></keyword><subtitle></subtitle><introtitle></introtitle><siteid>4</siteid><nodeid>112252</nodeid><nodename>珠三角新闻</nodename><nodesearchname></nodesearchname>/enpproperty--><!--enpcontent-->

                              Reporters bought the 25 kumquat, the majority have maggots.
                              Xin Feng photo

                              Kumquat ripping out, it is clear that the maggots squirm.
                              Xin Feng photo
                              "I eat a total of nearly 30 kumquat, the last 3 months and found there are worms!" Haizhu District, who lives in Stony Brook's Mr. Gong Bao Liao said at his fruit stall near the maggots have to buy kumquat. Agriculture Bureau in Guangzhou yesterday (28) on-site investigation and found that these maggots have the kumquat are sourced from the Guangzhou Jiangnan Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market, the origin is from other provinces.
                              "30 to a bag of a kumquat, I get the last 3 months, one half of the all-you-can, I found that there are a maggot crawling in and immediately went to the turnoff spit into the toilet." Mr. Gong Bao Liao who is in Jiangxi People who do the work clothing, Haizhu District, who lives in Stony Brook 1:00 yesterday, Mr. Gong at home in the vicinity of the fruit stall to buy a kumquat of 3.5 yuan. "I side of the Internet while eating, are a mouthful, 3 left to eat, I bite the half and found that there are an bug in the climb, I felt good nausea."
                              Mr. Gong has found that insects kumquat, did not mind at ease, many times emetic, then simply go to the hospital the same night to play a bit.
                              "I was only some stability is not aware of this bug will not stop the problem."
                              Reporters survey: 25 maggots have a kumquat 15
                              Under the guidance of Mr. Gong reporters in stone about Sinan Street in the vicinity that are suspected to be fruit stalls to spend 2.5 yuan to buy 25 of the kumquat, one by one to ripping out and found a total of 15 is inside the maggot.
                              Maggots were beige, less than 1 cm long, largely hidden inside the flesh, peel open the can after seeing it wiggle.
                              The maggots have kumquat feels very soft, flesh inside the organization is often a little moth-eaten into a channel.
                              This maggot kumquat relatively small size, which is different from before the report found that the maggots had the kind of large citrus.
                              Reporters Further investigations also revealed that the stalls of the kumquat is not found in other types of maggots.
                              Stony Brook Village and there are nearly 20 stalls of fruit, 3 to sell a maggot in a small kumquat. {snip}..5 more pages of this story..