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    Re: China news - October 28, 2008 +

    Chinese scientists have discovered the structure of the SARS virus, such as medical treatment target
    At 4:03 p.m. on November 7, 2008
    Shanghai BEIJING, November 7 (Reporter Chen) told reporters today that [B]Chinese scientists have discovered the SARS and bird flu virus structure may be a potential target pathogen. Medical experts point out that this is the world's latest research results in the future will be developed with independent intellectual property rights of the anti-SARS and avian influenza virus has laid a solid foundation for the drug.

    Fifth Shanghai International Symposium respiratory disease in the Asia-Pacific and the 16th session of the joint meeting of the Society for the treatment of respiratory today to be held in Shanghai, continuing a three-day meeting attracted a large number of internationally renowned scholars, including the President of the American Thoracic Society, Chinese Academy of Sciences Raozai Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Medical Association, as well as respiratory branch Bai, vice chairman of the school, and so on. During the meeting, more than 50 international academic authority in breathing will do a keynote speech.
    After the opening ceremony, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nankai University and Raozai report done by the "SARS and avian influenza virus research" has brought the world's latest achievements in the field of research, so fresh and new Chinese and foreign scholars, was thundering applause. Rao Zi and that, SARS is not certain whether it will make a comeback, but with the SARS virus-related diseases may break out again. He pointed out that the SARS continued research is necessary.

    The President of the General Assembly, Chinese Medical Association, deputy director of the respiratory branch, Zhongshan Hospital Respiratory experts said Bai Xue, Chinese scientists found the bird flu and the SARS virus structure may be a potential target pathogen is the world's latest achievements in the future of R & D have The new drug with independent intellectual property rights is of special significance.


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      Re: China news - October 28, 2008 +

      <TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" align=center><TBODY><TR><TD class=14v height=40 vAlign=bottom width=533 align=middle>Shanxi province's Class A and B infectious diseases in October report of the 8209 case of the incidence </TD><TD class=14v height=40 vAlign=top width=23 align=right>
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      At 8:45 on November 8, 2008


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      中新山西网 11月8日电7日,省卫生厅公布10月法定传染病疫情。
      The new network in Shanxi on November 8 power on the 7th, the Ministry of Health announced in October the statutory infectious diseases.
      Report of the province's total Class A and B 8209 cases of infectious diseases, 13 patients died.
      The Group of infectious diseases (cholera and the plague) no report of the case; 15 in Group B of the report.
      发病数居前五位的病种为:乙肝、肺结核、痢疾、梅毒和丙肝,占甲乙类传染病报告发病总数的91.01%;有 死亡病例报告的病种为:艾滋病、肺结核、出血热、狂犬病和乙肝。
      Incidence of a number of top five diseases: hepatitis B, tuberculosis, dysentery, syphilis and hepatitis C, accounting for Class A and B of the report the incidence of infectious diseases of the total number of 91.01 percent; deaths are reported diseases: AIDS, tuberculosis, hemorrhagic fever , Hepatitis B and rabies.
      丙类传染病除麻风病、黑热病、包虫病和丝虫病无病例报告外,其他7种共报告发病2417例,无死亡病例报告 。
      C In addition to the infectious disease of leprosy, kala-azar, filariasis and echinococcosis no report of the case, the other 7 were reported incidence of 2417 cases, no report of deaths.
      发病数居前三位的病种为:手足口病、其他感染性腹泻病和流行性腮腺炎,占报告发病总数的98. 59%。
      Incidence of a number of the first three diseases: Hand, Foot and Mouth disease and other infectious diarrhea and mumps, the incidence of the report accounted for 98.59% of the total.


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        Re: China news - October 28, 2008 +

        <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="98%"><TBODY><TR><TD>
        <TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%"><TBODY><TR><TD height=40 align=left>Zhaluteqi origin of meat products to carry out quarantine and slaughter and quarantine special action </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
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        2008-11-4 10:21:15  新闻来源:内蒙古广播网点击数:
        2008-11-4 10:21:15 News Source: Inner Mongolia hit radio outlets:<SCRIPT language=javascript src="/Article/GetHits.asp?ArticleID=71135"></SCRIPT> 10</TD></TR><TR><TD></TD></TR><TR><TD><TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="98%" align=center><TBODY><TR><TD>
        通辽台记者任淑琴报道: 近日,通辽市扎鲁特旗开展了全旗范围内的肉食品产地检疫和屠宰检疫专项行动。
        Ren Shuqin Tongliao Taiwan reporters: Recently, the city of Tongliao Zhaluteqi carried out within the framework of the flag the whole meat production and quarantine and slaughter and quarantine special action.
        截至目前,全旗共完成活畜检疫35.5万头(只),查出病害肉5.8吨,已全部进行了无害化处 理。
        So far, all livestock quarantine flag to complete a total of 355,000 (only), Bing Hairou found 5.8 tons have been carried out innocuous treatment.


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          Re: China news - October 28, 2008 +

          Mianyang, Sichuan Province to protect the safety of the people in the disaster areas winter
          At 2:27 on November 8, 2008
          China news agency, Mianyang, November 7 (Reporter Xiao Qing) - Seven reporters from the Mianyang city government held an emergency meeting was informed that the city is working to promote the agricultural reconstruction of Housing and do everything possible to keep out the cold-raising clothing, food and daily necessities, To ensure the safety of people in the earthquake hit winter. Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province this year is big earthquake hit, in which, Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County, Pingwu County, County and the State Council was determined to be very badly hit, the city of Jiangyou for the worst-hit.
          According to statistics, only need to rebuild housing in the city's households amounted to more than 426,000 households, Kitagawa there are 40,000 people living in the activities of the board room.
          With the approach of winter, the affected people especially those living in towns and townships in alpine areas in the mountains of victims living in the board room and focus on the resettlement of the affected people in the tent, the "three noes" of the "three lonely," Wu Baohu, the total loss of production and life Conditions for the safety of winter has become the top priority.

          It is reported that in the development of the Mianyang city government to ensure the safety of the affected people in the winter of measures to ensure housing for the winter to become the most critical. Mianyang city government requested adjusted to local conditions and guidance to speed up the progress of construction of permanent housing, in particular, to do a good job of building a new wind, rain, fire, cold, warm measures.

          Shangao Lu on the far and inaccessible areas, to take local materials, Chuan Dou-built wooden structures housing, with straw, straw, bamboo, mixed materials such as the bar off on the deal with Wong to ensure that the function of cold heat; Minor damage to the house first reinforcement for maintenance, to address non-family room for the winter issue of security; encouraging do not have the conditions for the reconstruction of housing for disaster victims by pro-you.
          Winter and spring to ensure that food is also important. Mianyang city government business requirements, such as the food sector to actively financing, must be all over the reserves for more than a month to respond to extreme weather conditions, safety materials needed for the winter, especially grain, edible oil, salt, medicines, blankets, clothes, stoves, etc. Necessities of life.
          In addition, the city of Mianyang Financing also keep them warm clothing, good health and epidemic prevention, to ensure harmony and stability, and so on to put forward specific requests.
          At present, the city's urban counties are victims of the security situation in the winter to conduct a comprehensive investigation, the affected people to find out the safety of the winter to protect objects, specifically the way for the winter, as well as material prepared for the winter, will be around "a rural, a One card, a county account "the establishment of standards for the county, township and village (UN) security of the affected people account for the winter, in order to ensure the safety of the affected people in the winter to provide accurate and reliable basis. ALkJrhhkyQtrqI4lrQb8MFNqckGUn54PCA


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            Re: China news - October 28, 2008 +

            South Korea discovered that China counteracts poison the duck meat

            The South Korean Food Department announced yesterday, in one batch of 18.3 ton China imported in the ripe duck meat ham, examined may bring about the serious marrow damage the antibiotic ?the chloromycetin?. The authority pointed out that freely chloromycetin content only 0.0013ppm, but this kind of human body treatment medicine is then forbidden in 1991 to use on the domestic animal, the authority plans this batch of question duck meat ham to return to China or the destruction. (report)



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              Re: China news - October 28, 2008 +

              3 days a farmers 30,000 chickens
              2008-11-7 8:30:55
              Noted yesterday, in Hong Kong for "egg" so that the egg industry in our province suffered a huge blow to poor sales of eggs to make some serious pessimism farmers to begin large-scale laying out.

              Provincial Agriculture Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Authority head Chung Chen Hong, Zhejiang Province is the largest chicken and eggs with an annual output of more than 120 million tons of exports worth 600,000,000 U.S. dollars, accounting for half of the egg exports.
              Only exported to Hong Kong's eggs a day, up to 1,800,000, accounting for 60% of the egg market.
              Eggs supplied to Hong Kong exceeded melamine was detected in Hong Kong has a total ban on imports of eggs in our province, home buying and selling in many parts of the province have refused to eggs, egg prices have dropped.
              At present, the province only 10,000 more than the size of the chicken farmers, the backlog of eggs has accumulated more than 10,000 tons. Stock of the eggs is only 14 days, if sales do not hurry, it will degenerate corruption.{spoil}

              It is reported that eggs of poor sales, market uncertainty, so that farmers in general pessimism.
              While it is not laying out the season, but some farmers to reduce the deficit and had to eliminate a large-scale laying hen. Mission County, only the wind, a large breeding, 3 days on the slaughter of 30,000.