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  • Treyfish
    Re: China news - October 28, 2008 +

    3 days a farmers 30,000 chickens
    2008-11-7 8:30:55
    Noted yesterday, in Hong Kong for "egg" so that the egg industry in our province suffered a huge blow to poor sales of eggs to make some serious pessimism farmers to begin large-scale laying out.

    Provincial Agriculture Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Authority head Chung Chen Hong, Zhejiang Province is the largest chicken and eggs with an annual output of more than 120 million tons of exports worth 600,000,000 U.S. dollars, accounting for half of the egg exports.
    Only exported to Hong Kong's eggs a day, up to 1,800,000, accounting for 60% of the egg market.
    Eggs supplied to Hong Kong exceeded melamine was detected in Hong Kong has a total ban on imports of eggs in our province, home buying and selling in many parts of the province have refused to eggs, egg prices have dropped.
    At present, the province only 10,000 more than the size of the chicken farmers, the backlog of eggs has accumulated more than 10,000 tons. Stock of the eggs is only 14 days, if sales do not hurry, it will degenerate corruption.{spoil}

    It is reported that eggs of poor sales, market uncertainty, so that farmers in general pessimism.
    While it is not laying out the season, but some farmers to reduce the deficit and had to eliminate a large-scale laying hen. Mission County, only the wind, a large breeding, 3 days on the slaughter of 30,000.

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  • Treyfish
    Re: China news - October 28, 2008 +

    South Korea discovered that China counteracts poison the duck meat

    The South Korean Food Department announced yesterday, in one batch of 18.3 ton China imported in the ripe duck meat ham, examined may bring about the serious marrow damage the antibiotic ?the chloromycetin?. The authority pointed out that freely chloromycetin content only 0.0013ppm, but this kind of human body treatment medicine is then forbidden in 1991 to use on the domestic animal, the authority plans this batch of question duck meat ham to return to China or the destruction. (report)

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  • Treyfish
    Re: China news - October 28, 2008 +

    Mianyang, Sichuan Province to protect the safety of the people in the disaster areas winter
    At 2:27 on November 8, 2008
    China news agency, Mianyang, November 7 (Reporter Xiao Qing) - Seven reporters from the Mianyang city government held an emergency meeting was informed that the city is working to promote the agricultural reconstruction of Housing and do everything possible to keep out the cold-raising clothing, food and daily necessities, To ensure the safety of people in the earthquake hit winter. Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province this year is big earthquake hit, in which, Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County, Pingwu County, County and the State Council was determined to be very badly hit, the city of Jiangyou for the worst-hit.
    According to statistics, only need to rebuild housing in the city's households amounted to more than 426,000 households, Kitagawa there are 40,000 people living in the activities of the board room.
    With the approach of winter, the affected people especially those living in towns and townships in alpine areas in the mountains of victims living in the board room and focus on the resettlement of the affected people in the tent, the "three noes" of the "three lonely," Wu Baohu, the total loss of production and life Conditions for the safety of winter has become the top priority.

    It is reported that in the development of the Mianyang city government to ensure the safety of the affected people in the winter of measures to ensure housing for the winter to become the most critical. Mianyang city government requested adjusted to local conditions and guidance to speed up the progress of construction of permanent housing, in particular, to do a good job of building a new wind, rain, fire, cold, warm measures.

    Shangao Lu on the far and inaccessible areas, to take local materials, Chuan Dou-built wooden structures housing, with straw, straw, bamboo, mixed materials such as the bar off on the deal with Wong to ensure that the function of cold heat; Minor damage to the house first reinforcement for maintenance, to address non-family room for the winter issue of security; encouraging do not have the conditions for the reconstruction of housing for disaster victims by pro-you.
    Winter and spring to ensure that food is also important. Mianyang city government business requirements, such as the food sector to actively financing, must be all over the reserves for more than a month to respond to extreme weather conditions, safety materials needed for the winter, especially grain, edible oil, salt, medicines, blankets, clothes, stoves, etc. Necessities of life.
    In addition, the city of Mianyang Financing also keep them warm clothing, good health and epidemic prevention, to ensure harmony and stability, and so on to put forward specific requests.
    At present, the city's urban counties are victims of the security situation in the winter to conduct a comprehensive investigation, the affected people to find out the safety of the winter to protect objects, specifically the way for the winter, as well as material prepared for the winter, will be around "a rural, a One card, a county account "the establishment of standards for the county, township and village (UN) security of the affected people account for the winter, in order to ensure the safety of the affected people in the winter to provide accurate and reliable basis. ALkJrhhkyQtrqI4lrQb8MFNqckGUn54PCA

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  • Treyfish
    Re: China news - October 28, 2008 +

    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="98%"><TBODY><TR><TD>
    <TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%"><TBODY><TR><TD height=40 align=left>Zhaluteqi origin of meat products to carry out quarantine and slaughter and quarantine special action </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
    </TD></TR><TR><TD></TD></TR><TR><TD></TD></TR><TR><TD></TD></TR><TR><TD bgColor=#f2f4f4 height=30>
    2008-11-4 10:21:15  新闻来源:内蒙古广播网点击数:
    2008-11-4 10:21:15 News Source: Inner Mongolia hit radio outlets:<SCRIPT language=javascript src="/Article/GetHits.asp?ArticleID=71135"></SCRIPT> 10</TD></TR><TR><TD></TD></TR><TR><TD><TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="98%" align=center><TBODY><TR><TD>
    通辽台记者任淑琴报道: 近日,通辽市扎鲁特旗开展了全旗范围内的肉食品产地检疫和屠宰检疫专项行动。
    Ren Shuqin Tongliao Taiwan reporters: Recently, the city of Tongliao Zhaluteqi carried out within the framework of the flag the whole meat production and quarantine and slaughter and quarantine special action.
    截至目前,全旗共完成活畜检疫35.5万头(只),查出病害肉5.8吨,已全部进行了无害化处 理。
    So far, all livestock quarantine flag to complete a total of 355,000 (only), Bing Hairou found 5.8 tons have been carried out innocuous treatment.

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  • Treyfish
    Re: China news - October 28, 2008 +

    <TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" align=center><TBODY><TR><TD class=14v height=40 vAlign=bottom width=533 align=middle>Shanxi province's Class A and B infectious diseases in October report of the 8209 case of the incidence </TD><TD class=14v height=40 vAlign=top width=23 align=right>
    <HR width="90%">
    <TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="95%" align=center><TBODY><TR><TD><CENTER>
    At 8:45 on November 8, 2008


    <TABLE class=14v border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="90%" align=center><TBODY><TR><TD class=14v vAlign=bottom>
    中新山西网 11月8日电7日,省卫生厅公布10月法定传染病疫情。
    The new network in Shanxi on November 8 power on the 7th, the Ministry of Health announced in October the statutory infectious diseases.
    Report of the province's total Class A and B 8209 cases of infectious diseases, 13 patients died.
    The Group of infectious diseases (cholera and the plague) no report of the case; 15 in Group B of the report.
    发病数居前五位的病种为:乙肝、肺结核、痢疾、梅毒和丙肝,占甲乙类传染病报告发病总数的91.01%;有 死亡病例报告的病种为:艾滋病、肺结核、出血热、狂犬病和乙肝。
    Incidence of a number of top five diseases: hepatitis B, tuberculosis, dysentery, syphilis and hepatitis C, accounting for Class A and B of the report the incidence of infectious diseases of the total number of 91.01 percent; deaths are reported diseases: AIDS, tuberculosis, hemorrhagic fever , Hepatitis B and rabies.
    丙类传染病除麻风病、黑热病、包虫病和丝虫病无病例报告外,其他7种共报告发病2417例,无死亡病例报告 。
    C In addition to the infectious disease of leprosy, kala-azar, filariasis and echinococcosis no report of the case, the other 7 were reported incidence of 2417 cases, no report of deaths.
    发病数居前三位的病种为:手足口病、其他感染性腹泻病和流行性腮腺炎,占报告发病总数的98. 59%。
    Incidence of a number of the first three diseases: Hand, Foot and Mouth disease and other infectious diarrhea and mumps, the incidence of the report accounted for 98.59% of the total.

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  • Treyfish
    Re: China news - October 28, 2008 +

    Chinese scientists have discovered the structure of the SARS virus, such as medical treatment target
    At 4:03 p.m. on November 7, 2008
    Shanghai BEIJING, November 7 (Reporter Chen) told reporters today that [B]Chinese scientists have discovered the SARS and bird flu virus structure may be a potential target pathogen. Medical experts point out that this is the world's latest research results in the future will be developed with independent intellectual property rights of the anti-SARS and avian influenza virus has laid a solid foundation for the drug.

    Fifth Shanghai International Symposium respiratory disease in the Asia-Pacific and the 16th session of the joint meeting of the Society for the treatment of respiratory today to be held in Shanghai, continuing a three-day meeting attracted a large number of internationally renowned scholars, including the President of the American Thoracic Society, Chinese Academy of Sciences Raozai Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Medical Association, as well as respiratory branch Bai, vice chairman of the school, and so on. During the meeting, more than 50 international academic authority in breathing will do a keynote speech.
    After the opening ceremony, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nankai University and Raozai report done by the "SARS and avian influenza virus research" has brought the world's latest achievements in the field of research, so fresh and new Chinese and foreign scholars, was thundering applause. Rao Zi and that, SARS is not certain whether it will make a comeback, but with the SARS virus-related diseases may break out again. He pointed out that the SARS continued research is necessary.

    The President of the General Assembly, Chinese Medical Association, deputy director of the respiratory branch, Zhongshan Hospital Respiratory experts said Bai Xue, Chinese scientists found the bird flu and the SARS virus structure may be a potential target pathogen is the world's latest achievements in the future of R & D have The new drug with independent intellectual property rights is of special significance.

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  • Treyfish
    Re: China news - October 28, 2008 +

    At present, to guard against atypical swine fever
    2008-11-7 9:01:17

    reported that farmers in Hebei Recently, some local pig farms in the incidence of serious, diagnosed as atypical swine fever was found. Its obvious symptoms, morbidity and mortality are not as high as classical swine fever, but blood tests can determine swine fever virus infection.
    Due to its lack of classical swine fever and symptoms typical of the disease, easily misdiagnosed as well as drug abuse, the treatment of the blind, both drugs increased spending, delaying the time for prevention and treatment, to the farms of the larger economic losses.
    Here, reminded pig farmers must pay attention to doing a good job of disease prevention and control work... {snip} n%2Bhong%2Bkong%2B2008%26tq%3D%25E4%25BA%25BA%25E7 %25B1%25BB%25E6%2584%259F%25E6%259F%2593%25E7%25A6 %25BD%25E6%25B5%2581%25E6%2584%259F%25E5%259C%25A8 %25E9%25A6%2599%25E6%25B8%25AF2008%26sl%3Den%26tl% 3Dzh-CN%26start%3D30&usg=ALkJrhhcjjw5XKZ_T1ORbOuL_UxUx3 2ioQ

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  • Treyfish
    Re: China news - October 28, 2008 +

    The same areas where they sent 20,000 to monitor dengue fever patients by temp monitoring

    Yunnan Health Department who stringent control over the importation of avian flu
    2008-11-7 10:34:07
    As the phase of Yunnan Province, which borders Vietnam, Laos and neighboring Guangxi, Guizhou, one after another took place on earth, between the avian bird flu, the existence of Yunnan Province who import of dangerous avian flu, the Health Department in Yunnan Province were asked to strengthen bird flu monitoring system of the sensitive nature of the The report in a timely manner, in a timely manner to carry out the investigation and disposal.

    Recently, Yunnan Province Health Department were sent bird flu prevention and control work of the Steering Group, and Wenshan Prefecture of Honghe state medical and health institutions were bird flu prevention and control work on-site supervision.

    The Steering Group believes that the two state leaders attaches great importance to human bird flu prevention and control work, establish and improve human bird flu prevention and control system and emergency organizations to develop a plan for the implementation of the prevention and control measures to carry out the exercise, carried out on the Professional The training, to do a good job of the day-to-day monitoring and improve the protection of emergency supplies, and to strengthen the communication and information sector collaboration, improved capacity to deal with emergencies.

    Yunnan Health Department request to do a good job long-term deal with human bird flu preparations; to enhance human bird flu monitoring system for the sensitive nature of the report in a timely manner, in a timely manner to carry out the investigation and disposal; sudden increase the timeliness of the disposition of the epidemic; to strengthen human bird flu prevention and control The work of supervision, especially in the border counties (cities); to strengthen and standardize human bird flu prevention and control of staff, materials, reagents and funding level of contingency reserves; to carry out human bird flu prevention and control knowledge of health education programs to raise public awareness of disease prevention; Full medical and health institutions to strengthen bird flu prevention and control of human knowledge and skills training, particularly in the cases of pneumonia of unknown causes monitoring, investigation and management training programs; to strengthen and standardize the heat out of the hospital building. n%2Bhong%2Bkong%2B2008%26tq%3D%25E4%25BA%25BA%25E7 %25B1%25BB%25E6%2584%259F%25E6%259F%2593%25E7%25A6 %25BD%25E6%25B5%2581%25E6%2584%259F%25E5%259C%25A8 %25E9%25A6%2599%25E6%25B8%25AF2008%26sl%3Den%26tl% 3Dzh-CN%26start%3D30&usg=ALkJrhi9QxzEv24d9sQMnTFt5do80_ GnUw

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  • Treyfish
    Re: China news - October 28, 2008 +

    Beijing close to the peak incidence of influenza Type A influenza viruses into the mainstream <!-- google_ad_section_end(name=title) --><TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=7 width="100%"><TBODY><TR><TD class=link12Gray2 width="48%" align=right><!--新闻信息新增时间的改动-->
    2008-11-05 03:07:32
    The Beijing News <!--作者--></TD><TD width="28%"> </TD><TD width="24%" align=left></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="95%"><TBODY><TR><TD height=10></TD></TR><TR><TD bgColor=#cccccc height=1></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=4 width="95%"><TBODY><TR><TD class=link14pp height=25></TD></TR><TR><TD class=link14pp align=middle></TD></TR><TR><TD></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=10 width="95%"><TBODY><TR><TD id=zoom class=link14pp colSpan=2><!--正文--><!-- google_ad_section_start(name=content) --> A (reporter made Weiming), Beijing CDC yesterday issued an early warning that Beijing is approaching the peak incidence of influenza, from the current monitoring of view, the most powerful of the influenza virus this winter and next spring will be the crowd attacked the mainstream of the virus.
    要抵御病毒来袭,普通公众在本月接种疫苗可获得普遍的抵抗力,京籍60岁以上老人在本月15日前,可免费就 近接种政府提供的流感疫苗。
    To ward off virus attack, the general public this month in the vaccine available to the general resistance to Beijing for the elderly over the age of 60 who this month on the 15th, free vaccination the nearest government's influenza vaccine.

    近日昼夜温差拉大,北京中日友好医院、北京儿童医院等多家医疗机构接诊的感冒、发热病人均有不 同程度增多。
    Day and night temperature difference widened in recent days, Beijing China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Beijing Children's Hospital, and other medical institutions reception of more than a cold, fever patients have increased to varying degrees.
    据相关检测报告分析,目前全市门急诊人群中,流感样病例仍在2%~3%之间波动,尚处于低流行状态,市民无 需过多担心。
    According to the related report of the testing, currently the city's emergency door in the crowd, flu-like cases are still 2% to 3% fluctuation, is still at a low prevalence state, no need to worry too much.

    ?流感病毒极易发生变异。?北京市疾控中心传染病所副所长王全意分析称,病毒一旦侵袭人体,将引发严重的发 热病状,不易治疗和康复。
    "Influenza viruses mutate easily." CDC infectious diseases in Beijing by Wang Yi, deputy director of analysis that once the virus attacks the human body, will lead to a serious fever symptoms, treatment and rehabilitation is not easy.
    In addition, the influenza vaccine to be produced in the human barrier against the virus, about two weeks about the need to advise people in the period before the outbreak of the flu vaccination.

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  • Treyfish
    Re: China news - October 28, 2008 +

    The legislature the exemption live chicken does not pass the night through the revision heavy weather under
    2008-11-05 13:49

    [ special news]The legislature through the resolution revision, under eight storms or the very heavy rain warning, the exemption live domesticated fowl do not in the retail outlet over night stipulation. Food and sanitation bureau chief Monday the mountain indicated that does not keep the live chicken over night the measure to be able to decrease the human exposure bird flu's risk effectively, the authority has the necessity to implement the person chicken separation measure, must carry out central slaughtering finally. Moreover, the authority can deal with the issue which with the wholesaler discussion the live chicken stores up. The bill attains majority congressman to pass, but has congressman to think that the government lacks the long-term fishing agriculture policy, and should consider the relaxation import live chicken quantity, the relief chicken price boost pressure.

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  • Treyfish
    Re: China news - October 28, 2008 +

    "Diamond Princess", who arrived on board more than 200 people suspected food poisoning
    星岛环球网 2008-11-05
    Sing Tao Web 2008-11-05
    <STYLE id=_Custom_Style_>.h1 { FONT-WEIGHT: bold; TEXT-JUSTIFY: inter-ideograph; FONT-SIZE: 22pt; MARGIN: 17pt 0cm 16.5pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 240%; TEXT-ALIGN: justify}.h2 { FONT-WEIGHT: bold; TEXT-JUSTIFY: inter-ideograph; FONT-SIZE: 16pt; MARGIN: 13pt 0cm; LINE-HEIGHT: 173%; TEXT-ALIGN: justify}.h3 { FONT-WEIGHT: bold; TEXT-JUSTIFY: inter-ideograph; FONT-SIZE: 16pt; MARGIN: 13pt 0cm; LINE-HEIGHT: 173%; TEXT-ALIGN: justify}DIV.union { FONT-SIZE: 14px; LINE-HEIGHT: 18px}DIV.union TD { FONT-SIZE: 14px; LINE-HEIGHT: 18px}.h1 { FONT-WEIGHT: bold; TEXT-JUSTIFY: inter-ideograph; FONT-SIZE: 22pt; MARGIN: 17pt 0cm 16.5pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 240%; TEXT-ALIGN: justify}.h2 { FONT-WEIGHT: bold; TEXT-JUSTIFY: inter-ideograph; FONT-SIZE: 16pt; MARGIN: 13pt 0cm; LINE-HEIGHT: 173%; TEXT-ALIGN: justify}.h3 { FONT-WEIGHT: bold; TEXT-JUSTIFY: inter-ideograph; FONT-SIZE: 16pt; MARGIN: 13pt 0cm; LINE-HEIGHT: 173%; TEXT-ALIGN: justify}.union { FONT-SIZE: 14px; LINE-HEIGHT: 18px}.union TD { FONT-SIZE: 14px; LINE-HEIGHT: 18px}</STYLE>
    AP】 membership Bermuda cruise ship "Diamond Princess" at 8:00 on the 4th arrived in Shanghai Waigaoqiao terminals.
    According to informed sources, before entering Hong Kong on board 200 passengers and 10 crew members appear Shangtuxiaxie phenomenon of suspected food poisoning.
    新民网?报道,?钻石公主?号是世界著名邮轮公司--美国嘉年华邮轮集团旗下公主邮轮公司的一艘超级豪华邮轮。据悉,公主邮轮公司旗下有?加勒比公主?等十七艘 超级豪华邮轮,其中有九艘邮轮超过十万吨。?钻石公主?号邮轮是?公主号?船队麾下体积最庞大、设施最完善 的顶级豪华邮轮之一。
    Xinmin network "reports," Diamond Princess "is the world's leading cruise companies - Carnival Cruise Group of the United States Princess Cruise's super-luxury cruise ship. It is reported that Princess cruise company's" Caribbean Princess "17 super-luxury cruise , 9 of which more than 100,000 tons a cruise. "Diamond Princess" cruise "Princess" under the fleet size to the largest and most sophisticated facilities in the top one of the luxury cruise.
    据上海边检站介绍,?钻石公主?号邮轮长290.4米、宽48.2米、高达62.5米、载重11.3万吨, 是今年访沪邮轮中吨位最大和载客人数最多的豪华邮轮。
    According to the Shanghai Frontier Inspection Station, "Diamond Princess" cruise, 290.4 meters long, 48.2 meters wide, up to 62.5 meters, load 113,000 tons, this year, Shanghai is the largest tonnage of cruise passengers and the largest number of luxury cruise.
    此次该轮从日本来沪,是该豪华邮轮今年第二次访问上海,随船带来了欧美等国的3665名旅客和1099名船 员。
    The current round of Japan from Shanghai, the luxury cruise liner to visit Shanghai for the second time this year, the board has brought Europe and the United States and other countries of the 3665 passengers and 1099 crew.

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  • Treyfish
    Re: China news - October 28, 2008 +

    Chinese Academy of Sciences, said food containing melamine may have caused birth defects 2008年11月04日14:36 金羊网-羊城晚报 我要评论( 0 ) 2008 on 11 years 14:36 on 04 Jinyang Wang - Yangcheng Evening News I would like to comment (0)
    著名遗传生物学家、中国科学院院士贺林直言: Well-known genetic biologist, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician Lin bluntly:
    含三聚氰胺食品不排除致出生缺陷 Not rule out the possibility of food containing melamine-induced birth defects

    本报讯记者廖怀凌、通讯员葛峰报道:三聚氰胺、转基因食品对人类健康的影响是否会通过孕妇传递 给下一代? A reporter Liaohuai Ling, GE Feng correspondent reports: melamine, genetically modified foods on human health of pregnant women will pass through to the next generation? 昨天下午,在广州医学院五十周年校庆系列活动?????院士高峰论坛上,著名遗传生物学家、中国科学院院士 贺林在回答临床医生的上述疑问时直言:由于相关科研开展较少,无法预测上述物质对人类健康的长期影响,但不 排除出生缺陷发生的可能性。 Yesterday afternoon, Guangzhou Medical College in celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the series of events Summit ----- Academy of Sciences, well-known genetic biologist, to answer Academician Lin in the clinical doctors say when these questions: As the relevant scientific research carried out less , Can not predict these substances on human health effects of long-term, but did not rule out the possibility of birth defects occurAcademician Lin is a professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, has long been engaged in genetic research.
    Yesterday, he should be the Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College's invitation to become "China's birth defects Problems" special report.
    贺林透露,中国目前的出生缺陷率达4%?6%,导致出生缺陷原因很多,包括环境污染、不良生活习惯、营养不 良等。
    Lin disclosed that China's birth defect rate of 4% -6%, resulting in birth defects are many reasons, including environmental pollution, unhealthy lifestyles, such as malnutrition.
    论坛现场有临床医生提问,?毒奶粉?事件发生以后,不少孕妇到医院咨询,如果进食含三聚氰胺的奶粉,对胎儿 有没有影响。
    Forum on-site clinicians have a question, "milk poisoning" incident, many pregnant women to the hospital consultation, if the consumption of milk powder containing melamine, and there is no effect on the fetus.
    贺林回答说,长期进食含三聚氰胺的食物,对健康的影响是显而易见的,动物实验就证实有致癌的危险,但多大剂 量多长时间的食用才会对后代发生影响,目前还没有科研结果。
    Lin replied that the long-term consumption of food containing melamine, the health effects are obvious, animal experiments have confirmed that the cancer risk, but how long dose of food will impact on future generations, the results of scientific research has not.

    有临床医生问到,目前欧美发达国家都立法对转基因食品进行外包装标识,但中国没有相关规定,转基因食品对胎 儿有无不良影响?
    Clinicians have asked the current European and American countries have legislation on genetically modified food packaging logo, but not the relevant provisions of China, genetically modified foods on any adverse effects on the fetus?
    贺林回答说,关于转基因食品的研究,最近农业部牵头,启动了一个200亿的项目,其中就包括对胎儿的影响部 分。
    Lin said that genetically modified foods on the research, led by the Ministry of Agriculture recently launched a 200-million project, including the effects of fetal parts.
    There is no large sample of the results of research on this to a conclusion.
    而转基因技术日渐成熟,不但可以把抗旱、抗病毒等基因转导给植物,也可以把蛇毒、蝎子毒等基因进行转导,如 果失控将这些有毒基因转导入食物中,后果将非常严重。
    The transgenic technology is reaching maturity and is not only to drought, such as anti-viral gene transfer to plants, can also venom, scorpion poisoning, such as gene transduction, out of control if these toxic gene transfer into the food, the consequences will be very serious.

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  • Treyfish
    Re: China news - October 28, 2008 +

    China's Hainan University of cholera as a result of Feng Xiao (map)
    ( <SMALL>博讯北京时间2008年11月04日</SMALL> <SMALL>转载</SMALL> )
    <SMALL>(Boxun Beijing time on November 4, 2008 reprint)</SMALL> <!--bodystart-->
    The sudden outbreak of cholera in Hainan University students disrupted the normal life of learning, the school has entered the closed-end management of the state.

    Cholera epidemic occurred in the Hainan University is the emergence of Danzhou City of Hainan Province, following the outbreak of cholera following the outbreak of the second point.
    从10月29日开始,海南大学有少数学生发生腹泻,截至11月1日12时,共发现有腹泻症状者30人,其中 22例症状较轻的病人隔离在海南大学医院并进行采样和预防性服药,8例病人在海口市人民医院传染病科进行隔 离治疗,经市医院、市疾控中心实验室核实为霍乱实验室诊断病例7例,疑似病例1例(快速法阳性),疫情目前 已得到控制。
    From October 29 onwards, Hainan University diarrhea occurred in a small number of students, as at 12 o'clock on Nov. 1, were found to have symptoms of diarrhea, 30, of whom 22 cases of less serious symptoms of patients in the isolation of Hainan University Hospital, and sampling and prevention Of medication, 8 patients in Haikou City People's Hospital of Infectious Diseases for the treatment of isolation, the city hospital, the CDC laboratory to verify the city for the laboratory diagnosis of cholera cases in 7 cases, 1 case of suspected cases (fast-positive law), the current epidemic Has been brought under control.

    At present, Hainan University is now closed, students and teachers are not free without permission and out of the door.
    This morning, reporters at the East Gate of the University of Hainan to see, the electric retractable door is closed.
    门内有专人负责对出校的师生进行登记;门外两个保安对欲进入校园人员进行盘查,校外人员、车辆未经允许不准 进入校园。
    Have special staff to monitor on a school's teachers and students to register; outside of the two security personnel wishing to enter the campus investigation, the out-of-school personnel, vehicles are not allowed to enter the campus without permission.

    2008年11月4日,海南大学东大门放置着?因施工请谅解?等告示牌,设警戒线和专门人员,阻止外来人员 和车辆进入。
    November 4, 2008, Hainan University Dongdaemun place "as a result of the construction of understanding please" and other signs warning line and set up specialized personnel, and to prevent the entry of vehicles from outside.

    November 4, 2008, Haikou, Hainan University, the northern gate of the school in the police station into the school wishes to cross-examine a man riding.

    November 4, 2008, a student is out of the Hainan University of North Second Avenue outside the security line.

    11月3日早6时起床的文学院大三学生吉洋(化名),在校园内的草坪上看了会儿书后来到教学楼,发现3栋教 学楼里都有人在消毒打扫卫生。
    Nov. 3 to get up as early as 6:00 of the Kyrgyz Academy junior foreign students (not his real name), the campus lawn of the moment the book was speaking to the building and found that 3 in every teaching building cleaning disinfection.
    Later, Yang Ji went to the library, the library also see the disinfection.
    Ji Yang has been received last night to inform the squad leader, on November 3 will be closed all day to carry out clean-up, clean up the campus health dead.
    Speaking of cleaning, Ji Yang found that the dormitory behind the garbage piling up for a long time.
    In the past two days, every day cleaning.

    吉洋说,去校内超市买东西的同学相当多,?以前饼干是买一包送一包,现在这样的促销活动没有了 ?。
    Ji Yang said that the school to the supermarket to buy things quite a number of students, "In the past, is to buy a packet of biscuits to send a packet, this is not a promotion."
    Yang Ji see no need to rush to buy the supermarket, food canteens can go to, no fear of.

    Hainan University is organizing the whole school teachers and students to take drugs to prevent intestinal infectious diseases, teachers and students require medication for 3 days to curb the spread of the disease.
    "You look at the squad leader should continue to drink medicine," said Yang Ji, "We have also informed the head phones to boot, in order to contact at any time."

    在海南大学东门张贴的11月1日发布的?海南大学关于做好急性肠道传染病预防工作的通告上?规定:?学生如 出现腹痛、腹泻、恶心、呕吐及发热等症状,要及时向班主任报告,并到校医院就诊。班主任每天分别于中午12 :00和晚上22:00之前将情况向学院学工办报告,各学院学工办向校学生工作处报告,校学生工作处和其他 部门再向学校党办(综治办)报告,统一上报?。
    Hainan University in the East Gate of the post on November 1 issued by the "Hainan University to do a good job on the prevention of acute intestinal infectious diseases on the notice," states: "Students who abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and fever and other symptoms, it is necessary to In a timely manner to the class teacher, and school-based hospital. In class every day at 12:00 and 22:00 in the evening before to the report of the Institute of Xuegong Ban, Xuegong Ban to the College Students Department report on the work, students work Services and others to the school Dangban (Comprehensive Management of Public Order) report, submitted to the reunification. "

    至于何时结束封闭式管理,海南大学一位干部称,这件事要根据卫生部门安排,但不会影响学生的正 常学习。
    As to when the end of the closed-end management of cadres and a Hainan University, said the matter should be based on the health sector, but will not affect their normal study.

    Hainan cholera epidemic under control

    Health and the Office of Hainan Province, Hainan Province of Danzhou, higher temporary cities, the recent outbreak of a cholera epidemic.
    从10月3日至11月2日,全省共确诊霍乱病人51例,已治愈出院29例,康复11例,现患病人11例,无 死亡病例。
    From October 3 to November 2, the province has confirmed 51 cases of cholera patients have been cured and discharged 29 patients, the rehabilitation of 11 cases, 11 cases of people are sick, no deaths.

    The prevalence of pathogens have been identified, are cholerae O1 Ogawa strain of pandemic is conducive to the disease control and treatment of patients.
    The morning of Nov. 2, the Ministry of Health expert group has rushed to the assistance of Hainan Danzhou, Hainan health sector in the region for cholera prevention and control guidance.
    与此同时,海南省卫生厅兵分四组,对海南沿海12 个市县进行督导检查,以巩固和加强海南省霍乱防疫控制。
    At the same time, Hainan Province Health Department Bingfen four groups of Hainan, 12 coastal cities and counties to conduct supervision and inspection so as to consolidate and strengthen the control of epidemic cholera in Hainan Province.
    The current cholera epidemic has been brought under effective control, will not give rise to proliferation.
    我们东方时空的两路记者于10月31日,也就是海南霍乱消息刚刚公之于众时,分别赶往海南省卫生厅和海南疫 情发展地儋州进行采访。
    We Eastern time on the two reporters on October 31, that is, Hainan has just made public the news of cholera, were rushed to the Health Department of Hainan Province and Hainan Danzhou to the development of the epidemic for an interview.

    President: This ward is symptom control, here to observe three days.
    Can go home after three days of observation.

    Reporter: For hospitals outside the affected areas, there are no preventive measures?

    院长:有,村里如果有这样的病号的话,我们马上就派人去监视,来消毒,派村里面的干部和职工,还有村民进行 消毒措施,我们还要对一些与病人密切接触的人,进行服药三天。
    President: Yes, the village if there is such a patient, we immediately sent people to monitor, to disinfect, were inside the village cadres and workers, villagers have to carry out disinfection measures, we have some close contact with patients , Medication for three days.

    Reporter: All of these patients had close contact with people who no longer have to take three days?

    President: preventive medication for three days.

    Reporter: I see you can say that the hospital staff is quite high, such as a wide range of prevention, control, manpower enough?

    President: From inside the city sent more than 30 individuals over.

    张静:我们国家在霍乱防控中,摸索了一套比较好的经验,主要有几个方面,第一个,就是对这个病人的早发现, 早隔离,早治疗,也叫三早一隔离。
    Zhang: cholera prevention and control in our country, pioneered a better experience, there are several areas, the first is that this patient's early detection, early isolation and early treatment, also known as early as three-isolation.
    那这个病人被发现以后,我们就会通过我们这个疫情,很快的报出去,然后疾控中心就会对病人进行流行病的调查 ,然后对他的居所,还有他的密切接触等等,要进行流行病的调查和处理,这是一个非常严格的一个过程,第二个 ,就是我们在一个综合的防控措施方面,做了大量的工作,最著名的就是爱国卫生运动,这个对于切断传播途径, 起到了很有力的促进作用。
    That the patient was found, we will, through this epidemic, will soon go out of the newspaper, the CDC and then the patient will be carried out epidemiological investigation, and then to his home, and his close contacts and so on, To carry out the investigation and handling of the epidemic, this is a very rigorous process, and the second is that we have a comprehensive prevention and control measures, have done a lot of work, the most famous is the patriotic public health campaign, which cut off for Route of transmission, has played a powerful role in the promotion.

    第三个方面就是我们在霍乱检测技术这方面,也有了不断的提高,我们国家现在可能有很多的快诊的方法,可以早 期的发现,帮我们发现这个霍乱病例。
    The third aspect is that we in the detection of cholera in this area, have continued to improve, we may now have a lot of fast diagnosis methods can be found early, to help us find the cases of cholera.

    由于海南发生了霍乱疫情,消息公开之后,不免会引起准备到海南旅游的游客的担心,他们的行程是否会因此受到 影响呢?
    As the cholera epidemic occurred in Hainan, an open source, can not help but be ready to travel to Hainan, tourists are worried that their trip would therefore be affected?

    Reporter: Zhang total, you have to know when the news of cholera?

    Jie Ling: last night.

    Reporter: This news on the tour you been affected?

    张陵捷:目前没有影响,因为发生霍乱的地点,在海南岛的西部,目前国内的旅游团,去海南旅游,基本上都不走 西线,全部都是走东线。
    Jie Ling: There is no impact because of the location of cholera in the western part of Hainan Island, the current tour to Hainan tourism, basically do not follow the Western Front, are all going east.

    Reporter: What is the next step that you did not?

    张陵捷:因为有很多的游客现在还不知道海南有这个疫情,今天上午海南省旅游局给我们的消息说,疫情得到了控 制,而且我们也密切的关注疫情的发展,包括我们跟海南省旅游局的沟通,如果一旦霍乱要是没有得到控制的话, 我会马上停止发团。
    Jie Ling: There are a lot of visitors because it is not aware of this epidemic in Hainan, Hainan Province this morning, Tourism Bureau reported that the epidemic was brought under control, and we also close attention to the development of the epidemic, including with the Tourism Bureau of Hainan Province Communication, if cholera if not brought under control, I will immediately suspend the mission.

    Reporter: Now that you have to suspend the college?

    张陵捷:现在没有,现在的旅游团,基本上一个是直接到三亚的,还有一个就是到海口之后走东线,去三亚,从三 亚再回海口。
    Jie Ling: It is now not, now the tour is basically a direct to Sanya, Haikou and a means to go after the east, to Sanya, Haikou, Sanya to return.

    Hainan Health Department, said Bai Zhiqin, can now rest assured that the Hainan Tourism!
    At present, only Danzhou of Hainan, Haikou, a small number of township and community point of cholera have occurred in other cities and counties do not have the disease.
    And the relevant departments to strengthen management of food hygiene, food industry, in particular the tourist restaurants to strengthen the supervision and management of recurrent health.
    全省范围内将大力整治?脏乱差?和卫生死角,加大水源保护、水质处理和消毒管理力度,清理积水,开展除?四 害?工作,加大农村改水改厕工作力度。
    Province-wide regulation will be vigorously "Zangluan Cha" dead and sanitation, increased water conservation, water treatment and disinfection management, clean water, in addition to carrying out the "four victims", step up efforts Nongcungaishui lavatories.
    同时,大力开展以预防霍乱等肠道传染为重点的传染病健康知识宣传教育,让群众掌握霍乱疾病的防 治知识。
    At the same time, vigorously carried out in order to prevent the spread of cholera, and other intestinal infectious diseases focusing on health education, so that the people have the disease prevention and control knowledge.

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  • Treyfish
    Re: China news - October 28, 2008 +

    outbreak strikes 51 victims
    | 2008-11-4 |

    THE number of cholera cases in China's southernmost Hainan Province has risen to 51 from 37 on Sunday, the provincial health department said.

    Department director Bai Zhiqin said yesterday that the cholera outbreak was still under control, as 29 of the 51 people had been cured and discharged from hospital. There were no new reports of cholera cases in Danzhou, where the outbreak started, over the past two days.

    The department has launched an inspection of the province's catering businesses and intensified supervision of restaurants in cholera-affected areas.

    Experts from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention have arrived in Hainan to guide disease control.

    An initial investigation by the health department showed the acute intestinal illness started at a dining party in mid-October in Huangyu Village, Danzhou City, where the first case was diagnosed on October 20.

    Experts said floods in early October and the ensuing warm weather were ideal conditions for illnesses such as cholera, typhoid fever and diarrhea.

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  • Giuseppe
    Re: China news - October 28, 2008 +

    Cholera outbreak spreads across China resort island [AlertNet]
    Cholera outbreak spreads across China resort island

    03 Nov 2008 07:20:36 GMT
    Source: Reuters
    BEIJING, Nov 3 (Reuters) -

    An outbreak of cholera in China's southern resort island of Hainan has spread to the province's capital Haikou, forcing the quarantine of a local university.

    Seven students at Hainan University in Haikou had been diagnosed with cholera, bringing total cases in the province to 51, financial magazine Caijing said on its website (, citing the provincial health bureau.

    More than 70 other students were in hospital with stomach ailments and the university had barred "outside personnel" from entering and students from leaving, the report said.

    The school had also closed canteens and examined food workers, Caijing said.

    Cholera is transmitted by contaminated water or food. At its most acute, it causes diarrhoea that can lead to death by severe dehydration and kidney failure.

    Calls to the provincial health bureau went unanswered.

    An employee reached at the university by telephone said the number of students affected had been reported to the health bureau, but declined to comment further.

    State media citing health authorities reported 30 cases on Friday, and nearly 300 suspected cases, but said the outbreak was confined to one municipal region. No deaths have been reported.

    Authorities had traced the outbreak to a village dinner party and blamed heavy rains and floods in October for creating ripe conditions for cholera.

    The provincial health bureau ordered officials to step up checks for instestinal diseases in a notice posted on its website on Monday (

    "Overcome carelessness and blind optimism, improve vigilance and make good preparations ahead of time," the notice said.

    (Reporting by Ian Ransom and Sally Huang; Editing by Nick Macfie)
    <cite cite="">Reuters AlertNet - Cholera outbreak spreads across China resort island</cite>

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