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  • Algeria - Cases - 7

    [Google Translation from French into English]

    Algeria: first case of swine flu

    ALGIERS - Algeria has recorded its first case of swine flu, announced Saturday the Algerian Ministry of Health, in a statement quoted by news agency APS.

    "A case of swine flu was confirmed in Algeria on an Algerian national arrived in Algiers last Tuesday from Miami (USA)," said the ministry.

    The services of the reference laboratory of the Pasteur Institute of Algeria (IPA) have confirmed this case: a woman arrived in Algiers Tuesday on a flight from the airline Lufthansa from Miami via Frankfurt (Germany), with her two children, according to this source.

    "The test confirmed positive influenza virus A/H1N1 and her two daughters were hospitalized in a reference service that they receive appropriate care," said the ministry.

    (© AFP / 20 June 2009 21h57)

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    Re: Algeria - Cases - 1

    Algeria has just recorded its first case of swine flu, announced the day before yesterday the Ministry of Health.

    Monday 22 June 2009.

    The first case of swine influenza is an Algerian national arrived in Algiers last Tuesday from Miami. Symptomatic with signs, it was confirmed positive and immediately put in isolation with a anti-A/H1N1.

    The woman and her two daughters, arrived in Algiers on a flight from the airline Lufthansa from Miami via Frankfurt (Germany), were hospitalized in a referral center where they receive appropriate care. Mr. Slim BELKESSAM responsible for communication to the Ministry of Health, a survey has revealed that twelve other people who have had contact with the subject have been put under epidemiological control.

    "There are some people who could be identified as probable cases," he said without deciding the fate of these twelve people as the analysis did not reveal. Mr. BELKESSAM added another investigation led to the identification of all passengers of flight Miami-Algiers.

    In all, sixty passengers including 21 foreigners have been identified. "We have in our possession a list of passengers and their details and we have sent circulars to the health services wilaya of Algeria for monitoring measures," he said. After confirmation of this case by the reference laboratory of the Pasteur Institute of Algeria (IPA), the Ministry of Health has maintained its alert level to 5 scale, but increased the scenario number 2.

    Regarding preventive measures against the virus A/H1N1, Ms. Samia Amrani, an expert at the Department of Trusteeship and coordinator of the file of the swine flu, announced that the state will strengthen the control over all border crossings, the airports and ports, especially in anticipation of qu'abrite Panafrican Festival in Algiers from July 4 and the influx of thousands of Algerian nationals this summer.
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      Re: Algeria - Cases - 2


      Algeria - influenza A/H1N1: A second case detected
      ennahar/ M. Oudina 22 June, 2009 05:09:00

      A second case of influenza A/H1N1 was confirmed Sunday evening in Algiers, according to the Algerian Minister of Health and Population, Mr. Said Barkat in a statement.

      * The case was detected in one of the two children, whose age was not specified, of the first victim of the swine flu, who had returned from the United States (Miami) on 16 June with his mother, an Algerian diagnosed as the first cases of the disease found in Algeria, according to this source.

      The Health Ministry announced Saturday that swine influenza was diagnosed in this woman arrived in Algiers on a flight of the Lufthansa airline from Miami via Frankfurt in Germany, with his two children.

      Algeria has strengthened preventive measures in airports and ports stressing that 6.5 million doses of Tamiflu were available.

      The Algerian Minister of Health, Said Barkat, announced Thursday that the Algerian immigrants from countries affected by swine flu must undergo a medical examination on arrival at ports and airports.

      He said that Algeria has to offer over one million surgical masks for health staff and three million others can be distributed to the population in case of an outbreak of the disease.


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        Re: Algeria - Cases - 7

        Swine influenza: two new cases in Algeria

        ALGIERS - Two new cases of influenza A (H1N1) was confirmed Saturday in Algeria, bringing to seven the number of people diagnosed in the country, announced the Algerian Ministry of Health.

        "Both cases involve people living in Constantine (east), from June 24 to Washington via London (England). These are two members of a sibling, aged 21 and 17 years in which the first symptoms appeared June 30 in one and 1 July in the other, "said the ministry Saturday evening in a statement.

        "From the hospital of these two people, 2 July 2009, as probable cases, all health-care measures provided for in the national fight against the pandemic influenza A (H1N1) have been initiated", as text.

        These two new cases bring to seven the number of infected people in Algeria since the confirmation of the first cases on 20 June on a total of 74 suspected cases.

        The seven cases confirmed positive for influenza A (H1N1) are imported while the other 67 suspected cases were tested with negative results at testing the influenza A (H1N1), states the communiqué.

        (© AFP / 04 July 2009 23h56)v