Microbiology Independent Research Journal
Volume 2, Number 1, 2015
Mutations in human genes that increase the risk for severe influenza infection

O. I. Kiselev1 , A. B. Komissarov1 , O.S.Konshina1# , M.N.Dmitrieva1 , E.G.Deyeva1 , T.V.Sologub1 , V.I.Pokrovskiy2
Author Affiliations

1 Research Institute of Influenza, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
2 Central Research Institute of Epidemiology, Moscow, Russian Federation
# Corresponding author: Olga Konshina, 197376, St. Petersburg, Prof. Popova str., 15/17, E-mail:


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The system of genetic control of innate immune responses to influenza infection and gene function allows for the development of systemic treatment of influenza with a focus on the phenotype of mutations based on individual genetic susceptibility to severe disease and/or the development of complications.
Full text is at the link. If I'm reading this right, Japan and China are much more vulnerable to severe influenza than northern Europe and England.