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    Re: Vietnam - Rice

    Updated on 15-07-2010 03:09

    Drought in the coastal district of Hau Loc commune

    This season De communes east channel, Hau Loc district (Thanh Hoa) lack of irrigation water, difficult to complete plans for rice cultivation in the time frame for service. Most Loc commune has more than 360 hectares of intensive rice but this time the whole area of cultivation is not possible due to lack of water.

    GD, saline waters, concentrations of up to 40% o near the pumping station should operate in moderation. The transplant waiting so that prices, some area farmers conduct rice planting sowing but difficult to grow and develop, if not timely supplement irrigation water, rice risk of death is very high. Prior to situation, Hau Loc district has directed the cooperative to study eastern channel, converting an area of rice to drought-resistant trees.

    Quang Tri to invest more than 62 billion for border areas

    Quang Tri Province People's Committee has approved investment projects in construction: The layout and arrangement of residential stability in border areas of Vietnam - Laos, Third Floor commune, Huong Hoa district, with total investment of 62.417 billion. Accordingly, the project will build 11 roads 16626.9 m long; water supply system for 1361 inhabitants, 220 kV power lines, 5100 m long, two kindergartens and leveling.
    ensure the resettlement of 200 households (comprising 50 local households, 100 households from the villages in the area and 50 households from the plains up.) project by the Agricultural Development Department Quang Tri rural investor to be deployed from now to 2012.



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      Re: Vietnam - Rice

      Updated on 21-07-2010 18:14

      Although local Nam Dinh province has during several days of rescue efforts against Rice, but the damaged area is very large.

      There are about 1,200 hectares of rice crop was hit by a new implant put corruption, clinging mud, most Hai Hau district: 700 hectares; South Live: 200 ha; Truc Ninh: 100 ha.

      Local government in determination tonight will drain the water from inland.

      Time for production is still, therefore, Nam Dinh DARD are urgently direct commune with sowing seeds plated short days to complete the back implant death in rice area in July. 71l0Tvw


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        Re: Vietnam - Rice

        Updated on 24-07-2010 02:03

        Rice prices inched up, but farmers are still not profitable

        Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Food Association Pham Van Bay, said: From the beginning of the year, enterprises have exported more than 3.6 million tons. Current situation has signed contracts to export rice is very positive and expected export target of 6 to 6.2 million tons of rice surplus capacity is achieved. We have signed contracts reached nearly 5.6 million tons.

        But the new contract price is relatively low and mainly focuses on commercial contracts. According to Vice President of Vietnam Food Association Pham Van Bay, implement the policy of the Government for the temporary storage buy a million tons of rice, the Vietnam Food Association has been assigned to 48 companies and has been purchased 216 thousand tons. "The purchase is more advantages, because banks actively support, rice stock in many people. Currently Vietnam Food Association members are guided to buy rice by the market mechanism should not ensure profit for rice farmers 30%. The current price of rice farmers with interest "- he said Saturday.

        While the Vietnam Food Association said, with the current price of rice farmers with interest, while agriculture and rural development said that local farmers do not even have the interest but also a loss. Deputy Director of Agriculture and Rural Development Department Pham Thi Hoa, An Giang province said Price of the summer this year in An Giang than 3850 per kg, while wheat prices just from 3200 to 3900 per kg. "With these prices, farmers have no interest, even a heavy loss. If you want to farmers with interest of 30%, rice prices in the market to reach 5,000 VND / kg. Also in Kien Giang province, the production cost of the summer from 3200 to 3500 were VND / kg. Meanwhile the price of rice in Kien Giang also from 3200 to 3800 per kg. "High cost of hiring, the summer-autumn rice harvest at the time of flood, farmers have no storage conditions, must sell rice immediately to cover the debt, investment in reproduction. So farmers no interest in this production of the summer. "



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          Re: Vietnam - Rice

          Nhan Dan - Vietnam has exported nearly four million tonnes of rice worth more than US$1.9 billion in the first seven months of this year, according to the Vietnam Food Association (VFA) on July 6.

          The export price of rice is now US$438.2 per tonne on average, a 28% year-on-year increase. The VFA has signed contracts to export a total of 5.83 tonnes of rice so far. The exporters have bought 469 thousand tonnes of rice to store up, which has raised the buying price of rice in the Mekong Delta from 150 to VND 400 per kilo compared to late July.

          According to the VFA, the Vietnamese rice exporters are now in a favourable situation as the world market is witnessing high demands for imported rice due to the recent sharp increase of wheat prices.


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            Re: Vietnam - Rice

            Thailand targets Vietnam in ASEAN rice firm bid

            Thailand has unveiled a plan to hold talks with Vietnam on establishing an ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) rice trading firm.

            She added that her counterparts from Laos and Cambodia have asked Thailand and Vietnam, the world?s two biggest rice exporters, to play a key role in the scheme.

            The initiative was raised by Thailand at an AEM meeting held in Bangkok in 2009, calling on major rice exporters in the 10-member group to join in to boost trade and stabilise prices of the regional staple.

            Porntiva said the plan has been delayed due to a shortage of rice reserves and rice mills in some countries.



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              Re: Vietnam - Rice

              Philippines calls halt to rice purchases through end-2010
              16:22, Friday, 06/08/2010 (GMT+7)

              Since 1995, the Philippines has been Vietnam?s top rice customer. Until 2005, the rice export contracts were government-to-government deals. From 2005 on, though export contracts were ostensibly privatized, it has always been the state-owned Southern Food Corporation (Vinafood 2) that wins the bid and allocates ?quotas? to subsidiaries. Vinafood 2 annually has exported nearly two million tons rice to the Philippines, meeting 2/3 of that country?s import requirement.

              The new Benigno Aquino administration in Manila says it will encourage increased local food production and change rice import policies, aiming for self-sufficiency in rice by 2013.

              Tran Duc Tung, formerly an expert at the Ministry of Agriculture?s Planning Department, comments that the sale of rice in big quantities and at high prices to the Philippines has brought big benefits to Vietnam over the last many years. However, Tung says, there has been a downside. Because enterprises have relied on one big market, they have become complacent. They have lost dynamism, the most important thing in doing business.



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                Re: Vietnam - Rice

                Last update 15:21, Monday, 09/08/2010 (GMT+7)
                VietNamNet Bridge ? The Vietnam Food Association (VFA) late last week released important information: China has purchased up to 600,000 tons of summer-autumn crop rice from Vietnam, which may threaten national food security.

                Nguyen Dinh Bich, a rice expert, explained that it?s nothing new when China purchases rice from Vietnam. Some Chinese provinces near Vietnam regularly lack rice because of bad weather. Instead of carrying rice from other areas of China, which costs time and money, they would rather buy from Vietnam.

                According to VFA, an estimated 600,000 tons of rice have been exported to China, but there are no exact figures and official surveys warn about the impact on national food security.



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                  Re: Vietnam - Rice

                  Quang Ngai province harvested on 24,000 hectares of summer-autumn rice

                  (17/09/2010) (09/17/2010)
                  Summer production revenues in 2010 whole province of Quang Ngai sowing planted 32,256 hectares of rice, up to now has over 24,000 hectares harvested, average yield is estimated at 56.3 quintals per hectare, reaching 58% over the same period and exceeded 6% compared to a summer collection 2009. Expected to be finished harvesting 20/9/2010. In the production of sunshine encountered adverse weather in the first-term service, some tea rice area in the valley early in the last case was entered correctly.


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                    Re: Vietnam - Rice

                    Rice stockpiling in Vietnam 45 percent complete, industry group says
                    Last updated: 3/24/2011 17:00

                    Vietnam, the world?s second-largest rice exporter, has accumulated 45 percent of a targeted 1 million ton stockpile in a bid to prevent local prices from slumping at harvest time, the Vietnam Food Association said. ...


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                      Re: Vietnam - Rice

                      Mekong Delta to increase rice output

                      The department is targeting 24.5 million tons this year, an increase of nearly one million tons over the last year.

                      At the same conference held in Can Tho City, the Plant Protection Department said that the current summer-autumn crop was plagued by brown grasshoppers, yellow dwarf and blast diseases that have increased compared to last year.