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    Rice pests swarm into Mekong Delta city

    June 4 2009

    A swarm of rice brown plant-hoppers has been infesting Can Tho since June 1, badly affecting daily activities in the Mekong Delta city.

    The insects, which are attracted to light, have also infested neighboring provinces like Vinh Long, Hau Giang, and An Giang.

    Pham Van Quynh, director of the Can Tho Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said with farmers in the Mekong Delta harvesting their crop, the brown plant-hoppers have moved to populated areas.

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    Re: Vietnam - Rice pests swarm into Mekong Delta city

    Farmers told not to panic over pests

    Brown plant hoppers have destroyed 730ha of paddy fields in Hoa Xuan Dong Commune, Dong Hoa District in the central province of Phu Yen. — VNA/VNS Photo The Lap

    HA NOI — Agriculture officials have warned farmers not to panic over the appearance of small brown plant hoppers in the northern province of **** Yen, Hai Duong, Thai Binh and Bac Ninh.

    Officials warned farmers against using too much pesticide, which could kill other useful insects.

    According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the new planthopper, known as laodelphax striatellus, was found densely scattered over 35ha of rice fields, sometimes up to 4,000 - 6,000 insects per square metre. The highest density in some areas is 18,000 - 20,000 insects per square metre.


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      Vietnam - Rice

      ‘Fake’ rice seeds may lower crops


      CA MAU — Several farmers in the southernmost province of Ca Mau in the Mekong Delta are afraid that the poor-quality rice seeds they have bought could exact a heavy toll on the coming rice crop.

      In the province’s Khanh Binh Commune in Tran Van Thoi District, farmers were very upset after discovering a shop selling the low-quality rice seeds by putting them in packs labelled Can Tho Agricultural Seedlings Centre.


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        Re: Vietnam - Rice

        Rice growers bid to raise efficiency


        Under the proposal, the use of more powerful tractors would reach 80 per cent nationwide, and 90 per cent in the Mekong Delta.

        The new measures would target large, concentrated rice growing regions like the Mekong Delta, Red River Delta and Central Highland provinces.

        Mekong Delta Rice Research Institute head Le Van Banh, said only 20 per cent of rice grown in the delta provinces was cultivated and harvested with the help of machinery.


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          Re: Vietnam - Rice

          Last updated: 17:6 - March 2, 2010

          90,000 tonnes of rice to be sold to Iraq

          Nhan Dan ? Vietnam has won a bid to sell 90,000 tonnes of 5% broken rice to Iraq.

          As a result, from now to May 2010, Vietnam will export 150,000 tonnes of high-end rice to Iraq, making an important contribution to consuming commercial grain in this winter-spring crop with the price level which is the most profitable to farmers.


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            Re: Vietnam - Rice

            Nhan Dan – 30 member and non-member enterprises of the Vietnam Food Association have been assigned to buy and store one million tonnes of rice from February 26.
            These enterprises will get priority in liquidating contracts in order to clear their stocks.
            It is expected that the enterprises will have bought around 600 tonnes by the end of March, the remaining amount will be bought in April.
            Over 1.1 million tonnes of rice are expected to be exported by the end of the first quarter, most of which will be exported to the Philippines, Malaysia and some African countries.


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              Re: Vietnam - Rice

              Last updated: 17:6 - March 2, 2010

              50,000 tonnes of rice to be bought and stored

              Nhan Dan ? The Ministry of Finance has been assigned by the Prime Minister to buy 50,000 tonnes of rice to be added to the national food reserve in 2010.

              This will also help stabilise the current rice price in the market.

              In addition, the Prime Minister has asked to provide VND 35.2 billion more, sourced from the 2009 State budget estimate approved by the National Assembly, for maintaining and repairing food store houses.



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                Re: Vietnam - Rice

                In Decision No. 562 QD-TTg, Prime Minister direct the Ministry of Finance to buy 57.581 tons of rice to supplement the national reserves; additional 39 billion from projected economic service expenditures under budget Surgeons in 2010 by the National Assembly to approve expenses for the integration, maintenance and repair of the national stockpile.



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                  Re: Vietnam - Rice

                  According to the DPC Nam Tra My (Quang Nam), the long-term sun for months that affect yield and area yield crop, especially food crops. As predicted, in 2-3 months, the district will be about more than 2,000 households at risk of hunger in about 2-3 months. DPC has sent urgent documents, proposals PPC 120 tons of rice to support poverty relief.


                  Due to drought, salinity intrusion, so far, Tra Vinh province last down around 18,350 hectares of rice varieties of the summer, reaching nearly 22.4% of new plans. We have over500 ha are saline intrusion, lack of irrigation water, poisoning alum, crickets bite out ... damage 20-30% of the area. The agricultural sector moved to direct the district other rice plants of economic value is higher or delay sowing, waiting for enough new water cultivation.



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                    Re: Vietnam - Rice

                    State backing for disease-hit areas

                    The budget would compensate farmers who lost rice crops in the southern region to the tune of VND4 million (US$210) per ha. Meanwhile, farmers would also be given VND100,000 ($5.2) per head per day to protect their crops against diseases.

                    In addition, funds would be made available for the dissemination of information about disease prevention. Farmers who lost crops would also be given 12kg of rice per head per month for a maximum of six months, the ministry said.

                    The department said that black streaked dwarf disease had infected more than 26,400ha of rice in 28 cities and provinces. The disease first appeared in Khanh Hoa Province.
                    More than 23,000ha of rice in the northern region has reportedly been affected by stunt dried disease, while about 34,000ha of rice has been destroyed by brown hoppers in the southern provinces.



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                      Re: Vietnam - Rice

                      Rice land is decreasing!

                      Date 25/05/2010 Last Updated: 9:09 AM, 25/05/2010

                      Mekong Delta rice land.

                      (Labor) - The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, over the years, each year there are approximately 50,000 agricultural land were "clear drop."

                      Mekong Delta - the country's largest rice bowl - rice area reduction of up to 205.000ha, accounting for 57% of the total rice area reduction.

                      Since late 2009, the Government issued Decree 69 to ensure national food security in 2020 with the objective to maintain the 3.8 million hectares of rice land.


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                        Re: Vietnam - Rice

                        Tuesday ,Jun 01,2010, Posted at: 12:14(GMT+7)
                        Farmers face hardships due to faulty rice seeds

                        Hundreds of farming households in the central province of Binh Dinh are experiencing hardships, as the Nhi uu 838 hybrid rice seeds, sowed for winter-spring harvest, have not sprouted.

                        Farmers are at a loss as to what to do and are pressed for time.

                        It is not the first time the Nhi uu 838 hybrid has not sprouted. In the Summer- Spring 2008, hundreds of farmers of the Nhon Loc and Nhon Phuc communes returned rice seeds to Viet Hoa Investment and Development Co.Ltd for this same failure.



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                          Re: Vietnam - Rice

                          Due to prolonged hot and rainy season comes late, Dong Nai farmers to new varieties of nearly 30 thousand hectares of summer-autumn crops, reaching 40% of the plan.

                          Due to late rains and little rainfall, nearly 20% of paddy sowing in May last past have died back to sowing.

                          Rice growing area, only if enough new water to conduct seed sowing.



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                            Re: Vietnam - Rice

                            Updated on 14-07-2010 03:16

                            Price of paddy and rice in the Mekong Delta increased slightly
                            ND-The Vietnam Food Association, the first ten days in July, the country exported more than 134 thousand tons, bringing the total rice exports this year from nearly 3.5 million tons, turnover of 1.536 billion .

                            In 2 to 3 days, deployed to direct the Government's procurement of temporary storage of rice, rice price in Mekong River Delta has increased approximately 150 to 400 VND / kg raw material prices between 5400 to 5500 Type I per kg.
                            The price of rice 5% broken product not in romance package is about 6400 to 6500 per kg ... In many provinces are summer-autumn rice harvest, traders purchase rice in fields from 3850 to 3900 price per kg; Jasmine rice from 4600 to 4700 dong / kg; rice IR 50 404 3400 price per kg.

                            Tra Vinh province, rice prices rise slightly in the summer; rice market showing signs of excitement, not quiet as before. Long grain rice has dried enough standard processing and export traders to take home, take field purchase price from 3500 to 3600 per kg, rounded grains of rice (IR 50404) from 3100 to 3200 per kg, an increase of about 100 to 150 per kg compared to 5-7 days ago. Tra Vinh has reaped nearly ten thousand hectares of summer-autumn rice, accounting for 12.5% of the area, the average yield reached about 4.7 tonnes / ha.



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                              Re: Vietnam - Rice

                              Procurement of temporary storage deployment of the summer rice

                              ND - On 14-7, the State Bank branches in the provinces of Tien Giang has unified leadership meeting in the commercial bank branches located in, deploying the support 100% interest loans for businesses business loans when purchasing food for temporary storage of the summer, according to Decision 993 of the Prime Minister.

                              Accordingly, three of the five branches of commercial banks active in the province capital 500 billion to support food businesses to purchase temporary storage. The commercial banks to ensure adequate capital support for enterprises to purchase food for temporary storage. If in the process of implementation that targets the money to buy more than 500 billion, the bank will report on central air conditioning to get enough money to buy the Vietnam Food Association has been allocated to the business.

                              * Six months in the Mekong delta province (Mekong Delta) have exported to major markets in 13 EU countries, North and Central America, Asia, Oceania, more than 300 thousand tonnes of tra fish, reaching over 50% year plan