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Community Acquired Pneumonia - Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and environs.

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  • Emily
    They may be able to identify the pathogen involved without the help of China. There are a couple of institutes in the area with expertise.

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  • Emily
    Certainly worth keeping an eye on. Good work!

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  • blacknail
    Originally posted by Shiloh View Post
    Kazakhstan suddenly changed its denial to deny "unknown cause of pneumonia"
    It sounds, from this article, like China is providing resources to improve testing in Kazakhstan and we should have a better understanding by next week as to what is going on. Let's hope that this can be contained in order to save infections and lives and that this isn't some new, more lethal strain of COVID-19 or another lethal novel disease. I just can't say "let's hope this is just COVID-19".

    Also, it is very unfortunate that the Chinese still refer to this as Wuhan Pneumonia which has the effect of stigmatizing the Wuhan People. The rest of the World isn't innocent as we also missed a big opportunity to rename MERS when we came up with SARS2.

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  • Shiloh

    【Wuhan Pneumonia】Kazakhstan suddenly changed its denial to deny "unknown cause of pneumonia"
    5 hours ago

    (New: Content) The Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan issued a reminder yesterday that the Kazakh outbreak of "unexplained pneumonia" in the first half of this year resulted in 1,772 deaths, including 628 deaths last month alone, including Chinese citizens. Kyrgyzstan informed that the deputy minister of health of the country, Usenbayev, was diagnosed with Wuhan pneumonia and is currently in hospital for treatment with a moderate condition. On the same day, Hong Kong had 5 immigrants returning from Kazakhstan, including 4 pilots and crew members, as well as a pair of mothers and children diagnosed with Wuhan pneumonia.

    The Chinese embassy in Kazakhstan said yesterday that there has been a significant increase in local cases of new pneumonia, and that deaths include Chinese citizens. A local doctor in Kazakhstan said there was "unknown cause of pneumonia", but until today Kazakhstan's health department denied it, saying that "these cases are likely to be cases of Wuhan pneumonia (COVID-19)." The reason why Wuhan pneumonia virus was not found in patients It may be because of a problem with the test results. Chinese spokesman Zhao Lijian said at today's regular press conference that China also hopes to learn more and hope to continue to work together with Kazakhstan to fight the epidemic. Kazakh news agency reported today that the chief medical officer of the country’s Almaty region, Kairat Baimukhambetov, died of pneumonia, but the official did not disclose whether he was infected with Wuhan pneumonia.

    Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the official media "Global Times", commented on the Kazakh epidemic on Sina Weibo last night, saying that Kazakhstan is bordered by Xinjiang, and China needs to take emergency measures to prevent Kazakhstan's unknown pneumonia from spreading to Xinjiang and mainland China. He also pointed out that "Huanshi" had urgently contacted the local reporters dispatched earlier, and learned that the country had little information in this regard. The Chinese Embassy reported that as many as 1,772 people had died of pneumonia in the first half of this year. Whether these people died of unknown pneumonia, Kazakhstan did not explain precisely, but said it would report more information next week.

    According to Xinhuanet reports, as early as March, China has donated the first batch of materials to Kazakhstan, including rapid virus testing, heat detectors, protective clothing, and other medical protection materials; in May, the Chinese ambassador to Kazakhstan donated 2 batches of materials, including KN95 mask, medical mask, forehead heat detector, goggles, etc.

    The Kazakh Ministry of Health issued a statement saying that according to the WHO’s International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10), pneumonia refers to a clinical or epidemiological diagnosis of lung infection with coronavirus. For example, the lungs appear ground glass, but not Diagnosed by the laboratory. Today, the country's Ministry of Health suddenly revised the diagnosis data, referring to yesterday's (9th) new confirmed cases of 1,726 cases, of which 1,209 were asymptomatic cases, accounting for 70%. The cumulative number of diagnosed patients reached 54,747 and 264 deaths. Yesterday evening, the Ministry of Health lowered the cumulative number of cured cases by 3,860 cases and corrected it to 31,277 cases. The reason for the correction of the data was explained by technical errors in the previous statistical process. According to the updated data, the cure rate of Wuhan pneumonia was 59% .

    When Kazakh Health Minister Alexei Choi informed the media of the country’s epidemic at a press conference yesterday, he said that the causes include bacterial pneumonia, pulmonary fungal disease, and the "viral pneumonia, the cause of which is unknown" marked in ICD-10 (viral pneumonia, unspecified etiology) classification. In the first half of this year, the incidence of domestic pneumonia increased by 55.4% compared with the same period in 2019, and a total of 98,546 cases were diagnosed. He said that a total of 1,772 people died of pneumonia in the first half of this year, and 628 people died in June alone. Some of these pneumonia patients are ordinary pneumonia patients, and the cause of infection in other patients is still unclear. He pointed out that the unknown pneumonia has a "potential risk", and the treatment plan is currently formulated in accordance with the treatment standard for new coronary pneumonia. However, the Ministry of Health of the country today specifically clarified that the news about the "unknown pneumonia" in Kazakhstan is not true. All cases should be "new coronary pneumonia". Reuters today quoted the Kazakh Ministry of Health as saying that the Chinese media reported "fake news" according to the report issued by the embassy in Kazakhstan.

    Mainland media quoted Kazakh immunology expert Rogerson as saying that Kazakhstan had no precedent of "community pneumonia" in June. In addition to the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic, Kazakhstan is also epidemic with another unclear pneumonia epidemic. The COVID-19 virus has not been detected in patients with pneumonia. "Although the cause cannot be confirmed 100%, 99.999% is still a coronavirus."

    According to media reports today, in addition to the outbreak of Wuhan pneumonia virus in Kyrgyzstan's neighboring Kyrgyzstan, "community-acquired pneumonia" has also occurred since March this year. As of the previous day (8th), a total of 310 people have died. Akmatova, head of the public health department of the Kyrgyz Ministry of Health, said at a press conference yesterday that the cumulative number of deaths in Kyrgyzstan’s four new cases of new pneumonia in the past 24 hours has reached 116, on Wednesday alone ( 8) Another 42 people died of pneumonia.

    In a briefing on Wednesday (7th), Akmatova also mentioned that on July 6, another 29 people died in Kyrgyzstan from "community pneumonia." From March to July 7 this year, the country 224 people have died of "community pneumonia"; but in the 9th bulletin, the name of "community pneumonia" has not been mentioned.

    Lin Bing, a specialist in respiratory system in Hong Kong, explained to Apple that according to reports, people from Kazakhstan were diagnosed with Wuhan pneumonia. As for the outbreak of "unexplained pneumonia" in Kazakhstan, he said: "I don't know how to do it (Kazakhstan) ) After several investigations, it was determined that it was "unexplained", and Wuhan pneumonia was in an unpredictable array. Everyone knows nothing, and it may be caused by viral pneumonia." He further explained that he still does not know the Kazakh authorities. How many tests have been done to exclude influenza, general viruses, adenoviruses, upper respiratory viruses, and even coronaviruses, can they be called "unexplained pneumonia", or local inspections are not enough to confirm which pathogens are infected, or they may be new Viruses or virus variants still have to wait for the results of gene sequencing.

    Lin Bing pointed out that pneumonia can be divided by the source of the disease, or by the source of infection. The source of infection is divided into three categories: community pneumonia, hospital pneumonia, and health facility-related pneumonia. This classification is to allow doctors to infer the type of virus infected Treatment is also given. "Because the virus of community pneumonia is easy to kill, pneumonia infected in hospitals or nursing homes may be resistant to the virus." He pointed out that Kazakh authorities' information refers to the presence of infected groups in the community. The test may test positive for coronavirus, but there are many types of coronavirus. If the coronavirus is different from the COVID-19 virus after testing Instead, another new coronavirus can cause pneumonia.
    "Apple" reporter / Global Network / Sina Weibo

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  • kiwibird
    "Since mid-Jun, Hong Kong has had no new confirmed cases of new pneumonia for 21 consecutive days, but the situation has recently changed. Especilly on the 9th, 42 new cases of new pneumonia were diagnosed in Hong Kong on that day, of which 34 were local cases. This was the day when Hong Kong had the most new local cases since the outbreak in January. The most concerned thing is that cases of unknown origin continue to appear. In the past week, a total of 12 cases of unknown origin spread over Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. This shows that invisible transmission chains have been hidden in Hong Kong.
    He Bailang also said that the virus is constantly changing. Some studies have shown that after March, the position of one of the proteins has changed. After the virus structure has changed a new virus species has become popular worldwide. The virus can reproduce in the upper respiratory tract of patients. The number and rate of reproduction are accelerating, so the amount of virus detected in the upper respiratory tract of patients recently is significantly higher than that of three months ago. The mutation of the virus also caused this round of epidemic to be more severe than before.

    The reporter noted that on the 9th of Hong Kong, 42 new cases of new pneumonia were diagnosed, of which 8 were imported cases, and 5 of them were from Kazakhstan.
    If any of these patients have the "new" virus/variant then it may well show in Hong Kong.

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  • Gert van der Hoek
    ‘Unknown pneumonia’ deadlier than coronavirus sweeping Kazakhstan, Chinese embassy warns

    9 Jul, 2020
    • Statement from embassy warns that death rate is ‘much higher’ than coronavirus and says local authorities have yet to identify cause
    • Kazakh authorities have reimposed Covid-19 lockdown in some parts of the country amid a spike in pneumonia cases last month

    The Chinese embassy in Kazakhstan has warned of a deadly “unknown pneumonia” after the former Soviet republic reported a spike in pneumonia cases since June.

    “The death rate of this disease is much higher than the novel coronavirus. The country’s health departments are conducting comparative research into the pneumonia virus, but have yet to identify the virus,” the embassy said in a warning to Chinese citizens in the country.

    Attached Files
    Statement from embassy warns that death rate is ‘much higher’ than coronavirus and says local authorities have yet to identify cause.

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  • kiwibird
    commented on 's reply
    A number of high-profile members of the Kyrgyz elite have fallen victim to this recent pneumonia wave. On Monday, former parliament speaker Chynybay Tursunbekov passed away from double pneumonia after testing negative for the virus. Parliamentary deputy Jyldyz Musabekova is currently said to be in intensive care with double pneumonia, former deputy Kamchybek Tashiev and his wife have both been hospitalised with the same diagnosis, while politician Baktybek Turusbekov is recovering at home with a milder form of the same complaint. Former president Almazbek Atambaev was of course hospitalised with double pneumonia last week. A number of other politicians have also received positive COVID-19 test results, including Deputy PM Erkin Asrandiev, Bishkek mayor Aziz Surakmatov, and Onuguu-Progress leader Bakyt Torobaev.

  • kiwibird
    Kyrgyzstan has experienced a wave of pneumonia cases since mid-June, following the easing of previously successful strict lockdown measures in May. Hospitals have been inundated with patients and many others have been dying in their homes after being unable to obtain medical attention. Large numbers of these patients and fatalities, however, have hitherto not been counted in the official statistics, either because PCR tests for the virus have not been able to be conducted, or because these tests are returning significant numbers false negatives – something that appears to be more likely in severe cases. Yesterday, for example, 7 people were officially recorded as having died from COVID-19. A further 29 individuals, however, died from pneumonia, an otherwise rare condition at this time of year.

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  • Community Acquired Pneumonia - Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and environs.

    According to Kazakhstan media reports, since mid-June, the incidence of pneumonia in Atyrau, Aktobe and Chimkent has increased significantly over the same period.
    So far, nearly 500 people have been infected and more than 30 people are critically ill.
    In the first half of this year, Pneumonia caused 1,772 deaths. In June alone, 628 people died, including Chinese citizens.
    The mortality rate of the disease is much higher than that of new coronary pneumonia.
    The Kazakh Ministry of Health and other institutions are conducting a comparative study on the pneumonia virus, and no definitive determination has been made.
    Neighbouring Kyrgyzstan
    In hospitals in Kyrgyzstan over the past day, 57 people have died from coronavirus and pneumonia. At the same time, 345 infected COVID-19 were detected per day. This was announced at a briefing on July 8 by a representative of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic, Ainura Akmatova :

    - Unfortunately, 13 cases of death from coronavirus infection were registered in hospitals of the republic per day. A total of 112 cases from COVID-19 were recorded. In addition, over the past day, 44 deaths from community-acquired pneumonia were recorded.
    In this regard, he noted that the widespread opinion among citizens that pneumonia is not COVID-19 is erroneous. And therefore, he urged the population not to deceive themselves:

    - Coronavirus, it turns out, is one of those insidious viruses that does not come alone, but brings other bacteria with it. When it enters the body through the mucous membranes, it awakens other bacteria that had previously slept in the body and, together with them, provokes the appearance of pneumonia

    The Head Physician of the Center for Emergency Medicine Iskender Shayakhmetov told news agency that the flow of calls with symptoms of coronavirus infection and pneumonia is not decreasing. 103 service receives up to 5,000 calls per day.

    According to him, the day before there were 795 calls, 98 of which concerned only pneumonia. In general, teams of doctors have managed to serve only 360 calls.

    ?The problem with hospitalization remains. A department was opened today at the National Hospital for patients in grave condition, and for moderate patients — at Semetei observation unit on the basis of the former American airbase. But the epidemiological situation is extremely unfavorable, the number of calls is very high. Six additional brigades started working,? Iskender Shayakhmetov said.
    The problem is also that our employees get infected, both doctors and nurses.
    Iskender Shayakhmetov

    At least 18 people have died from community-acquired pneumonia for the last 24 hours, including 8 people all over the republic and 10 — in Bishkek. During the day the indicator grew by 10 percent.

    In total, 195 people have died from pneumonia since March 2020

    Each of these articles has total numbers for Coronavirus patients and also Community Acquired Pneumonia numbers - which are high. Perhaps we are looking at a prevalence of a bacterial coinfection? If this was a separate virus known since mid June then someone would have isolated it. If it was just coronavirus then 57 deaths from 345 confirmed cases is about 15% cfr (Kyrgyzstan above). Worth keeping an eye on.