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Brazil - Brazilians seek remedy [ed:Tamiflu] against new flu in Paraguay

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  • Brazil - Brazilians seek remedy [ed:Tamiflu] against new flu in Paraguay

    Brazilians seek remedy against new flu in Paraguay

    Product is sold only with a prescription in Brazil.

    Ministry of Health says that avoids self control.

    Brazilian pharmacies are looking to Ciudad del Este in Paraguay, to buy new drugs against flu. The drug is the most sought Tamiflu, which is sold in Brazil only with a prescription.

    In the country, the use of Tamiflu is limited to patients with symptoms and risk factors, including previous diseases and clinical impairment. In Paraguay, however, anyone can have access to medication, even without prescription.

    According to clerk Paraguayan pharmacies, dozens of Brazilians seeking the medicine every day, in person or by telephone. The price also monitors the demand, which is high. This week, a box of Tamiflu cost on average U.S. $ 98 Paraguay. In coming weeks, as the clerk announced, the value will reach U.S. $ 134.

    The freedom to purchase the product coupled with fear of contracting the flu are such that many consumers purchase the product to leave home, even when they are sick.

    The medical alert infectologist Flávia Trench is risky buy drugs of unknown origin, it can be falsified. She also recalls that when the person has symptoms of flu, the ideal is through an attendance at a reference and to avoid self. "You may be thinking that being with influenza and bacterial meningitis or pneumonia."

    Risk factor increases by 3.46 times chance of death by the new flu
    Campinas third death records because of new influenza
    Advocacy prepares civil action to expand access to medicines for influenza A
    Rises to 9 the number of people killed by the new flu in RJ
    Minas Gerais postpones return to classes in the state network for August 10
    Firefighters make the distribution of drugs against influenza A in Rio
    Order is seized

    The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) announced that it is prohibited to bring Tamiflu Paraguay because the drug can only be used under prescription and is available in the Brazilian health system. If the tax are the product, the order is seized.

    The representative of the Brazilian Association for Combating Counterfeiting (ABCF), Luciano Barros, said that Paraguay has more than 20 laboratories, but some do not follow the health standards. "Some products of some laboratories Paraguayan not correspond to the quantity of principles," he says.

    The Ministry of Health argues that following the recommendation of the World Health Organization and the control of Tamiflu prevents the self. The government also informed that the indiscriminate use of antiviral for all cases may make the new influenza virus resistant to medication.

    In Brazil, only the patients with worsening of health status within 48 hours from the onset of symptoms, and people with higher risk for severe clinical picture are treated with the medication.

    (* with details of the Official Gazette of the People)