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Face mask pretending killing Bird Flu!(No corroborations yet)

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    Re: Face mask that kills Bird Flu!

    Originally posted by LMonty

    I would like to draw attention to the comment about length of time of waering the mask.

    The outside of the mask may be contaminated with virus that has not been killed, and the wearer could contaminate him/her hands when removing the mask. Immediately place mask in a disposable bag and wash hands, before touching anything else.

    good practice- put one on, and go mow your lawn in the hot summer sun. It's a good way to get an idea of what working in them can be like, and gives you a feel for it is to wear them. I think masks are an important part of our preps, but I am concerned that people will put them in a drawer and not practice using them, or become familiar with fit checking or safe removal. I know they are expensive, but I hope that everyone will take at least one mask and use it as a practice mask to get comfortable with. Not being familiar with them or using poor technique might end up creating a false sense of security that could be disasterous.
    I’m just home, raided the fridge for a well earned beer.

    I must be getting old, I wore a blower, full face for 2 hours, had a headache that would not let me shake my head to get the sweat beads of my nose and finally had to give up, they were making me crazy and the humidity was such that that there was no fresh sea breeze, just murk filtered air. 2 hours is way past occupational heath regulation in full suite, I just had a hour more but taking a break is not always a option, especially as I had counted on finishing the job, and only had one mask etc with me, lesson learned take a headache pill before suiting up. Just too hot and 2 hard of a job, not even a ventilated suit would have helped without a cooling / drying unit for the intake air in this humidity as there still would have been that sweat bead taking all attention of the job at hand.

    This post addresses LMonty’s post, but in a situation where one can walk out of the area and be in the clear after removing PPE in an approved fashion. In situation like a pandemic wearing a disposable mask doing heavy work breathing gets too hot and difficult after a few minutes not hours in the above weather, the mask is wet from sweat in 10 minutes and you move it with your hand to get the itch away, it’s a reflex, and at the same time you have lost protection.

    But the thing is, do you have to get into a situation where you need a mask; you definitely might, but should avoid them. There should be more talk here on how to avoid getting into a situation where you need a mask.