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Helping a child deal with a death in the family

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  • Helping a child deal with a death in the family

    In our community the following resources were available with differing levels of success.

    The public school's guidance councilor.
    Faith based councilors.
    Professional Councilors.
    Bereavement support groups.
    Surprisingly a funeral home Director and our insurance company were able to point me to several free bereavement resources in the area.
    Parental support - Recognizing the acting out of abnormal behavior as a child not knowing and not having the tools or experience to deal with a new and emotional loss. I tried my best to listen, to answer questions honestly and understandably. One counselor who was very helpful suggested the children write a letter to the deceased which we all delivered to the grave site and said prayers. This helped them to say good bye and find closure.
    We were put on this earth to help and take care of one another.