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    Pasok Unggas Tanpa Rekomendasi Ditindak

    Toogletext translation:

    The supplier of the Poultry was without the Recommendation had action taken against him by the Source:
    * Pemilik Immediately Didata

    TANJUNGPANDAN, POS BELITUNG -- Post the discovery of the bird flu virus (avian influenza) in the Tekukur Desa Paal Satu Tanjungpandan Village, Dinas Pertanian and Kabupaten Belitung Forestry will collect data on the owner of the poultry. The resident who supplied the poultry without the side's related recommendation will be had action taken against him.

    “Kita would the data and firm in the matter ini,” the headword of Distanhut Kabupaten Belitung, Toni Batubara to the Group Bangka Pos, on Wednesday (9/12).

    The supervision of the traffic of the poultry animal will be tightened in order to anticipates the spreading of this bird flu virus. The community that will bring the poultry animal was asked for reported to Distanhut for the inspection of the poultry that will be carried.

    “Kita wanted all of them orderly. Lest only because of the hobby or the interests of a group of person of one Belitung Regency so korbannya,” he stressed. He acknowledged his side terkendala in the supervision of the animal traffic that entered through small ports. “Kalau the community that entered brought the poultry went through the official port possibly we could supervise him.

    However, the majority all of them often went through small ports that were not monitored. In fact, the service side did not ask for anything except data collection saja,” said Toni.

    Responded to these findings of the bird flu virus, distanhut planned to put forward the budget for compensation during 2010.

    Apart from the findings of the bird flu virus to the chicken in the Tekukur Village, Distanhut Kabupaten Belitung also accepted information had the chicken died suddenly in the Pelempang Village.

    However distanhut still could not detect whether chickens died this was infected by bird flu. His article distanhut the difficulty carried out the test test rapid because of these chickens.

    “Ayam that died it was known has died for more than eight jam,” said Head of Sector Peternakan Distanhut Kabupaten Belitung Destika explained the reason could not be carried out by the test rapid this.

    As being reported beforehand, distanhut found belasan the chicken belonging to the resident in the Tekukur Village died suddenly. Results of the sample test of the chicken died totalling twice, these chickens positive was affected by the bird flu virus. (i6)


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      Jumat, 11/12/2009 09:20 WIB

      Kasus Flu Burung Kembali Ditemukan di Pariaman
      Ardiansyah Lubis - Padang Ekspres

      Google translation:

      Friday, 11/12/2009 09:20 WIB

      Bird Flu Cases Found in Pariaman Back
      Ardiansyah Lubis - Padang Ekspres

      Bird flu virus / Avian Influenza (AI) was first discovered in the City of Pariaman in 2002 and then in Rawang Village, City Pariaman. The virus is quite frightening and deadly, this time returning back to infect chickens citizens. However, the ferocity of this virus was lucky not to attack new limited human and animal attacking it.

      Recorded until December 2009 had 2 positive cases of AI in the City Pariaman. Among others in the village of Alai Waves, District and Central Pariaman Nareh Village Hall, North Pariaman District, City of Pariaman. Approximately 40 chickens stricken citizens who were destroyed by burning. Besides positive identified bird flu in Bato Village and West Village District Pauh Central Pariaman also found to suspect bird flu.

      Kabid Livestock and Agriculture Animal Health Department Pariaman city, Ir Indrayani states of AI positive cases because it had a sample.
      In general, factors that influence the outbreak area of the chickens was due to weather changes significant enough lately. In addition to the number of chickens in cages neglected citizens.

      The chickens are infected AI destroyed immediately by spraying and burning.
      While the stable and people's houses not far from the location helped sterilized with disinfectant.

      "The chickens are suspect, given the disinfectant and sprayed cage part," said Indrayani.

      Indrayani further explained, in handling these cases AI has formed a provincial party management team named Partisipatory Desease Surveland and Response (PDSR) or better known as Rapid Response Teams Motion Bird Flue.

      "The team is deployed in all districts / cities in West Sumatra. For the city as much as 2 Pariaman placed the entire financing of personnel covered by the FAO of the UN agency," explained Indrayani.

      Indrayani says his side are currently implementing the Program of Disease Prevention and Control Zoonosis (animal diseases). Animal diseases, among others, AI, rabies, Brucelosis, and other animal diseases.

      Indrayani concluded that the growth factors of bird flu originated from ordinary flu that could mutate rapidly expanding and can fit anywhere place. Then in terms of management of the spread of this virus, still needs to be done counseling for chicken owners.

      "It should be a dead chicken, baked rather than disposed disembarang place," he said.

      Furthermore ditumbukan should also conscious breeder behavior and always keep the environment clean so that the virus does not grow. (*)


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        Jumat, 11 Desember 2009 13:28

        Google translation:

        Socialize Bird Flu Poultry Culling

        Dear Editor,
        Current bird flu again attacked dozens of birds in the district's population Rajabasa, South Lampung regency, Lampung Province. Chickens died suddenly of citizens with the same symptoms as infected with the virus A H1N1.
        Regarding this incident, Division of Animal Health and Veterinary Public Health (Keswan Kesmavet) has done spraying and counseling on site to suppress the spread of the virus.
        Although the government had tried to prevent the spread of this virus, I still feel anxious, because there are people who dispose of dead chickens into the sea. I am afraid that the chicken carcasses were spreading the virus through the water.
        So please ka-mi, give back to the socialization of the whole community about how to eradicate avian bird flu.
        My knowledge, poultry and livestock are affected by bird flu must be destroyed by burning.
        Then again, I ask that people who do not get it by burning, was told again by the government.
        Village Way Muli
        Sub Rajabasa


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          Saturday, December 12, 2009 | 12:35:18

          formatnews - Kalianda, South Lampung, 12/12: bird flu virus (H5N1) avian attack dozens of residents in District Natar, South Lampung Regency (Lamsel), Lampung Province.

          Head of Animal Health and Veterinary Animal Husbandry Department of South Lampung Regency Grand Kusmartuti, Friday, said the findings were the same case as before, ie from reports of civilians that poultry died suddenly.

          "The report comes from the village residents Hajimena, District Natar Karmadi named Hartini and poultry owners who died suddenly," explained Great.

          He said, according to fixed procedures (Protap) applies, the Disnak doing outreach, spraying disinfectant into a cage in the community to anticipate the spread of the virus attack.

          "The number of chickens owned by residents who died suddenly at 25 tails, and the positive bird flu," said Agung.

          On Thursday (10/12), Agung said the bird flu virus also attacked the poultry in the village's residents Muli Way, Sub Rajabasa Lamsel District.

          The case is also known from citizens reporting that an attack of bird flu in dead chickens reach the number 21 tails.

          "After doing` `rapid test these birds were all positive of H5N1 virus," said Agung.

          Thus in the last two days happen twice Lamsel attack against the bird flu virus in poultry owned by two different and distant location.

          "The attack today this virus is not spread yesterday, but the new antarunggas transmission," explained Great.

          Great mengharapakan communities can work together with the Department of Pternakan to anticipate the spread of bird flu virus since the 17 districts of South Lampung regency is endemic areas of bird flu. * ant / bm *



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            Jalintim Dipenuhi Bangkai Ayam
            Sriwijaya Post - Minggu, 13 Desember 2009 20:26 WIB

            Google translation:

            Filled with chicken carcass Jalintim

            Sriwijaya Post - Sunday, December 13, 2009 20:26 pm

            Indralaya - As many as two large plastic bags containing chicken carcasses strewn across the axis of East Cross Street (Jalintim) 35 KM back Indralaya Unsri Campus, Friday (11/12). Chicken carcass allegedly died of bird flu cases have two days just lying and no one cared to bury it.

            Monitoring Sripo, Friday (11/12), two large plastic bags, black and yellow color just lying on the side of the road. Ordinary citizens are already taking out the trash at the curb. But the next day the bag was still there at the same location, but was torn apart. It is suspected that the dog ripped the plastic that comes the contents of a dead chicken. There are at least five dead chicken's tail in two plastic bags. Judging from the shape,

            chicken carcass was only about 6 months old. Certainly the cause is unknown and dead chickens were thrown into the street.
            What is certain is that chicken carcasses are scattered odor was intentionally removed from the citizens as they travel over the vehicle at the scene. Ordinary citizens are taking out the trash on the roadside due to lack of facilities and infrastructure at the city garbage Salt Seguguk it.

            While the previous case of bird flu was attacking Ogan Ilir (OI). Hundreds of chicken in the village's residents Lorok, Lily, Scales 32, Tanjung Pinang to Cape King died suddenly due to bird flu attack. Until Thursday (10/12) cases of chickens died suddenly still be found in the OI District. But because of the dead chickens only one or two tails, it was not horrendous people.


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              Ratusan Ayam Mati Mendadak
              Petugas Menyatakan Unggas Tersebut Positif Terjangkit Flu Burung

              Hundreds of Sudden Death Chicken
              The officer says poultry is positive contracted bird flu

              OFFICERS took saliva samples of dead chickens for examination after the death of about six hundred chickens in two villages in the regency. Majalengka, Tuesday (15/12). According to officials from the local Animal Husbandry Department, who died suddenly chickens were tested positive of bird flu infected .* TATI / "MD"

              MAJALENGKA, (PR) .-
              Around six hundred chickens in two villages in the regency. Majalengka died suddenly and tested positive for bird flu infected or Avian influenza (AI) by officers from the local Animal Husbandry Department. Two villages were attacked by AI respectively Baribis Village, Kec. And Village Cigasong Leuweung Peundeuy, Palabuan Village, Kec. Sukahaji.

              Three days earlier, the same thing also happened in the district. JATIWANGI. At that time, about 175 chickens died suddenly and tested positive for bird flu infected. The existence of that condition, Animal Husbandry Department and the local Health Department continues to monitor in the third region.

              Based on data from the Animal Husbandry Department collected Tuesday (15/12), there are about three hundred chickens died suddenly in the village of Baribis. It happened on a number of blocks such as Block Linggasari, Sindangsari and Sukaluyu.

              According to one citizen, Muhayat (40), chickens that died suddenly in the area started happening since a week ago. "Every day there are about ten to twenty dead chickens," he said.

              He explains, people do not initially understand the cause of death so that the chicken did not report such cases to the authorities. They consider death as a common result of high rainfall began with a big wind lately.

              "I think initially affected because tetelo mouth watering chicken," said Muhayat who claimed six died in the chicken tail suddenly. It became known only in the morning because the afternoon when inserted into the cage is still healthy.

              Similar conditions occur in Block Leuweung Peundeuy, Village Sukahaji Palabuan District. In the village about three hundred chickens were found dead suddenly. "As many as two dozen chickens mine, died suddenly. I immediately reported the case to the authorities," said Kasjaya, Pendeuy Leuweung citizens.


              Officers Partisipatory Desease Search and Response, Avian Influenza from the Department of Agriculture Kab. Majalengka, Ojat, when making chicken samples belonged Kasjaya mention chickens are confirmed positive dead AI.

              It was seen from the symptoms that appear as a red dot at the feet and head, and the bluish comb. "AI virus spread since allegedly began a week ago, because the chickens were previously in excellent health," he said.

              According to drh. Hary Imam Santoso from the field of Animal Husbandry, the institute was doing reduction efforts by cleaning cages and spraying disinfectant into the cage in AI infected areas.

              "For fourteen days into the future AI infected area will continue to be monitored, whereas our sample would check the chicken to the laboratory in Bandung," Hary said as he appealed to citizens to immediately clean up all the chicken coop.

              Meanwhile, Kasi Public Health Surveillance in Kab. Majalengka H. Agus Susanto said his company would immediately take the blood sampling of local people who chicken infected with AI. This was to keep the possibility of infected citizens. "Until now people have not discovered the existence of a high fever or other symptoms of AI infection," he said. (C-31) ***


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                Back rampant AI
                Tuesday, 15 December 2009
                MAJALENGKA (SI) - At least 300 chickens owned by residents Baribis Village, District Cigasong and Palabuan Village, District Sukahaji, Majalengka, West Java, died suddenly due to H5NI virus (bird flu).

                Officers Participatory Disease Search And Response (PDS) District Agriculture Office Majalengka Ojat justify hundreds of chicken died suddenly because of the positive of H5N1 virus (bird flu). This is based on the rapid test Baribis Village and Village Palabuhan. "We got the rash symptoms in the feet, head, and bluish comb. We suspect the virus has spread a week ago, "said Ojat. (taofik hidayat)



                • Re: Indonesia: H5N1 in poultry May 27 2009 +

                  Majalengka, West Java ::: AI outbreak in chickens

                  December 16, 2009

                  Majalengka, West Java – About six hundred chickens in two villages of Kabupaten Majalengka stated to have died of avian influenza (AI) infection according to local Livestock Service. Two AI affected villages were Desa Baribis, Kecamatan Cigasong and Kampung Leuweung Peundeuy, Desa Palabuan, Kec Sukahaji.

                  Prior to this incident similar case was reported from Kecamatan Jatiwangi, where about 175 chickens died of AI infection.

                  A local described that chicken death had been occurred since former week. At that moment people presumed the death of chickens was a usual incident during rainy season. It is also reported that those sick chickens were apparently healthy prior to the day they were found to have died.

                  An officer of Participatory Disease Surveillance and Response for Avian Influenza of Livestock Service Kabupaten Majalengka mentioned that those chickens died of AI infection. Diagnosis was made based on physical signs observed such as red spots in leg and head, also bluish of comb. “It seems AI virus has been spreading about a week, because all those chickens were actually healthy before,” said the officer.

                  In mean time, control measure has been taken by cleaning and disinfecting all chickens in AI infected area. Livestock service will continue observation to those areas up to two weeks ahead. Chicken samples will be sent to laboratory in Bandung for confirmation.

                  Health service of Kabupaten Majalengka also to collect blood samples of people in infected areas to check any possible bird to human transmission. However, until now no report of fever or other AI infection signs in human.

                  Source: Indonesia local newspaper, Pikiran Rakyat.



                  “Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights – that must be our call to arms"
                  Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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                    Berita Parimo-Touna-Banggai
                    Kamis, 17 Desember 2009
                    Terkena Flu Burung, 25 Ekor Ayam Mati Mendadak

                    Google translation:

                    Thursday, December 17, 2009
                    Affected by bird flu, 25 chickens died suddenly (Central Sulawesi)

                    LUWUK - The case of bird flu appears again in the village Samadoya, Kintom District, Banggai District. A total of 25 chickens died suddenly of local residents. The case of avian influenza, is the first after the agency express authority Banggai bird flu-free. Chickens were destroyed immediately by burning all the dead chickens tested positive for the dangerous disease.

                    Eradication Coordinator for bird flu, Agriculture Department Drh Banggai Erwin Radar Huruji to Sulawesi, Tuesday (15/12) said, Banggai bird flu-free yet. Actually, many cases of bird flu occurred in the community, but not reported.

                    Dikatakanya, she decided access to information and reports of occasional cases of bird flu caused the behavior that is not reported to the officers. This is because, people feel fear with the mass culling of chickens impact to the chicken that is not affected by the disease.

                    There is also due to ignorance of the community, so that reports of the case only by word of mouth. After bird flu cases, the new officers know, but the actions of field officers sometimes it's too late.

                    For that, people are suggested to be reported if found cases of bird flu, so that treatment is not quickly resolved and the human impact. Erwin said the case of avian influenza in Banggai district has reached hundreds of tails and spread to almost all districts in Banggai regency. (Rd)


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                      Bandung Not Free Yet of Avian Flu
                      Thursday, 17 December, 2009 | 14:09 WIB

                      TEMPO Interactive, Bandung:Bandung is not yet free from the avian flu virus although the number of birds dying from the infection has decreased although the threat of infection from fowl from other cities remained open.

                      Endang Sulistiowati, Bandung Agriculture Office chief in charge of Animal Disease Prevention and Eradication, said eight cases were found throughout the year and 378 fowls have been eradicated. “These are normally chicken that died because of the avian flu virus,” she said. Last year, there were 10 to 20 cases in 10 districts.

                      Data from the Agriculture Office recorded that the avian flu cases were found in eight areas, some of which borders with Bandung. These areas are Campaka, Sukaraja, Ciroyom, Cigadung, Batununggal, and Jatihandap.


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                        Kasus Flu Burung di Lampung Selatan Menurun
                        Selasa, 22 Desember 2009 12:50 WIB

                        Google translation:

                        Case of Bird Flu Found in South Lampung
                        Tuesday, December 22, 2009 12:50 pm

                        KALIANDA - MI: The number of cases of bird flu on poultry in South Lampung regency (Lamsel) in 2009 decreased compared with 2008.

                        Head of Animal Health and Veterinary Public Health (Keswan Kesmavet) Department of Animal Husbandry of South Lampung Regency Grand Kusmartuti, Tuesday (22/12) during the 2008 cases of bird flu and as many as 35 cases in 2009 decreased to 17 cases. "Based on the rapid test, all cases found in a number of districts Lamsel District positive bird flu virus," he said.

                        Agung said the number of cases of attacks on citizens poultry tend to decrease from the 3000 birds in 2008 to about 600 birds in 2009. He said, from 35 cases of the highest attack occurred in January and March of 2008. At that time, attacks on poultry occur every day sedentary in every village in the District Court Teak, Merbau Mataram, Palas, Bakauheni, Palas, Saxony Way, mediation, Kalianda. Ketapang, and Sidomulyo.

                        Whereas in 2010, was noted 23 cases of bird flu occurred in the District jatiagung, Sidomulyo, Palas, Rajabasa, Tanjung Bintang and Kalianda. "All these cases have been handled by the Animal Husbandry Department with socialization, education and spraying disinfectant into a cattle pen residents within 200 meters from the location of the bird flu cases," he said.

                        In 2010, Animal Husbandry Department expects the spread of bird flu cases on poultry can be minimized by tightening the monitoring to a number of vulnerable areas. "The team will also move more quickly alerted to the coming years," said Agung.

                        South Lampung is endemic areas of bird flu infections. From 2008 to 2009 has recorded 52 cases of bird flu cases, which resulted in more than 4,000 birds which abruptly H5N1 virus. (Ant/OL-06)


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                          Enam Kecamatan Endemi H5NI
                          Rabu, 23 Desember 2009 02:11

                          Google translation:

                          Home Lampung Raya Lamtim - District Six Lamsel endemics H5NI
                          District Six endemic H5NI
                          Wednesday, December 23, 2009 02:11

                          KALIANDA - Department of Animal Husbandry (Disnak) South Lampung set of six local districts as a zone of endemic bird flu virus (H5NI). The six districts are jatiagung, Natar, Kalianda, Sidomulyo, Katibung, and Penengahan.
                          Kadisnak Lamsel dr. A. Khandri explained, the intensity of bird flu cases in the six districts were fairly high because it has a farm. In 2009, the District found jatiagung least six cases of bird flu that attacks livestock; two cases in the village of Karanganyar; and each one case in Jatimulyo, Margodadi, Rejomulyo, and Margakaya.
                          While in District Natar found two cases: in the village of Candimas and Hajimena. In Sub Kalianda also found two cases, namely in the Village and Sub-District Merakbelantung Kalianda.
                          For Sub Sidomulyo found two cases. Namely in the village of Sidorejo and Sidowaluyo. While mediation is found in the District is one case in the village of TATAAN. Similarly Katibung District found one case in the Village Babatan.
                          ''However, in 2008 the case was also found H5NI in District Katibung and mediation,''he explained yesterday. When giving explanations, accompanied Kabid Khandri animal health (keswan) drh. Great Kusmartuti.
                          Although the six endemic districts was stated H5NI, Kandri claim the number of cases in H5NI in Lamsel lower in 2009 than 2008. Where, in the last year in 35 cases. Meanwhile, this year only 17 cases.
                          ''We will try to prevent the spread of this virus,''said former Disnak Lamsel Kabid this Keswan.
                          Some efforts work unit (satker) is to prevent the spread of the virus in poultry memvaksianasi, by providing disinfectant, do the spraying in the cages of poultry farms, and to disseminate to the public for raising healthy. So as to avoid the spread of bird flu.
                          In 2010, no less than 300 thousand vaccine to vaccinate poultry in Lamsel. ''We have proposed assistance to the province this vaccine. We hope to be realized,''he added. (*)


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                            Unggas Terjangkit Flu Burung Dimusnahkan
                            Selasa, 29 Desember 2009 08:30 WIB

                            Google translation:

                            Bird flu infected poultry were destroyed
                            Tuesday, December 29, 2009 08:30 pm 0 Comments 0 0

                            LAMPUNG - MI: Department of Animal Husbandry (Disnak) City Metro, Bandar Lampung which destroyed dozens of birds infected with bird flu positive, so that no further spread to other areas.

                            "The destruction is done for avian bird flu dipastian, so its spread can be controlled,"
                            said Chief Postal Administration Sub-Section Animal Health, Metro City, Vita Maharjanti, at Metro City on Tuesday (29/12).

                            He explains, culling of birds was done mainly in endemic areas of bird flu, as in the District of West Metro and South Metro. "In that area, previously found in hundreds of chickens died suddenly," he said.

                            Thus, he continued, in recent weeks is a virus "Avian Influenza" (AI) is the cause of bird flu has really spread the five districts in Metro.

                            He added, final disposal of poultry is owned by four people (KK), which amounted to 39 chickens. "All the birds that are destroyed when the type of chicken," he explained.

                            After doing the destruction, it also provides compensation or reimbursement that burned poultry, among them for a large chicken that is Rp15 thousand per head, Rp12.500/ekor pullet, and a small chicken Rp2.500/ekor.

                            He said, in the year 2009 budget that provided for compensation for culling poultry Rp28 million, and when compared to 2008 last year, the budget is much smaller compensation for last year reached Rp29, 7 million.

                            "Not all the budget last year culling of birds can be realized, because many people are reluctant to destroy his poultry. Therefore, this year's budget is derived poultry culling compensation," he said.

                            Further, he argued, funds that culling of poultry AI virus is derived from fund income and expenditure budget area (budget) Mertro City.

                            "To the residents, if any signs menndadak dead chickens should be immediately reported to the officer, because the bird flu virus that could endanger human safety," he explained.

                            Meanwhile, earlier had found that chickens died suddenly due to the positive of bird flu reached 643 tail, was in two districts, namely the tail at the Metro 320 South and 323 tails in Metro West.

                            Pascaditemukannya hundreds of chickens infected with bird flu, trying Disnak City Metro semaksimalnya anticipate the spread of AI virus, so are not easily spread to other areas. (Ant/OL-04)


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                              Cause of death yet to be determined

                              Ratusan Ayam Mendadak Mati
                              Selasa, 29 Desember 2009 | 19:53 WITA

                              Google translation:

                              Hundreds of Chicken Sudden Death
                              Tuesday, December 29, 2009 | 19:53 PST

                              PALANGKARAYA, TUESDAY - Chicken Farmers in Central Kalimantan overcome anxiety. Last week, hundreds of poultry farmers in some places the dam suddenly die first incident in the village of Lower Mantaren Sub Kahayan this PULANGPISAU District and the Village followed Raya Tambun Basarang Kapuas district and surrounding areas.

                              Head of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Central Kalimantan province, Tute Lelo, Tuesday (29/12/2009) admitted had received information about the problem. It has reduced the team to help the team in the two districts were.

                              Even so, Tute claimed not to know the cause of death of hundreds of chicken. It is still waiting for results of laboratory examination of samples in Banjarbaru, Kalsel.Dia wish it was not caused by a dangerous disease such as bird flu or something.

                              (noorjani aseran)


                              • Re: Indonesia: H5N1 in poultry May 27 2009 +


                                Penyebab Kematian Ribuan Ayam di Kalteng belum Jelas
                                Nusantara / Rabu, 30 Desember 2009 10:31 WIB

                                Google translation:

                                Causes of Death in Central Kalimantan Thousands of Chickens (not) yet clear
                                Nusantara / Wednesday, December 30, 2009 10:31 pm

                      , Palangkaraya: Agriculture and animal husbandry (Distanak) Kalimantan Tengah (Central Kalimantan) have not dared to conclude that thousands of chickens died suddenly in the last two weeks in Pulang District Knives and Kapuas, Central Kalimantan, contracted bird flu.

                                Head Distanak Ir Tute Lelo, Wednesday (30/12), in Palangkaraya said, until now it was still waiting for results of laboratory animals that are likely Banjarbaru out in three days. "The team of Distanak already down. However, we are still waiting for the results labotarium whether there are indications that the bird flu or because the transition seasons change," he said.

                                Tute admitted sudden death has occurred on a large number of poultry animals. However, he said, events like this often happens every year during the transitional season makes the chicken becomes weak physically. In addition, there are no reports of other animals that experienced a similar incident in addition to chicken.

                                When pressed if there are indications of bird flu, saying that Tute Lelo these possibilities could happen. However, once again affirmed, this time, it is still waiting for test results.

                                Earlier, thousands of chickens owned by the villagers Mantaren II, Sub Kahayan Lower, Back Knife died suddenly. The incident had lasted over a period of two last week. Following a similar incident in Kapuas district. Approximately 218 head of cattle chickens residents of four districts, namely Strait, Basarang, Lower Kapuas, and Pulau Petak sudden death. The characteristics of dead chickens, namely the heart looks a bit charred and swollen face. In fact, there are chicken bleeding from his nose. (MI / ICH)