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Indonesia: H5N1 in poultry May 27 2009 +

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    Ratusan Ayam Mati Mendadak
    Rabu, 30 Desember 2009

    Disnak Lakukan Penyemprotan
    Google translation:

    Hundreds of Sudden Death Chicken
    Wednesday, December 30, 2009

    Disnak Do Spraying

    KUALA KAPUAS - Kapuas District Animal Husbandry Department to spray disinfectant or liquid to killer germs after hundreds of chickens died suddenly in several subdistricts in Kabupaten Kapuas.

    In addition to spraying, Animal Husbandry Department is also committed arson against the hundreds of dead chickens and then buried into the ground.
    Head of Animal Husbandry Department Kapuas, Rani Yansi through the Office of Animal Health Kabid Drh Rudjito said that the effort they do it is one of precaution, even though hundreds of chickens died of the people has not been established because of the bird flu virus (H5N1). "Certainly there are preventive measures, although the cause has not been established because the bird flu virus," said Rudjito, Wednesday (30/12).

    This time it continues to monitor and control the number of places in relation found hundreds of chickens died suddenly. It did spraying disinfectant into a chicken coop. Meanwhile, the dead chickens were buried.

    As for taking samples of the dead chickens, which he said has been done by sending samples to a laboratory chicken organs in South Kalimantan, Banjarbaru. But the results in the near future will soon be known. "We're still waiting for the results of examination of samples taken, hopefully in the near future we will soon know the outcome," said Rudjito.

    He revealed, the total number of chickens that died were as many as 218 fish in various areas such as the Village District Basarang Bungai Jaya were 63 tails, Sub Island 15 tail Petak, 15 Channel Sub tail and villages Basarang Batuah District 15 tails, while the majority of the Village Raya Tambun.

    "Asked the residents if there is a chicken that died suddenly, immediately burned and buried the chickens are not to be left long in the cage or discarded disembarang places," said Drh Rudjito. (kzone)


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      Petugas Disnak Kontrol Ayam
      Kamis, 31 Desember 2009 | 14:13 WITA

      Toggletext translation:

      The official Disnak the Control of the Chicken
      on Thursday, December 31 2009 | 14:13 WITA

      PELAIHARI, on Thursday - the technical Official Disnak Harmonious since last week till today every day continued to control the pen of the livestock of the piece chicken d the Sei Jelai Kecamatn Tambang Ulang Village followed the assumption of the attack of the bird flu illness (AI) to some local livestock.
      The Head of Sector Keswan drh Soedarman said for a month in front of five chicken coops in Sei j Barley that was found by the AI case was emptied to be sterilised. (idda royani)


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        Still waiting for test results

        Ribuan Ayam Mati Mendadak di Kapuas
        Kamis, 31 Desember 2009 13:42

        Google translation:

        Thursday, December 31, 2009 13:42

        Thousands of Chickens Die in Kapuas Sudden

        KUALA KAPUAS, KP - Thousands of chickens in Kapuas District, Central Kalimantan (Central Kalimantan) died suddenly, so that the Office of livestock (Disnak) local standard procedure to handle bird flu (H5N1).
        `` From the symptoms of a dead chicken is a bit like bird flu, but we were not sure because we are still waiting for lab test results from samples Banjarbaru of these dead chickens, "said Chief Disnak Kapuas, through the Head of Animal Health Rudjito drh, to the press in Kuala Kapuas, Wednesday.

        He also said the results of tests conducted while the side of a dead chicken samples, almost no similarities between the symptoms of bird flu disease and ND malignant disease.

        From the results of tests conducted while the samples of chickens that died suddenly, was found bleeding in the intestines, brains, a bluish color on the head, and mucus.

        But it can not specify the cause of death of thousands of chickens are without any laboratory test results on samples of chickens that died suddenly had sent it to the laboratory in Banjarbaru.

        He said the areas most widely reported was a sudden dead chicken found in the area Basarang District, and District Square Island. Chicken is owned by property entrepreneur and poultry farms.

        `` This incident is taking place in the last week and handling we do to anticipate the worst that is suitable handling procedures bird flu, "he said.
        The handling is done he burned and buried the dead chickens and sprinkled lime on top.

        In addition it has also been distributed to residents disifektan that this time his side had run out of stock and had requested assistance to Disnak Kalteng disifektan.

        Department has appealed to residents to be examined at the health center if the body was hot after a chicken that died suddenly around the house.

        The number of chickens that died suddenly it makes people in the district especially in the village Basarang Tambun Raya worried.

        `` This morning's six neighboring chickens died suddenly, "said Nyoman Veda, who claims he has 15 chickens also experience the same thing.

        He also said that not a few people around who sell the chicken immediately with reason to fear the chickens are infected with the disease is unknown. (ant/K-5)


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          Diduga Terserang Flu Burung, Ribuan Ayam Dimusnahkan
          Minggu, 03 Januari 2010 16:29 WIB

          Google translation:

          Having suspected bird flu, Chicken Thousands of destroyed

          Sunday, 03 Januari 2010 16:29 pm
          Writer: Denny Saputra

          BANJARMASIN-MI: Thousands of broiler chickens or beef cattle property in the village of Sejelai, District Mine Birthdays, Tanah Laut, South Kalimantan, died suddenly.

          Because of suspected bird flu or avian influenza (AI), the local Animal Husbandry Department was forced to do mass culling thousands of chickens in the area.

          Head of Animal Health, Animal Husbandry Department Soedarman Tanah Laut, Sunday (3 / 1), said the death of thousands of chickens owned by a farmer in the village of Seijelai occurred since last week. Guess while, these cattle bird flu and to prevent the spread of this virus had done mass destruction, "he said.

          According Sudarman, it has made efforts to halt the spread of the virus by the burning of poultry are infected, including the cage. The number of broiler chickens that were destroyed reached 5000 tails.

          "So far we continue to conduct monitoring in the field, the pertenakan in other locations in the Land of the Sea," he said.

          At least there Seijelai Village chicken farm with 25 chickens reach the tail 30.000an partners of large-scale rancher in Banjarmasin.

          Bird flu had occurred in Tanah Laut regency in 2005, where tens of thousands of chickens had to be destroyed. Currently poultry population in the district agriculture and livestock center in South Kalimantan is more than one million head.

          While in South Kalimantan broiler population reached 20 million fish, chicken laying two million fish and chicken around eight million head.
          The level of chicken consumption Kalsel community every day to reach 50,000 tails. Some production of poultry and eggs sent to the province of South Kalimantan Central Kalimantan and East Kalimantan neighbors. (DY/OL-7)


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            Ribuan Ayam Mati Mendadak Positif Flu Burung
            Senin, 04 Januari 2010

            Google translation:

            Thousands of Chickens Die Sudden AI Positive
            Monday, 04 Januari 2010

            Kuala Kapuas - Thousands of chickens die in a number of districts in Kapuas District, certainly due to the bird flu virus infection (H5N1). This was after the chickens died organ sample was conducted studies and laboratory testing to Banjarbaru vateriner V Regional South Kalimantan, and the results tested positive.

            "Positive results of bird flu virus after invistigas team in cooperation with the Assessment and Testing Center of regional V Vateriner Banjarbaru do research on chicken samples, such as orgam, blood serum, and SWAB," said Head Ranch Kapuas, Ir Yansi Rani in conference on Monday (4 / 10) in the Office of Animal Husbandry Department Singleton road Bungai Kapuas Kuala Kapuas.

            According to him, orgam chicken samples were taken from dead chickens in some districts, like District Square Island, Strait, East Kapuas, and Basarang. The number of specimens taken are as many as 82 samples.

            Stone Village Sub Basarang Nindan found 3 positive cases of bird flu in domestic poultry. Kuala Kapuas in 1 case was found positive of bird flu in broiler origin Pleihari South Kalimantan Province. "Positive bird flu in animals only birds, whereas humans have so far been reported infected," he said.

            Rani Yansi explained, the number of chicken deaths suddenly started early December 2009 until January 3, 2010 based on reports of field officers for the 3909 District Basarang tails, tails 560 Strait, Island Square, 953 tails, Lower Kapuas, 422 tails, 255 East Kapuas tail, Glum Kapuas 500 tails, and District of Kuala Kapuas numbered as many as 16 tails. "So the total of all chickens died in the 7 districts of 6615 amounted to tail," he explained.

            The actions taken his part, said Rani Yansi, continue to spraying disinfectant into a chicken coop. Meanwhile, the dead chickens were buried. In addition, it also further improve surveillance of poultry out of the entry of animals into this area. "Supervision also we increase again," he said.

            In the same occasion, Chief of Health Kapuas, Dr. Handa Ningroem Ani said, bird flu is a disease affecting poultry and can spread to humans. With a high mortality rate in birds. The reason is that the avian influenza virus type A sub-type H5N1.

            "But so far infected with the deadly virus on a number of chickens in this area that until now there has been no report infectious humanity.
            However, we have made efforts to anticipate, "said Annie familiar greeting. (Kzone)


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