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Indonesia - Bird Flu in Poultry/Animals February 2, 2008 - April 9, 2009

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  • Indonesia - Bird Flu in Poultry/Animals February 2, 2008 - April 9, 2009

    via toggletext -

    Java -

    Hundreds of chickens in the Taringgul Tonggoh Village, Kec.
    Wanayasa, Kab.
    Purwakarta died suddenly.

    The community expected the death of the chicken as resulting from from the virus avian influenza (AI) or bird flu.
    "Because of feeling worried, we reported him to the Peternakan Service and Kab fisheries."
    Purwakarta, said Rohman (54), villagers Taringgul Tonggoh, Kec.
    Wanayasa to "GM", on Friday (8/2).
    Named by Rohman, in his area of plenty of chickens that died suddenly.
    In fact beforehand was seen healthy, but the following morning was known has died in his pen.
    Further, these chickens were burnt and buried.
    "Previously the person was still brave cut off the chicken that is, now never again sick," added Rohman.
    Kasubdin Peternakan Dinas Peternakan and fisheries (Disnakan) Kab.
    Purwakarta, drh.
    Sri Wuryastuti when it was confirmed on Friday (8/2), justified the death incident of hundreds of chickens in Kec.
    "In the first month this year indeed we were with the related report" on the "death" of the "chicken suddenly."
    After being researched by us, these chickens not died because of the AI virus, but were attacked by the Newcastle virus desease (ND), said Sri Wuryastuti.
    According to him, the death of the most poultry was reported from the Kec territory.
    Manayasa, that is in the Sukatani Village, Taringgul Tonggoh, and Taringgul Tengah, completely numbering 419 tails.
    In the Plered Subdistrict, Desa Cibogo Hilir totalling 17 tails and in Kec.
    Pasawahan, Desa Lebak Anyar 6 tails.
    Sri said, after receiving the report from the resident of his side immediately sprayed disinfektan in poultry pens belonging to the resident who was whipped by the death of the chicken suddenly.
    His side also continued to guard against the plague emergence of the AI virus in the Purwakarta territory by preparing 20,000 doses to memvaksin the poultry.
    Ikhwal the physical characteristics of the affected AI poultry, according to Sri, to the coloured rooster cock's comb red blackish, the palm foot was gotten by the ulcer wound and the colour of red meat lebam.

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    Re: Indonesia - Bird Flu in Animals

    South Sumatra -

    Via toggletext
    The attack of the bird flu illness on the chicken talk to in Lampung Timur continued to spread.

    For the last two days, the illness attack it was reported happened in the Rantau Jaya Udik Village, Kecamatan Sukadana, and the Taman Asri Village, Kecamatan Purbolinggo.
    This means that, up until yesterday, this illness attack in the Regency Lampung Timur was recorded in 12 villages that was in eight subdistricts and killed 3.000-an the tail of the chicken.

    Respond to expanded him the attack penykit bird flu in Lamtim, the Peternakan Provinsi Service side, yesterday (8-2), dropped the joint team from the Bina Kesehatan Field of the Animal and the Penyidikan Hall of the Veteriner Illness off (BPPV) Banda Lampung to carry out the inspection and the monitoring in the field.
    The Head of Sector Bina Kesehatan of the Animal in the Peternakan Lamtim Service, Dewanto, that was met when accompanying the joint team from the Province in the Taman Asri Village, explained the bird flu illness attacked the chicken livestock talk to in Lamtim since early January 2008.
    The illness attack initially attacked the chicken discussed property of the resident in the District Mataram Marga, Kecamatan Sukadana.
    The condition for the weather in the quite humid rain season at this time, was increased by the decline in the condition for the chicken body talk to apparently was supportive enough the development of this illness.
    So, his attack continued to spread.
    Till Thursday (7-2) was recorded already around 2.000-an the tail more the chicken discussed property of the resident in 10 villages to eight subdistricts died suddenly, that is the Sumber Rejo Village, Kecamatan Batanghari; Margosari, Kecamatan Metro Kibang; Braja Sakti, Kecamatan Way Jepara; Hargomulyo and Sidodadi, Kecamatan Se- Kampung; Luhur and the Kencono Cape, Kecamatan Way Bungur.
    Afterwards, followed the Taman Cari Village, Kecamatan Purbolinggo; the Kota Raman Village and Ratna Daya, Kecamatan Raman Utara.
    After 10 villages, on Thursday (7-2) and on Friday (8-2) his side again received the report concerning the existence of the chicken discussed property of the resident who died suddenly in the Rantau Jaya Udik Village and the Asri Garden.
    Followed up the report, his side at once dropped the official to the Rantau Jaya Village on Thursday off (7-2) to carry out the inspection in the field.
    Results of the inspection showed approximately 170 chickens talk to that died in the village was positive because of being attacked by the bird flu virus.
    Followed up the report


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      Re: Indonesia - Bird Flu in Poultry/Animals

      Hat tip Influencia -

      Via toggletext -

      Jakarta -, Jakarta: the Government of the City Jakarta Timur destroyed approximately 4,000 poultries produced by the prevention raid of the spreading of bird flu in ten subdistricts in the East Jakarta territory.
      All the poultry that was destroyed this was it was suspected positive terjangkit the virus H5N1.
      The extermination was carried out by Special Capital District of Jakarta Governor Fauzie Bowo in Street Stasiun Cakung, Sentral Primerbaru, Pulogebang.
      This agenda as early of the extermination of the poultry that is done together in ten subdistricts in the East Jakarta territory today.
      In Pulogebang, the poultry that was destroyed approximately reached 1,150 poultries.
      All of them were expected terjangkit the virus H5N1.

      The rest of them totalling 714 poultries produced by the raid that was stated by the negative terjangkit the virus H5n1 was distributed to the community to be consumed.
      According to Fauzi, the Special Capital District Provincial Government will continue to carry out the anticipatory step prevented the spreading of the bird flu virus.
      The focus of the implementation of the prevention will in the near future be brought about with merelokasi totalling 546 chicken abattoirs in the East Jakarta territory.


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        Re: Indonesia - Bird Flu in Poultry/Animals

        machine translation -

        Lamtim - Bird Flu: the Breeder did not heed the Petugas
        SUKADANA (Lampost): breeders, especially the chicken breeder in Lampung Timur was blamed because fully did not destroy the chicken not the race (talk to) they that tertular pengakit bird flu.
        In fact, most owners of the poultry have understood this danger of the illness attack.
        Bird flu did not only attack the livestock, but also could spread and claim the spirit of humankind.
        The Head of Sector Bina Kesehatan of the Dinas Peternakan Lamtim Animal, Dewanto, yesterday (10-2), justified the attack of the bird flu illness in Lamtim quite worrying because increasingly the attack day spread.
        Till Friday (8-2), was recorded 12 villages in eight subdistricts tertular.
        Moreover, the attack hindered to other villages and attacked the thoroughbred chicken (the layer).
        From around 3.000-an the tail of the chicken that died because of being attacked by the bird flu virus in 12 villages, around 60 tails (in the Tambah Luhur Village, Kecamatan Way Bungur) among them the chicken of the layer race.
        Dewanto said his side has carried out various control efforts, like the socialisation, counselling, and spraying.
        However in the field, the support and the breeder's participation fully did not go.
        He demonstrated the owners of the chicken talk to that some of his livestock died because positive was attacked by the bird flu virus denied the official's suggestion destroyed the chicken talk to that still was living.
        They more chose mengarantina (?) compared with destroying him.
        In fact they continued to get compensation Rp15 thousand/the tail for the measurement of the big chicken and Rp3.000/ekor for the chicken that still was small.
        According to Dewanto, the extermination must be carried out with the aim of interrupting the spread link of the bird flu illness personally.
        The "owners" of the "chicken talk to was reluctant to destroy their livestock, not because of not knowing his danger the attack of the bird flu illness."
        They refused to destroy his livestock because of consideration of profit and loss.
        Because, extermination compensation was it was thought smaller compared with if being sold to pasar (?)

        Therefore, not rare they sold the chicken talked to them to the market although being not known must be healthy or not.
        In connection with that, Dewanto appealed to the resident of the owner of the chicken talk to, especially that his livestock has or once tertular, in order to support and participate was full helped the official of livestock breeding together to deal with the attack penyakti flu brung.
        Although the officials of livestock breeding has done

        Lamtim - Flu Burung:Peternak Tidak Indahkan Imbauan Petugas
        SUKADANA (Lampost): Para peternak, khususnya peternak ayam di Lampung Timur disalahkan karena tidak sepenuhnya memusnahkan ayam bukan ras (buras) mereka yang tertular pengakit flu burung.
        Padahal, sebagian besar pemilik unggas sudah mengerti bahaya serangan penyakit tersebut. Flu burung tidak hanya menyerang ternak, tetapi juga bisa menular dan merenggut jiwa manusia.
        Kabid Bina Kesehatan Hewan Dinas Peternakan Lamtim, Dewanto, kemarin (10-2), membenarkan serangan penyakit flu burung di Lamtim cukup mengkhawatirkan karena makin hari serangan meluas.
        Hingga Jumat (8-2), tercatat 12 desa di delapan kecamatan tertular.
        Bahkan, serangan merembet ke desa-desa lain dan menyerang ayam ras (petelur).
        Dari sekitar 3.000-an ekor ayam yang mati karena diserang virus flu burung di 12 desa itu, sekitar 60 ekor (di Desa Tambah Luhur, Kecamatan Way Bungur) di antaranya ayam ras petelur.
        Dewanto mengatakan pihaknya sudah melakukan berbagai upaya penanggulangan, seperti sosialisasi, penyuluhan, dan penyemprotan. Namun di lapangan, dukungan dan partisipasi peternak tidak sepenuhnya berjalan.
        Dia mencontohkan para pemilik ayam buras yang sebagian ternaknya mati karena positif terserang virus flu burung menolak anjuran petugas memusnahkan ayam buras yang masih hidup. Mereka lebih memilih mengarantina ketimbang memusnahkannya. Padahal mereka tetap mendapatkan kompensasi Rp15 ribu/ekor untuk ukuran ayam besar dan Rp3.000/ekor untuk ayam yang masih kecil.
        Menurut Dewanto, pemusnahan perlu dilakukan dengan tujuan memutus mata rantai penularan penyakit flu burung itu sendiri.
        "Para pemilik ayam buras enggan memusnahkan ternak mereka, bukan karena tidak tahu bahayanya serangan penyakit flu burung. Mereka menolak memusnahkan ternaknya karena pertimbangan untung-rugi. Sebab, kompensasi pemusnahan dinilai lebih kecil ketimbang jika dijual ke pasar
        Oleh sebab itu, tidak jarang mereka menjual ayam buras mereka ke pasar meskipun tidak diketahui pasti sehat atau tidak.
        Sehubungan dengan itu, Dewanto mengimbau warga pemilik ayam buras, khususnya yang ternaknya telah atau pernah tertular, agar mendukung dan berpartisipasi penuh membantu petugas peternakan bersama-sama menanggulangi serangan penyakti flu brung.
        Walaupun para petugas peternakan sudah melakukan berbagai upaya penanggulangan, hasilnya tidak akan maksimal jika tidak mendapat dukungan dan partisipasi warga, khususnya para pemilik ternak unggas tersebut.n JON/D-2


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          Re: Indonesia - Bird Flu in Poultry/Animals

          This just in 2/14/08 via ToggleText (my apologies if it is already posted soemwhere and I missed it):
          From Antara News

          Positively Bird Flu, Tens of Puyuh Dimusnahkan
          Klaten (Antara News) - Dozens Of birds puyuh in the Kasihan Village, Kecamatan Ceper, Kabupaten Klaten, Central Java, was destroyed after being wrong one was from the poultry stated positive contracted the virus of Avian Influenza (bird flu).
          The extermination of dozens of birds puyuh in this Kasihan Village was carried out to anticipate in order to not spread to the other poultry, said Kasubdin Peternakan Klaten Sri Muryani, in Klaten, on Thursday.
          In this Ceper territory, apart from birds puyuh beforehand was found also dozens of chickens discussed property of villagers Ngawonggo died suddenly and after being checked by the Pertenakan Service was stated positive was attacked by the AI virus or bird flu.
          Sri Muryani has carried out the vaccination against the poultry in this territory.
          Moreover, the community has in the Ngawonggo Village carried out the prevention with spraying of disinfectant in poultry pens belonging to the resident.
          The side of Subdin Peternakan Klaten, almost every day found the poultry belonging to the resident who died suddenly and that.
          Now the virus attacked in the Kasihan Village, then around 50 birds puyuh immediately was destroyed by means of being burnt in order to not spread to the other poultry, said Sri.
          In relation to the extermination of this poultry, said he, Regional Government Klaten did not yet provide compensation for the livestock that was destroyed that, because of not yet having the guidance from the centre.
          For AI in Klaten since January 2008 till now was found totalling 15 poultries that died suddenly and six including being stated positive AI. Dari 15 poultries that died that happened in the Ceper Subdistrict, Bayat, Pedan, Prambanan, and Gantiwarno.

          He explained, that the virus that attacked this poultry kind did not spread against humankind, then the community was appealed to in order to continue to pen his poultry and washed clean with hands soap after holding his chicken.
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            Re: Indonesia - Bird Flu in Poultry/Animals

            Welcome and thanks Skibear!


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              Re: Indonesia - Bird Flu in Poultry/Animals

              Positive poultry on Bali:


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                Re: Indonesia - Bird Flu in Poultry/Animals

                Provincial Government East Java To Put Out Caution Flu Burung

                Ari Armadianto - Surabaya, Government Province East Java decide status Waspada (guard) Flu Burung in region Java East this day. Case that overtake to die cases positive flu burung to man in Indonesia, with casualties died world reach 103 people.

                Thus inform Head Department Peternakan East Java drg Sigit Hanggono in Surabaya, Tuesday (19/2) this afternoon.

                Sigit say determining status now because flu burung to human being in Indonesia until with 4 February 2008 past reach 126 cases, with casualties died world reach 103 people.

                Because to have result that long Sigit, viewpoint necessary carried out raising alertness toward threat and esculated cases Avian Influenza in poultry, in addition to anticipate prospect the happening of pandemic influenza to humans in East Java.

                Related matter that then Governor East Java, Imam Utomo already issue out decision concerning Team Crisis Handling Sickness/Disease Flu Burung East Java.

                On behalf of the Pemprop East Java will straight ahead upgrade/increase consolidated coordination, solution and education with agency related like Dept. Health, Hospital general, Community Health Center, office subdistrict head, breeder, school /college highest possible fine region even though private, with to make as efficiently as possible team to expose protecting/handling flu burung Regency/City, that pay attention to beginning area which difficult to reach with program handling flu burung up to region settlement which dense inhabitant.



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                  Re: Indonesia - Bird Flu in Poultry/Animals

                  [I also read another story today or yesterday on the same situation at Sadikin Hosp.]

                  PT Asuransi Kesehatan (the Health Insurance) the breach of contract to the Hospital side of Abdul Muluk, Banda Lampung.
                  The agency has not still settled the poor claim of the fund of the family's health insurance of Rp 16 billion.
                  Arrears consisted of the medicine claim obatan, baiaya the maintenance, and the health equipment.
                  Deputy Director RS Abdul Malik, Arief Effendi, on Tuesday (19/2), explained arrears were the claim that was not yet paid since August in December 2007.
                  The value of arrears not yet including the fund that must be paid in the transaction 2008.
                  According to him, his side repeatedly lodged the claim, but up to now did not yet have the answer.

                  The aftermath from the arrears, currently the hospital side must be selective in carrying out the medical action on the family's poor patient.
                  The operation action, for example, only was carried out for the really true patient was threatened by his spirit.
                  The paying off of the claim that late also had an impact for the achievement of the hospital.
                  His article, already five months the hospital side postponed pay payment for the honorary medical staff and the cleanliness



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                    Re: Indonesia - Bird Flu in Poultry/Animals

                    The budget of bird flu was cut by 70%
                    The budget for the prevention and the control of the spreading of bird flu in APBD Kota Tasikmalaya was cut as far as 70%.
                    When in 2007 then was budgeted for Rp400 million, this year the budget to Rp125 million per the year.
                    The Head of Sector Peternakan Dinas Pertanian (Distan) the City Tasikmalaya Dadang Andri said, the reduction in this budget in fact was not too influential towards the control of the case of bird flu.
                    His article, the fund that was cut off was allocated for the purchase of medicine remedy.
                    Whereas during this year, his side got help of medicine remedy from the government of the centre and the West Javanese Provincial Government.

                    The budget Rp125 million this only for the operational cost.
                    All the activities that have been placed on the agenda then stayed proceeding.

                    As in the case of the raid, penyisiran and the poultry research in the community, until spraying and his operational cost continued to be available, explained Dadang to sindo, yesterday.

                    He mentioned, stock of the vaccine that at this time was available was achieving 100,000 doses, while help from the government of the centre totalling 300,000 doses immediately will be accepted.
                    Despite the budget a little, vigilance continued to be increased by us,



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                      Re: Indonesia - Bird Flu in Poultry/Animals

                      East Java


                      The strategy was believed in will be more effective, whereas the area that was considered free the spread and the spreading of bird flu will be enough to be monitored.
                      The Disnak data for the length of 2007, 45 thousand chickens of the people's livestock from the total 98 tails were destroyed.
                      Whereas the Service criticism of Kesehatan East Java, humankind mentioned, suspect bird flu totalling 35 people and two including dying.
                      Now 29 cases still in investigation.
                      Entered 2008, just was one suspect and was stated recovered after through the inspection.
                      The section head (Kasi) the Control of the Illness and Sanitation of Lingkungan Dinas Kesehatan East Java Budi Rahayu said, his side prepared the health supervisor in several cities/the regency to detect this year bird flu.

                      "Indeed not yet all the cities/the regency was guarded, because of the limitations of the personnel. As far as this is concerned just was limited by 15 cities/the regency, and eventually will be striven for all of us the area received the allocation of the official of the health supervisor" said Budi Rahayu.

                      Several hospitals belonging to the government provided tamiflu to prevent the Avian virus expansion influenza (H5N1).

                      In the future, the private hospital will also be given tamiflu.
                      "Has been prepared by us 74,000 tamiflu for the private hospital"
                      , stated Budi.



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                        Re: Indonesia - Bird Flu in Poultry/Animals

                        H5N1 in quails in Demak:


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                          Re: Indonesia - Bird Flu in Poultry/Animals

                          From Palembang, South Sumatra:

                          1000 chickens died suddenly, suspect bird flu, village isolated.

                          1.000 Ekor Ayam Mati, Pagaralam Diisolasi

                          Kamis, 21 Pebruari 2008

                          “Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights – that must be our call to arms"
                          Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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                            Re: Indonesian Human Cases - Feb 4, 2007+

                            Metro City carried out the extermination against 8 turtle-dove birds that were expected strong was infected by the AI virus yesterday.
                            Kadistan Kota Metro Ir. August Shofwan Rahmad said, pemusanahan against 8 poultries was carried out followed up the Erly report (40), the resident Street Soekarno-Hatta, Kelurahan Ganjaragung, of Kecamatan Metro Barat, Kota Metro, yesterday (21/2).
                            it was further, August added, Erly, one of the residents who lived in RT 37/13 Lk. IV, reported the story of the death of three Bangkok chickens last Monday (18/2).
                            However, casualties just reported to the official after burying three chickens that died.
                            Afterwards got the report from casualties, said August, his side dropped the team off to do cross check.
                            With used rapid test (the implement to drip the AI virus), the official came to the Erly house.
                            When carrying out the test against the chicken carcass, it was known the death 3 chickens were caused because of the AI virus attack.
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                              Re: Indonesia - Bird Flu in Poultry/Animals

                              BANDAR LAMPUNG - The attack of the bird flu virus that happened in the Regency Lampung Timur, till Tuesday (26/2) have stricken 15 villages in 10 subdistricts.
                              Whereas the number of chickens that was expected has tertular this deadly virus reached more than five thousand.
                              The head of the Bina Kesehatan Field of the Animal of Dinas Peternakan Kabupaten Lampung Timur, Dewanto in Banda Lampung said at this time his side continued to carry out the monitoring to prevent continued to expand him the plague of bird flu.
                              Moreover the monitoring was also carried out in the traditional markets to prevent these chickens being sold by his owner to the market.