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Grandmother dies from swine flu after jab

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  • Grandmother dies from swine flu after jab

    Grandmother dies from swine flu AFTER she has the jabBy Daily Mail Reporter
    Eleanor Carruthers, 68, had the flu vaccine in October but died after catching the swine strain.

    A grandmother-of-three thought she was safe from swine flu after she had the vaccine months ago. But Eleanor Carruthers, 68, from Merseyside became the latest victim of the outbreak on Saturday.

    Mrs Carruthers was seriously ill with emphysema and lung cancer, but had had the flu vaccination in October to protect her from the illness.

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    Comment: this lady is likely to have had an extremely weakened or supressed immune system in view of likely steroid and chemotherapy and possibly immune supressant drugs depending on the nature of her cancer therapy.

    I don't believe that this case will have been the result of a 'vaccine escape'.

    Rather, a vaccination needs a healthy and functioning immune system to work and be fully effective, and/or the immune system needs to be healthy enough to respond to an infection; it is quite possible that neither was true in this highly vulnerable lady, leading to infection and death.