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Swiss people getting preps for months rather than weeks

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  • Swiss people getting preps for months rather than weeks

    [Google Translation]

    Swine flu: the Swiss buy more disinfectant

    PANDEMIC | In response to the swine flu, the Swiss purchase of disinfectants, disposable gloves and masks. Major retailers are preparing for a boom in online shopping where people fear to go to the store.

    KEYSTONE | Like gloves, soap or disinfectant, sales of masks have soared in recent months with major distributors.

    ATS | 03.08.2009 | 12:35

    At Coop, more than 1,000 masks per day that are sold, said Monday the spokeswoman Denise Stadler. Disinfectants and disposable gloves are also experiencing an increase estimated at between 10% and 50%.

    Migros is the same, without being able to provide figures, according to spokeswoman Martina Bosshard. However, neither Migros and Coop do not see an increase in sales of commodities such as rice or pasta in the store.

    Elsewhere online

    Their online shopping, respectively Shop The coop @ home and observe the same phenomenon with regard to disinfectants and gloves. It even seems to extend preserves, rice and pasta, as suggested by the head of sales and marketing for The Shop Dominique Locher Sunday in the "SonntagsBlick".

    Thus, sales of bleach through the Shop rose by 90% in July 2009 compared to July 2008, the soap and disinfectants 40% and rice by 49%. Mr. Locher sees fear of swine flu, "he explained.

    In general, online sales are up, a quarter in two major distributors. And it is preparing for a possible boom in the event that the Swiss would be afraid to go to the store.

    Stocks and staff

    Mr. Locher discusses the constitution of stocks for four to five months rather than weeks or making contact with temporary employment agencies to quickly find additional staff if necessary.

    In coop @ home, which feeds a thousand customers a day now, we are also preparing. "It is possible to double the offer," says Stadler. She, however, the growth of online sales is not attributable to swine influenza at the moment.