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    Anjouan is the easternmost island of the Comoros islands


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    A first case of cholera in Anjouan

    Date: March 05, 2024

    There are reports of a first confirmed case of cholera in Anjouan. At present, the official authorities of the Comoros have not confirmed this information. Mayotte is worried if this first case of cholera was proven given the high immigration from the island.



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      Cholera: Anjouan records its first case

      In a press briefing held last Monday March 4 in Mutsamudu, the regional health directorate declared the first case of cholera on the island of Anjouan. According to those responsible, she is a 20-year-old woman from Ngazidja, particularly in the Chateau district. Admitted to the CHRI Hombo emergency room, she tested positive for cholera. “This young woman arrived in Dodin Anjouan on March 1st. After being checked, she did not present a danger. But the next day at 5 a.m., the woman in question presented herself at the CHRI emergency room with symptoms of cholera. After the test, she was positive for cholera,” says one of the speakers...

      L’île d’Anjouan enregistre son premier cas de choléra depuis que le ministère de la santé a officiellement déclaré l’épidémie au niveau national le 02 février dernier. La Direction Régionale de la Santé (DRS) l’a annoncé lundi dernier lors d'un point de presse.
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        Comoros: a first case of cholera on the island of Anjouan

        The cholera epidemic continues to spread in the Comoros, with a first case recorded in Anjouan. A 20-year-old young woman from Grande Comore tested positive.

        Raphaël Cann • Published on March 7, 2024 at 9:16 a.m.

        A first case of cholera was detected on the island of Anjouan in the Comoros. A 20-year-old woman from Grande Comore tested positive and was hospitalized. Three new cases were also recorded in Mohéli. The majority of the archipelago is now affected by this epidemic. Only two districts out of seven in Grande Comore and one out of three in Mohéli have not had a case of Cholera. A total of 144 people have been infected with this disease in the country over the past month. The death toll remains at six.

        In recent days, the Comorian government has also distributed equipment donated by the World Health Organization to hospitals: new beds, sprayers for disinfection and tests for screening. A batch of equipment will soon be sent to the Anjouan regional health directorate. Unicef ​​and the Red Crescent are also mobilized in the archipelago to distribute hygiene kits and raise awareness among the population of the importance of barrier gestures. Five Comorian singers were also approached for this by the Ministry of Health. They have just released a collaborative song to explain how this disease works and the importance of hygiene to protect against it.

        L'épidémie de choléra continu de se propager aux Comores, avec un premier cas enregistré à Anjouan. Une jeune femme de 20 ans venant de la Grande Comore a été testée positive.


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            Cholera in the Comoros: epidemic outbreak in Anjouan

            In the Comoros, the cholera epidemic has spread to the island of Anjouan, which had been spared until now. This weekend we witnessed a real outbreak

            Bruno Minas • Published on March 18, 2024 at 9:57 a.m.

            According to a public health doctor from Anjouan, this Sunday there were more than 80 patients with cholera hospitalized at Hombo hospital in Mutsamudu. Almost all the sick come from a single district of Mutsamudu called Moimoi, where an unsanitary river flows which is the only source of water supply for the population. We bathe there, we do laundry there, we throw garbage there, especially baby diapers.

            People with diarrhea who go to hospital are tested; Only people who test positive for the cholera bacillus remain hospitalized. Treatments are completely free. Disinfection teams go to this neighborhood to disinfect homes.

            We do not yet know the number of deaths recorded in Anjouan. Officially for the whole country, 12 deaths are announced, but the press releases from the Ministry of Health usually - and this is normal - lag behind the expansion of the epidemic.

            Aux Comores, l’épidémie de choléra a gagné l’île d’Anjouan qui avait été épargnée jusqu’à présent. On a assisté ce week-end à une véritable flambée


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              Cholera I death of a patient at the Military Health Service

              Health |03/14/2024- Nourina Abdoul-Djabar

              Officials refused to communicate with the media. However, an anonymous official confirmed to us that the man died of cholera.

              The events took place on the morning of Monday March 11 at the Moroni military health service. According to a member of his family, the man from Ndzuani was buried in Moroni because, according to doctors, he died of cholera.

              “Doctors concluded that he died of cholera, and we were unable to recover the body,” he said. While cholera patients are generally transferred to the dedicated Samba Kouni center, the deceased patient was hospitalized at the Army Health Service.

              On Tuesday, we went there to get more information. Officials refused to communicate with the media. However, an anonymous official confirmed to us that the man died of cholera. “I don’t know why he wasn’t transferred to Samba,” he added.

              Contacted by us, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Health, Dr Aboubacar Said Anli, directed us to another official, Doctor Faouzouz, whom we unfortunately were not able to contact. In the end, no official commented on the matter.

              Nourina Abdoul-Djabar


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                Cholera: an alarming situation with rapid spread in Ndzuani

                Health |03/20/2024-

                Cholera continues to spread rapidly. From February 1 to March 17, 319 positive cases were confirmed by the rapid diagnostic test (RDT), resulting in 12 deaths. Men are more affected than women, representing 64% of cases compared to 36% for the latter. The age group most affected is 20 to 24 years old, with the highest number of cumulative cases.

                The cholera situation is particularly worrying in Ndzuani, with a recent explosion of cases. According to the regional director of Health, Doctor Ansuffoudine Mohamed, who referred to an assessment published on Sunday March 17, there are 126 cumulative cases, including 92 recoveries, 35 active cases and one community death. The majority of cases (120) are concentrated in Mutsamudu district, with a few cases in Wani and Tsembehou districts. The most affected neighborhoods in Mutsamudu are Moimoi, Mdjipviya, Pagee and Chiwe. The doctor stressed the importance for the population to redouble their efforts in terms of hygiene and respect for barrier gestures to effectively fight against this so-called “dirty hands” disease. He also warned of the risk of spread to other areas, calling for “increased vigilance”.

                A ministerial note published on Monday March 18 indicates that after a month of fighting the epidemic, the country reached the highest peak of the disease in week 11 of the year 2024. Cholera cases are now distributed over the three islands. In Ndzuani and Mwali, where there were initially only a few reported cases, the outbreak spread. In Ngazidja, six districts are affected, particularly the central district and the town of Moroni. Outbreaks are recorded in the districts of Hankunu, Sanfil, Basha, Badjanani, Naziko and Coulée. In Mwali, two districts are affected, namely Fomboni and Niumashuwa. In Ndzuani, three districts out of seven are currently affected.

                Strengthening “barrier gestures”

                A trend has been maintained since the start of the epidemic: a predominance of men, with 64% of cases, and a concentration of cases in the age group of 20 to 24, followed by the age groups of 14 to 19 years old and from 0 to 4 years old. However, it is children under 15 who are most vulnerable to this epidemic.

                The epidemiologist in charge of surveillance, Doctor Faouzouz Ben Aboubacar, expressed his concern about the significant neglect of barrier gestures by the population with the arrival of Ramadan. He noted that picnics and large festivities were organized without any consideration for the health situation, and without applying the necessary hygiene measures to avoid any contamination. “It was especially at the start of the month of Ramadan that we saw an explosion in cholera cases. We are observing strong resistance from the population to go to health facilities,” he said.

                Faced with this situation, the Ministry of Health, Solidarity, Social Protection and Gender Promotion rapidly intensified its response efforts. First of all, he was forced to replace the experts from the WHO (World Health Organization) who were providing reinforcements to coordinate the response. Then, he stressed the need to continue raising awareness in order to reduce late patient consultations, to follow the care kits sent by Unicef, to organize the sending of cholera samples for sequencing, and to train teams in different districts. He insisted on these points after noting numerous shortcomings in health measures.


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                  11 new cases of cholera today in the Comoros

                  by D.Hamza | 22 Mar 2024 | International , Health

                  In a press release published on March 22, 2024, the Ministry of Health, Solidarity, Social Protection and Gender Promotion of the Comoros reports encouraging developments in the cholera epidemic affecting the Union of Comoros.

                  On the day of March 22, 11 new cases of cholera were recorded , while 23 additional people were declared cured . No deaths have been reported for this same period, keeping the total number of deaths at 12 since the start of the epidemic.

                  The total cholera cases now stand at 456, including 11 imported cases, with 415 recoveries. The island census indicates that Ngazidja recorded 4 new cases, bringing its total to 237, with 219 recoveries. Ndzouani has 6 new cases for a total of 174, with 156 people recovered. Mwali, for its part, presents 1 new case for a total of 45, with 40 recoveries. The number of active cases, that is to say still under treatment or monitoring, is 29 across the Union.

                  The Ministry highlights the absence of new deaths linked to cholera as of March 22, 2024 and urges the population to go to the hospital as soon as the first symptoms appear to avoid serious complications that can lead to death. A call is also made for rigorous compliance with preventive measures to stem the spread of the disease.

                  These data demonstrate the concerted efforts of health authorities and the population to contain the cholera epidemic, and the downward trend in the number of active cases is a positive sign towards controlling this health crisis. However, vigilance remains necessary to maintain this favorable dynamic and protect public health.

                  Découvrez les dernières informations sur le choléra aux Comores : 11 nouveaux cas enregistrés et 23 personnes guéries.


                  Ministry of Health, Union of the Comoros

                  3h ·


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                    Ministère de la Santé, Union des Comores
                    1d ·​

                    EPIDEMIOLOGICAL SITUATION AS OF MARCH 25 TO 27, 2024

                    - 857 suspected cases (Tested by RDT) including 549 cumulative cases positive by RDT and 58 confirmed by culture at the national reference laboratory of El-maarouf,

                    - 69 new Cases recorded during the period of March 25-27, 2024,

                    - 493 Patients are declared cured of Cholera,

                    - 40 Patients are treated in the treatment sites,

                    - 16 deaths are recorded including 2 new community deaths (1 in Mwali and 1 in Ndzuwani),

                    - 64% (549/857) of positivity rate by RDT,

                    - 2.9% fatality rate,

                    - 66 Cases per 100,000 Population Attack Rate in Comoros

                    (Mwali: TA= 114;
                    Ngazidja : TA= 63
                    and Ndzuwani : TA= 63 )

                    Press officer: FST​


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                      Comoros: one death from cholera recorded Tuesday April 2, 2024

                      Fabrice Floch • Published on April 3, 2024 at 1:59 p.m., updated April 3, 2024 at 2:06 p.m.

                      A third victim was recorded this Tuesday, April 2, 2024, in Mohéli. The smallest island in the archipelago is hard hit by this epidemic. Local health authorities count 93 positive cases in the Fomboni 3 sector, including three deaths. The commune of Mlédjélé is a cluster.

                      Located in the heart of Mohéli, it is relatively far from health centers. A distance which delays the arrival of patients, complicates treatment and greatly reduces the success of medication.



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                          Comoros: four deaths and 83 new cases of cholera in one week

                          The latest official report from the Comoros health services shows four deaths and 83 patients affected by cholera. Tuesday April 9, 2024, the Ministry recorded 26 deaths, 995 positive tests and 837 cured citizens. According to the latest statistics, the islands of Anjouan and Mohéli are the most affected, while the cholera epidemic is declining on Grande Comores.

                          Fabrice Floch • Published on April 10, 2024 at 2:25 p.m.

                          If on Grande Comore, the cholera epidemic seems to be declining, while the other two islands are still hard hit.

                          The trend, already observed at the beginning of the month, is confirmed with 4 deaths and 69 new cases detected in Anjouan.

                          In Mohéli, it is still too early to rejoice, but an improvement seems to be taking shape. There are no deaths and only 10 new cases. Be careful, however, Mohéli is the smallest and least populated of the three lands of the archipelago, Habariza Comoros tells us .

                          Grande Comore on the right track

                          On Grande Comore, only four new cases were recorded. This is encouraging, but also an invitation to caution. The bacteria has not been eradicated and the risk exists if released.



                          Ministère de la Santé, Union des Comores
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                            Text and image translated with Google

                            Ministère de la Santé, Union des Comores

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                            Cholera causes school closures in Anjouan

                            Date: April 15, 2024 in: News , Health

                            Cholera continues to progress in Anjouan. In the Domoni region, schools, from kindergarten to middle school, will close this Monday until further notice. Traders in the covered market in the town of Domoni are also suffering the consequences of cholera. They are asked to wash their products before putting them on sale. There is concern about the increase in the number of cholera cases in Anjouan which unfortunately risks having repercussions in Mayotte. It is important to respect hygiene measures by washing your hands and consuming drinking water for drinking and cooking.


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                              366 new cases of cholera in four days in Comoros

                              The cholera epidemic has intensified in recent days in the Comoros. 336 new cases were detected and eight deaths recorded in four days, notably on the island of Anjouan.

                              Raphaël Cann • Published on April 17, 2024 at 11:03 a.m.

                              The cholera epidemic is intensifying in the Comoros. 366 cases have been detected and eight deaths have been recorded in four days since Sunday April 14. In total: more than 1,700 cases and 43 deaths have been recorded since the start of the epidemic on February 2. Two thirds of cases were detected on the island of Anjouan although the disease arrived there later, at the beginning of March . The spread of the epidemic, however, remains stable in Grande Comore and Mohéli with around ten cases detected daily in recent weeks.

                              In Anjouan, health kits were distributed by Unicef ​​to allow certain patients to receive treatment at home and reserve hospitals for the most serious cases. However, the authorities lack the resources to ensure the disinfection of the homes and surroundings of the many contaminated patients. In some neighborhoods, residents do it themselves with the means at hand, water and bleach.

                              L'épidémie de choléra s'est intensifiée ces derniers jours aux Comores. 336 nouveaux cas ont été détectés et huit décès constatés en quatre jours, notamment sur l'île d'Anjouan.


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                                Cholera epidemic in the Comoros: two water treatment units sent from Reunion

                                Since February 2, the Comoros have been facing a cholera epidemic which has already claimed 45 lives. In order to slow the spread of the epidemic, the Indian Ocean Regional Intervention Platform (Piroi) sent two water treatment units.

                                Written by Clicanoo
                                Published on 04/19/2024 at 10:38

                                The Union of the Comoros has been affected since February 2, 2024 by a Cholera epidemic which continues to worsen. On April 17, 1,855 cases were recorded by health authorities in the country. The island of Anjouan is particularly impacted with 1,237 cases recorded. There have also been 45 deaths since the start of the epidemic. In Mayotte, a first case of cholera was confirmed on March 18, 2024. There have been 10 cases on the island to date.

                                Reduce the spread of the epidemic

                                The three Comorian islands are now impacted, particularly Anjouan where more than 200 cases were recorded in 72 hours. The island has been designated as a priority area for intervention in view of this outbreak of cholera cases and the risks of the disease spreading.

                                To stop this spread, the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC) launched a first emergency fund (DREF) on February 20, in order to provide support to the Comorian Red Crescent (CRCo) allowing it to intervene quickly to the population.

                                200 volunteers

                                More than 200 Comorian Red Crescent volunteers are involved in this operation. The French Red Cross delegation in Moroni also provides support to the CRCo through its health system strengthening program. At the end of February, a first mission by 4 PIROI team members specializing in health, water, hygiene and sanitation (WASH) and logistics made it possible to improve infection prevention and control within the Samba-Kouni cholera treatment center.

                                Faced with the spread of the epidemic to all three Comorian islands, particularly in Anjouan, a Humanitarian Emergency Response Team (ERU) composed of 6 specialists was deployed by the French Red Cross (CRF), with the support from the Canadian Red Cross and the Norwegian Red Cross, in order to strengthen the treatment centers. This ERU deployment is supported by the Crisis and Support Center (CDCS) of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. The IFRC also deployed an operations coordinator at the beginning of April for an initial period of three months.

                                Water fit for consumption

                                In order to reduce the spread of the epidemic, at the request of the CRCo, PIROI is deploying two water treatment units (UTE) from its regional warehouse in Reunion Island to the island of Anjouan, seriously affected by the epidemic. In fact, contaminated water taken directly from the river by the population is used for drinking purposes but also for hygiene purposes, which promotes the transmission of the disease. The provision of these UTEs will make it possible to provide clean water for consumption, reducing the risk of contamination.

                                The system will be supplemented by distribution points (flexible storage tanks and tap ramps) positioned within the communities. Two water treatment experts will be mobilized to support Comorian Red Crescent volunteers.
                                Depuis le 2 février, les Comores font face à une épidémie de choléra qui a déjà fait 45 victimes. Afin de freiner la propagation de l’épidémie, la Plat...