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Egypt - Minister of Agriculture preparing plan for the transfer of poultry farms to the desert

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  • Egypt - Minister of Agriculture preparing plan for the transfer of poultry farms to the desert

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    Agriculture start preparing poultry cities maps to "Desert-back"

    Friday, May 29, 2015 - 3:18

    Dr. Salah Al-Helal, Minister of Agriculture Ezz wrote Nubian Ministry of Agriculture began and Land Reclamation, represented by the General Authority for Veterinary Services and the Gaza animal and poultry wealth, in coordination with the poultry producers by setting a timetable for the completion of the preparation of detailed maps of the project poultry cities Fullback Desert, and follow the preventive dimensions in feed mills and a commitment to the requirements of bio-safety and prevent birds move only after checked and Education home and reduce the indiscriminate use of vaccines to curb the epidemic diseases, and to encourage poultry investment in Egypt, and research farms random unlicensed licenses. The Ministry of Agriculture official source, in a statement for "The Seventh Day", the ministry based on the mandates of Dr. Salah Helal, Minister of Agriculture , started to prepare an emergency plan for the transfer of poultry farms to back Desert, where it is an important step to overcome the old slums and ensure the application of bio-safety conditions and dimension preventive, especially that those areas will be designed on the modern way, Mushir that the transfer of poultry farms outside the residential area so as not to be exposed Citizens of any epidemics or dangerous by the poultry infection by any viruses that may impair the health of citizens Kveros bird flu. The Ministry of Agriculture has prepared a plan for the transfer of poultry farms outside the Valley and Delta to-back Desert in 5 areas allocated to control poultry diseases and epidemics, which may cause damage directly to citizens in cooperation with the General Union of Poultry Division poultry Chamber of Commerce, of which 21 thousand acres east of the province of Minya and 60 thousand West Minya, and 28 thousand acres in eastern Beni Suef and 60 thousand West 0.95 thousand acre oasis, in addition to the approval of the Planning Commission to allocate 28 thousand acres on the Suez and 33 thousand acres Wadi Natrun.
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