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Australian Vietnam War veteran ill & concerned about drums of Agent Orange buried near a golf club

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  • Australian Vietnam War veteran ill & concerned about drums of Agent Orange buried near a golf club
    Haunting legacy of Agent Orange
    By Louis Nelson
    Sept. 12, 2013, midnight

    Morwell Vietnam veteran Colin Bermingham remembers the moment he was drenched with 'Agent Orange' like it was yesterday.

    The year was 1968, and Australian forces were stationed at a military based in Nui Dat in southern Vietnam, 60 kilometres east of Saigon (now known as Ho Chi Min City).

    As part of standard allied defence strategies, air squadrons would douse the surrounding jungle with a toxic concoction of herbicides, fuel and dioxin - which become notoriously known as 'Agent Orange' - killing off dense tropical vegetation and clearing a line-of-sight stretching kilometres from the base.
    Forty-five years on, and Mr Bermingham is in a rapidly deteriorating condition - he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, septicemia, and is riddled with bone cancer - conditions he attributes to Agent Orange.

    His pelvic bone has all but collapsed, and relies on leg irons to walk.

    While the cancerous link to Agent Orange remains unproven, Mr Bermingham's story is just one account among thousands of American and Australian Vietnam veteran's experiencing higher incidents of cancer...
    Chemical drums remain
    By Jessica Chambers
    Sept. 12, 2013, midnight

    A Morwell Vietnam war veteran is angered by authorities who he said have taken too long to remove dozens of drums, believed to contain a harmful chemical known as Agent Orange, from their burial ground near Yarram.

    In mid-2012 the Yarram Standard reported that drums possibly containing Agent Orange had been buried near the Yarram Golf Club, and Colin Bermingham said the Department of Environment and Primary Industries and the Environment Protection Authority should have removed the drums by now...
    There's some insightful background info reported below about Agent Orange reported by a someone who worked on the Agent Orange lawsuit for the veterans in the 1980's:

    Sunday, May 26, 2013
    On Memorial Day: Monsanto's Unpaid Debt to US Veterans

    Ask Congress to Investigate COVID Origins and Government Response to Pandemic H.R. 834

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