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China: 2021 African Swine Fever

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  • China: 2021 African Swine Fever


    China reports first African swine fever outbreak in nearly 3 months
    The last reported swine fever outbreak in China was on Oct. 26, when authorities seized a vehicle that was illegally taking pigs into Sichuan province from another region.
    Reuters 21 Jan 2021

    China on Thursday reported an outbreak of African swine fever in the southern province of Guangdong - the country's first reported cases of the deadly disease in almost three months.

    African swine fever ravaged the pig herd in China, the world's top pork consumer, after the first outbreak in mid-2018, killing millions of hogs. The industry has recovered, however, with the herd growing by 31% year-on-year to 406.5 million heads by the end of 2020.

    The Guangdong outbreak occurred on a farm in Pingyuan county with 1,015 pigs, killing 214 of them, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said in a statement, adding that illegal transportation was the suspected cause....

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    Winter disease surge hampers China's hog production recovery
    Author of the article:
    Dominique Patton
    Publishing date:
    Feb 03, 2021 • 13 hours ago • 3 minute read

    BEIJING — A surge in hog disease outbreaks this winter in China, the world’s biggest pork producer, will slow the industry’s rapid recovery since the African swine fever contagion three years ago, according to industry participants and analysts.

    China’s pig herd rose 31% in 2020, according to official data, as the industry rebuilt. But more frequent outbreaks of swine fever are occurring in northeast and northern provinces along with a worse-than-usual rise in Porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED), said a manager at a pig farm supply company.

    “The disease challenge right now is bad,” said the manager, who declined to be identified because he is not allowed to talk to media.

    The government reports little data on disease outbreaks on Chinese farms but analysts and industry participants note a surge in outbreaks of various diseases. As the world’s biggest pork consumer, Beijing is under pressure to restore its hog supply and lower meat prices that remain at high levels, pushing up inflation and drawing in record imports.

    “(African swine fever) never stopped but recently there’s been even more, and more other disease,” said Pan Chenjun, senior analyst at Rabobank in Beijing, referring to outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease and PED...


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      Chinese researchers find natural mutation in African swine fever virus
      Published: a day ago
      By Dominique Patton

      BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese scientists have found a natural mutation in the African swine fever virus they say could be less deadly than the strain that ravaged the world's largest pig herd in 2018 and 2019.

      The findings, published in the February edition of the Chinese Journal of Veterinary Science this week, come amid intense debate in the industry over the evolution of the disease for which there is no approved vaccine.

      Reuters reported last month that at least two new strains of African swine fever had been found on Chinese pig farms, which appeared to be man-made.

      The strains are causing a chronic form of African swine fever that is impacting production on sow farms, industry insiders have said.

      The researchers at the Military Veterinary Institute in Changchun said there appeared to be a growing trend of lower mortality from African swine fever with more clinical symptoms that are not easy to detect and difficult to control.

      Such characteristics have also been attributed to strains believed to have been made for use in illicit vaccines...


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        Voluntary Report – Voluntary - Public Distribution Date: February 04,2021 Report Number: CH2021-0020 Report Name: China Notifies ASF outbreak in Guangdong Province


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          New outbreaks cast doubt on China’s swine recovery
          by Desk
          February 24, 2021

          (Bloomberg) – China’s Ministry of Agriculture believes that by mid-year the country will have fully recovered the number of pigs it lost to African swine fever. New outbreaks of the virus and other lethal pig diseases could pose risks to this screening.

          A resurgence of swine fever cases in the colder northern provinces led to farmers slaughtering more breeding sows before the Lunar New Year, said Lin Guofa, a senior analyst at consultancy Bric Agriculture Group. Pork is China’s favorite meat and its consumption usually increases during the holiday period.

          Other viruses, such as foot-and-mouth disease and swine epidemic diarrhea, have also taken their toll in outbreaks exacerbated by a more extreme winter than usual, Lin said. “The recovery of pig herds in some regions could be delayed, particularly in Shandong and parts of Henan and Hebei,” he said.

          This means that up to 15% of the national pig herd has been lost due to disease during the winter, and their complete rehabilitation to pre-swine fever levels is more likely in the second half of 2022, said Wang Zhong, chief consultant. New variants of swine fever have been identified in Systematic, Strategic & Soft Consulting Co. that have been less easy to detect and more difficult to control, he said.

          Wholesale pork prices remain high...


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              China confirms swine fever in piglets in Yunnan province
              Publishing date:
              Mar 03, 2021 • 10 hours ago

              BEIJING — An outbreak of African swine fever has been confirmed in piglets being illegally transported through Funing county in China’s southwestern province of Yunnan, the farm ministry said.

              The case comes amid growing concern that a severe wave of disease in recent months has hit China’s hog herd, the world’s largest.

              Six of the 36 pigs had died, the ministry of agriculature and rural affairs said in a statement late on Tuesday, while six more in the truck were sick.

              Beijing reports few disease outbreaks on Chinese farms but some analysts have recently estimated that about a fifth of the breeding herd in northern China was affected over the winter...


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                et vu ceci


                Ces deux pays vont devoir avoir une attitude commune


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                  New African swine fever variants kill millions of pigs in China, devastating herd rebuild plan
                  By Matt Brann
                  Posted Yesterday at 2:50pm
                  A second wave of African swine fever (ASF) is estimated to have killed as many as eight million pigs in China since the start of the year, derailing the country's plans to rebuild its national herd.
                  Key points:

                  New variants of the pig-killing disease African swine fever have emerged in Asia
                  Tens of millions of pigs were killed by the disease last year, creating a huge protein shortage
                  China's aim to rebuild its pig herd by the middle of the year now seem impossible, according to analysts

                  The first reported outbreak of the disease was in August 2018 and within a year it had spread to multiple countries and killed an estimated 25 per cent quarter of the world's pig population.

                  Independent meat analyst Simon Quilty said the ASF variants that swept through China in the past two months had significant implications for the global protein market.

                  "China has just come out in recent days claiming that by the middle of this year they will be back to 100 per cent recovery [from African swine fever], which is simply impossible," he told ABC Rural.

                  "Because in the last six to eight weeks, this second wave – due to some new strains of the virus – has killed somewhere between seven and eight million sows."...


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                    China confirms African swine fever outbreaks in Sichuan, Hubei provinces
                    Published: 2 hours ago

                    SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China confirmed outbreaks of African swine fever in its key pork producing provinces of Sichuan and Hubei, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said in a statement on Saturday.

                    The cases were detected in Aba prefecture in the southwestern province of Sichuan, and the city of Xiangyang in the central province of Hubei.

                    The outbreak killed 38 pigs on a farm of 127 hogs in Sichuan, China's largest producing province. In Hubei, the disease was detected on a truck of piglets being transported illegally from another province. Of 165 piglets, 10 were infected, and five had died...


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                      China Is Investigating Heaps of Dead Pigs Along the Yellow River
                      Bloomberg News, Bloomberg News

                      (Bloomberg) -- Chinese authorities are investigating scores of dead pigs found along a section of the Yellow River, according to a state-backed media report, turning the spotlight back on food and water safety in the country.

                      Dozens of pig carcasses were discovered in the Inner Mongolia section of the country?s second-longest river and some were rotting in the water, according to Banyuetan, a magazine run by state news agency Xinhua. Local authorities are investigating the source of the pigs and checking if they carried any disease, in addition to disinfecting the area.

                      This isn?t the first time China has found dead pigs in its rivers. In 2013, thousands of dead pigs were discovered in Shanghai?s Huangpu river -- some of which were reported to be infected with porcine circovirus disease -- threatening the region?s water supply..


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                        April 1, 20217:43 AMUpdated 14 minutes ago
                        Analysis: African swine fever inflicts renewed toll on northern China's hog herd
                        By Dominique Patton

                        BEIJING (Reuters) - A wave of African swine fever outbreaks this year has wiped out at least 20% of the breeding herd in northern China, industry sources and analysts said, exceeding expected losses and raising fears about the potential for further impact in the south.

                        The estimates point to the extent of the disease?s resurgence in the first quarter of 2021 after more than a year of declining outbreaks, heralding a significant setback to China?s efforts to replenish its hog herds after African swine fever reached the country in August 2018 and wiped out 50% of the country?s pigs within a year.

                        The virus? impact slowed by late 2019 as pig numbers fell and large producers learned to minimise its spread by removing infected pigs from herds early, a process the industry calls ?tooth extraction?...


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                            Immediate notification
                            African swine fever virus (Inf. with) , China (People's Rep. of)


                            African swine fever virus (Inf. with)

                            STARTED ON

                            ANIMAL TYPE

                            CONFIRMED ON


                            CAUSAL AGENT
                            African swine fever virus

                            ENDED ON

                            DISEASE CATEGORY

                            REPORTED ON

                            LAST OCCURENCE
                            STARTED ON
                            APPROXIMATE LOCATION
                            Designated temporary animal quarantine spot, Ansha town

                            FIRST ADMINISTRATIVE DIVISION

                            SECOND ADMINISTRATIVE DIVISION

                            THIRD ADMINISTRATIVE DIVISION
                            Changsha Xi?n

                            GEOGRAPHIC COORDINATES
                            Lat : 28.4335

                            Long : 113.1427
                            "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
                            -Nelson Mandela


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                              il est souhaitable d'avoir une vision partag?e, sinon , cela saigne d'un cot? ou de l'autre