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Scientists discover yet another new bluetongue strain

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  • Scientists discover yet another new bluetongue strain

    Scientists discover yet another new bluetongue strain

    News | 30 October, 2008
    By Jack Davies

    SCIENTISTS have discovered another new strain of bluetongue, this time in goats in Switzerland.

    The discovery means there are now four serotypes of the virus in Northern Europe ? BTV1, 6, 8 and the new previously undiscovered serotype.

    It is the first time scientists have discovered the latest strain - ?Toggenburg Orbivirus? (TOV)- which was discovered in two goat herds in Switzerland.

    "To discover a new BTV is interesting, but to discover it in central Europe is most surprising," said Professor Peter Mertens of the Institute of Animal Health, which carried out the research along with scientists at the Institute of Virology and Immunoprophylaxis (IVI), the national bluetongue reference laboratory in Switzerland.

    "This new BTV is so different from other ones that we cannot even guess where it came from. Although the virus did not cause overt disease in goats, if it started to spread and behave like other BTV strains, then it could become a more serious threat to ruminants, especially as there would be no vaccine against it."

    The discovery follows the arrival of BTV6 in Holland last week ? the first time the disease has been seen in Northern Europe.

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    Re: Scientists discover yet another new bluetongue strain

    New bluetongue virus in Switserland

    31 Oct, 2008 11:36

    In Zwitsererland is in routine control in goats found that a virus very similar to bluetongue.

    It reports the Zwiterserse Bundesamt für Veterinärwesen (BVET). It is a virus that caused no clinical symptoms and is expected to occur only in goats. "The virus has come to light in the control animals for export. On two companies is the virus found, with one of the companies forty percent of the virus in animals had," said a spokesman for the BVET.

    The virus is very similar to bluetongue virus, but differs from all 24 known serotypes of bluetongue. "We are now concentrating on research into the virus exactly what it is. In the United States are also variants of bluetongue for that cause no clinical symptoms", the spokesman off. Possibly this is a new serotype Blue.

    "It is unique that there is a new type of bluetongue is found, and it is surprising to see that the virus was first isolated in Switserland", reacts Peter Mertens of the British Institute for Animal Health. Where the virus comes from is not to say.

    The discovery of the virus has no impact at this stage on livestock farming in Switzerland.

    "The animals are not sick. There is something we currently have no reason to take restrictive measures," said BVET.
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