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Tunisia - 6,259 confirmed cases of new coronavirus Covid-19; 103 deaths

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    Tunisia reports 64 new cases of coronavirus for a total of 2,607 confirmed cases of COVID-19 | Updated on 22-08-2020

    The Tunisian Ministry of Health has recorded, in the past 24 hours, 64 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 60 cases of local contamination.

    The epidemiological assessment of the country thus reports 2,607 confirmed cases including 1,420 cases of cure, while 1,123 people still carry the virus, said the Ministry of Health.

    In addition, the ministry confirmed an additional death from the new coronavirus for a total of 64 deaths from COVID-19.

    Since June 27, the date of the reopening of the borders, Tunisian health authorities have reported 1,406 positive COVID-19 cases, including 936 local community infections, with the majority in the south-east of the country.

    Note that since the start of the epidemic in Tunisia on March 2, 2020, the Minister of Health has been able to perform 120,892 tests for COVID-19.

    Following a meeting of the Council of Ministers this Friday on the developments of the epidemiological situation at the regional level, it was decided, among other things, to decree a curfew in El Hamma in the province of Gabès, from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. , for a renewable week, because this province alone has 25 new cases of COVID-19 in 24 hours. F


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      Covid-19: 21 deaths since the reopening of Tunisian borders
      By B. L Published on August 24, 2020 - 8:37:22 PM

      75 new Covid-19 cases have been recorded (Nine incoming cases and 66 local contaminations) out of 1,461 medical analyzes, up to August 23, 2020, the Ministry of Health announced in a press release made public on Monday August 24.
      Thus, the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases is now at 2,893 out of a total of 126,596 screening analyzes carried out since the appearance of the first Covid-19 case in Tunisia last March.

      71 deaths were also recorded according to the department: 5 in Sfax, 8 in Sousse, 8 in Ariana, 2 in Kef, 2 in Mahdia, 3 in Tataouine, 1 in Bizerte, 11 in Tunis, 6 in Médenine, 5 in Manouba, 1 in Sidi Bouzid, 1 in Nabeul, 6 in Ben Arous, 1 in Gafsa, 1 in Kébili, 7 in Gabès, 1 in Kairouan, 1 in Monastir and 1 in Jendouba.

      The Ministry of Health has also specified that 1,368 people are still carriers of the virus, including 41 hospitalized (Eleven admitted to the intensive care unit). the remaining 1,327 patients are placed in compulsory containment centers. The number of recoveries thus stands at 1,454.

      The department also noted that since the reopening of Tunisia's land, air and sea borders on June 27, 1,692 Covid-19 cases have been identified, including 1,198 local and 21 deaths.

      Geographical distribution of contaminations:

      Tunis: 348
      Ariana: 174 cases
      Ben Arous: 172 cases
      La Manouba: 63 cases
      Nabeul: 55 cases
      Zaghouan: 9 cases
      Bizerte: 44 cases
      Beja: 20 cases
      Kef: 121 cases
      Jendouba: 26 cases
      Siliana: 10 cases
      Sousse: 234 cases
      Monastir: 86 cases
      Mahdia: 54 cases
      Sfax: 104 cases
      Kairouan: 141 cases
      Kasserine: 58 cases
      Sidi Bouzid: 27 cases
      Gabes: 649 cases
      Medenine: 212 cases
      Tataouine: 83 cases
      Gafsa: 70 cases
      Tozeur: 14 cases
      Kebili: 119 cases