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A Position Statement on Mpox as a Sexually Transmitted Disease -IDSA

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  • A Position Statement on Mpox as a Sexually Transmitted Disease -IDSA

    Published: 22 December 2022

    Lao-Tzu Allan-Blitz, MD, Monica Gandhi, MD, MPH, Paul Adamson, MD, MPH, Ina Park, MD, MS, Gail Bolan, MD, Jeffrey D Klausner, MD, MPH


    The global outbreak of Mpox virus constitutes an international public health emergency. Reports have highlighted 1) a temporal association between sexual activity and Mpox disease, 2) an association between specific sexual practices and location of lesion development, 3) a high frequency of sexual practices conferring risk for other sexually transmitted infections among cases of Mpox, 4) that Mpox virus can be isolated from sexual fluids, 4) that isolated virus is infectious, and 5) a high frequency of anogenital lesions prior to disease dissemination suggesting direct inoculation during sexual activities. Finally, a growing body of evidence suggests that sexual transmission is the predominant mode of transmission for Mpox virus. We therefore conclude that Mpox is a sexually transmitted disease. Labeling it as such will help focus public health interventions, such as vaccinations, testing, and treatment, as well as facilitate focused awareness and education programs towards behavioral modifications to reduce exposures.