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Breakthrough infections after post-exposure vaccination (IMVANEX, Jynneos) against Monkeypox - medRxiv preprint

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  • Breakthrough infections after post-exposure vaccination (IMVANEX, Jynneos) against Monkeypox - medRxiv preprint

    Posted August 04, 2022.


    Michael THY, Nathan Peiffer-Smadja, Morgane Mailhe, Laura Kramer, Valentine Ferre, Nadhira Houhou-Fidouh, Hassan Tarhini, Chloe Bertin, Anne-Lise Beaumont, Mathilde Gare, Diane Le Pluart, Segolene Perrineau, Mayda Rahi, Laurene Deconinck, Bao Phung, Bastien Mollo, Marie Cortier, Melanie Cresta, Clementine De La Porte Des Vaux, Veronique Joly, Sylvie Lariven, Cecile Somarriba, Francois Xavier Lescure, Charlotte charpentier, Yazdan Yazdanpanah, Jade Ghosn


    Background A third-generation smallpox vaccine was recommended in France for individuals who had a high-risk contact with a PCR-confirmed Monkeypox patient. We aimed to describe the outcomes of high-risk contacts receiving third-generation smallpox vaccine as an early post-exposure ring vaccination (EPRV) especially tolerance and potential breakthrough infections after the first dose. Methods We performed an observational analysis of all consecutive individuals vaccinated with the IMVANEX smallpox vaccine after a high-risk contact defined as close skin-to-skin or mucosal contact and/or indirect contact on textile or surface and/or droplets exposure defined by a contact at less than 2 meters during at least 3 hours with a PCR-confirmed Monkeypox patient. Results Between May 27th and July 13th, 2022, 276 individuals received one dose of IMVANEX with a median delay of 11 days [IQR 8-14] after exposure with a confirmed Monkeypox patient. Mode of exposure was droplets for 240 patients (91%), indirect contact for 189 (71%) and unprotected sexual intercourse for 146 (54%). Most of the patients were men (91%, n=250) and men who have sex with men (88%, n=233). The vaccine was well tolerated with no severe adverse event. Among the 276 vaccinated individuals, 12 (4%) had a confirmed Monkeypox breakthrough infection with no severe infection. Ten out of 12 patients developed a Monkeypox infection in the five days following vaccination and two had a breakthrough infection at 22 and 25 days. Conclusion EPRV with a third-generation smallpox vaccine was well tolerated and effective against Monkeypox but did not completely prevent breakthrough infections.

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    What is Imvanex?

    Imvanex prepares the body to defend itself against infection with the variola (smallpox), monkeypox and vaccinia viruses. It contains a weakened form of the vaccinia virus called ‘modified vaccinia virus Ankara’, a virus that is closely related to the smallpox and monkeypox viruses but does not cause disease in humans and cannot reproduce in human cells. Because of the similarity between the virus in Imvanex and these viruses, antibodies produced against it are expected to protect against monkeypox, smallpox and vaccinia.