Published: 27 July 2022

Wilfredo R Matias, Jacob M Koshy, Ellen H Nagami, Victor Kovac, Letumile R Moeng, Erica S Shenoy, David C Hooper, Lawrence C Madoff, Miriam B Barshak, Jennifer A Johnson,
Christopher F Rowley, Boris Julg, Elizabeth L Hohmann, Jacob E Lazarus


A large, ongoing multi-country outbreak of human monkeypox has the potential to cause considerable morbidity and mortality. Therapeutics for the treatment of smallpox, a related Orthopoxvirus, may be used and affect the natural history of monkeypox. We present three patients from our hospitals treated with tecovirimat, a pan-Orthopoxvirus inhibitor currently available under an expanded access investigational new drug protocol for monkeypox.