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Vietnam: Despite gov't ban, chickens still being smuggled from China

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  • Vietnam: Despite gov't ban, chickens still being smuggled from China

    Machine translation of original article:

    "Flu closer, border still selling chicken smuggled
    Army - Saturday, 06/04/2013

    ...Before the hot information on, plays are going to buy chicken in a number of markets of Mong Cai border in Quang Ninh province, we are aware of smuggled chickens China border in markets where these days still has sold at prices ranging from 80,000 to 120,000 VND / kg cheaper than chicken from 50,000 to 80,000 VND / kg.

    When asked about the H7N9 flu, most of those selling chickens are answered: "It was just eating it all right." When we interview request, the seller refused stations and attitude not cooperate.

    Before this problem, we contact Mr. Hai, Chief Market Management Mong Cai said he is busy meeting. A few minutes later, as we call him the phone numerous occasions but were not contacted.

    As reflected by a number of people living in the area, the movement of poultry and poultry products is still ongoing and is somewhat more sophisticated.

    So, at the Mong Cai border markets, live chickens and processed chicken origin from China are still sold openly that the absence of the control of functional forces.

    ...Quang Ninh is a province with many gates, border, common border very close to the farms focus areas of Quang Ninh China should be considered the point of smuggled chickens.

    In addition, the price of chicken smuggled from across the border is very different from domestic, large control range of road and sea objects not easily give up the intention to find ways to illegally chicken on target sold in domestic market.

    Meanwhile, forces despite strengthen the function at a high level in the spirit of the direction of the Government, but there are certain limitations are difficult to overcome as thin forces, equipment and conditions of service the arrest, after collection of the seizure of the handling of violations is not enough to deter ... not actually meet the requirements."

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