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Teen survives 107 degree fever from H1N1 flu

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  • Teen survives 107 degree fever from H1N1 flu
    Teen survives 107 degree fever from H1N1 flu
    By Irinna Danielson and Keith McCord
    March 11th, 2014 @ 10:40pm
    SALT LAKE CITY — Christmas in March — that’s what 15-year-old Chace Fullmer got to celebrate a few days ago. And, besides getting the drum set he asked for, his favorite present was being able to go home after spending 11 weeks in the hospital.

    Born with Down syndrome, Chace has a special spirit and happiness about him. He participates in the school choir, serves as the manager for the Woods Cross basketball team, and loves to help with his football friends as well. And he does it all with a smile...

    Chace had side effects during ECMO treatment including lung collapse, kidney failure, and loss all of his strength.
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