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MN: Flu outbreaks affecting schools worst since 2009

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  • MN: Flu outbreaks affecting schools worst since 2009


    Flu outbreak worst since 2009
    Allen Costantini, KARE 9:43 a.m. EST December 19, 2014

    MANKATO, Minn. Southern Minnesota is reeling from the latest bout with Influenza. Medical facilities report being taxed by the influx of patients.

    Dr. Ruth Bolton, Mayo Clinic Urgent Care, reports a doubling of the patient load at clinics in the Mankato area. As a result she reports two hour waits by patients in the clinics...

    ...Brad Kreir, epidemiologist with the Minnesota Department of Health, said 203 schools in the state have at least 5 percent of students out with the flu.

    "Which is a substantial increase," said Kreir. "That is a large number of schools. That number may actually go up as we get more reports in, but that is activity that we have not seen since the 2009 pandemic, which really affected kids disproportionately."...