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Pandemic Flu

An influenze pandemic is a public health emergency in which a new strain of the influenze virus (flu) spreads rapidly, causing severe illness for many people. If a pandemic flu outbreak were to occur, there would be little to no natural immunity among most people, and it would take time for public health officials to develop a vaccine for a new pandemic strain. Because of these factors, a pandemic flu outbreak would quickly interrupt essential community services, such as work, school, emergency response services, transportation and health care. To prepare and be ready to respond in the event of a pandemic flu outbreak, the DHH Office of Public Health's Center for Community Preparedness has developed several readiness materials and conducts scenario training on an ongoing basis. See the materials below.

Please note that pandemic flu is different from seasonal flu. Flu season occurs from October to April, and many people contract the flu virus during this time. While not as severe as a pandemic, seasonal flu can still be serious, especially for the elderly, young children, pregnant women and anyone with weakened immunity. For the latest information on seasonal flu, visit Fight the Flu Louisiana.

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2011 Pandemic Influenza Guidance Documents

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