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Illinois confirms 82 cases of swine flu

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  • Illinois confirms 82 cases of swine flu

    Illinois confirms 82 cases of swine flu
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    Associated Press - May 5, 2009 3:14 PM ET
    CHICAGO (AP) - Illinois' big jump in confirmed swine flu cases doesn't mean huge numbers of people got sick over the past few days.
    Instead, blame today's increase on labs catching up with a backlog of tests.
    There are other problems with taking today's report of 82 confirmed cases at face value. The state now recommends testing only the most severe cases. That means fewer sick people are being tested.
    And the numbers don't match perfectly with what some counties are reporting. That's because when a test specimen comes from a hospital in one county, it's first counted in that county - even if the patient lives elsewhere.
    State officials say they're clearing up those discrepancies.
    Illinois is reporting 82 confirmed cases of swine flu and another 40 probable cases.