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    Education continues in the fight against a possible flu outbreak

    August 3rd, 2006 (WVVA-TV)

    Melody Rickman with the Mercer County Health Department says, "We do have a program available for any community agencies that would like us to come out and speak to their group about the flu pandemic and what it can mean for the community."

    And evaluations for local hospitals continues as well, making checklists for what might be needed.

    Jill Collins with Bluefield Regional Medical Center says, "In terms of infection control, supplies, speedy entrances and educating the staff. Those are the types of things we're talking about."

    Cindy Belcher with Princeton Community Hospital says, "Hospitals are looking at the resources we have available, how to coordinate with area hospitals, the health department, and state and local agencies that could help get us the supplies we needed."

    And if a breakout occurred in the near future, hospital staff say they coordinating with each other using current emergency preparedness plans already in place.

    Collins says, "We're prepared for these emergency when it comes to mass casualties when it comes to other things, so it plays out the same way for a pandemic. You would be looking at staff problems and an influx of patients. We are addressing both levels."

    Belcher says, "Depending on the severity of what happens, we are prepared to a point. After that you just don't know until you get into it."