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Ducks dying in Swansboro-Not Bird Flu

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  • Ducks dying in Swansboro-Not Bird Flu

    Ducks dying in Swansboro

    SWANSBORO, N.C. It's not bird flu that's killing the ducks in Swansboro, but officials don't know why the animals are dying or getting sick.
    Representatives from the Department of Agriculture were in Swansboro this week to collect samples from sick Moscovy ducks. A necropsy was also done on one of the dead birds, but the Department of Agriculture says the cause of death isn't known yet.

    State officials are running everything from toxicology to bacterial tests in an attempt to rule things out.

    A wildlife rehabilitator says if the two female Moscovies survive, they won't be going back to downtown Swansboro, at least not until the state determines what's causing the deaths.

    Some people consider the ducks a nuisance, while others say they're a part of the town's charm.

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    Re: Ducks dying in Swansboro-Not Bird Flu

    whew, thats good news, to close to charlotte.