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Region Needs Pandemic Response Plan, Senator Warns

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  • Region Needs Pandemic Response Plan, Senator Warns


    Region Needs Pandemic Response Plan, Senator Warns
    Tuesday: September 16, 2008

    (Marianas Variety)

    A Guam senator is calling for development of a coordinated regional response network to deal with an outbreak of bird flu or other pandemic, the Marianas Variety reports.

    Sen. Tina Muna-Barnes says she?s discussed the issue with Palau President Tommy Remengesau on a number of occasions. She warned that the Guam government has not developed a protocol to handle an outbreak of bird flu.

    ?There seems to be no coordinated strategy among the island nations of the Western Pacific either. We need to take this seriously and move quickly to develop and implement a plan. To the east of us, there is a deadly tuberculosis; to the west, Indonesia and ongoing cases of the bird flu. We are surrounded by the potential for disaster that will cripple our economy and our society. Someone has to get this discussion started so we can prepare for these serious risks. We cannot afford to merely react to a pandemic when it happens," Muna-Barnes said.

    The Guam senator said she?s invited representatives of two Japanese firms, Taiko Pharmaceuticals and Mochigase Corporation, to help development what she says will be an affordable, three-tier regional response plan.

    Full article below: