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California nurses go on strike over lack of Ebola preparedness

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  • California nurses go on strike over lack of Ebola preparedness


    Kaiser Nurses Announce 2-Day Strike Over Ebola Preparedness
    October 31, 2014 10:20 AM

    OAKLAND (KCBS) ? Registered nurses claim the nation?s hospitals are inadequately prepared to protect them against Ebola and announced on Thursday that they will hold a National Day of Action on Nov.12 which includes a two-day strike at every Kaiser Permanente hospital and clinic.

    Tens of thousands of nurses are expected to strike or picket from coast to coast because they say hospitals aren?t taking their concerns about Ebola seriously...

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    Re: Kaiser Nurses Announce 2-Day Strike Over Ebola Preparedness


    18K Kaiser Nurses To Strike Over Patient Safety, Ebola Preparedness
    Monday, November 10, 2014

    On Tuesday, 18,000 Kaiser Permanente nurses will launch a two-day strike in part to protest a lack of adequate equipment and training standards for treating patients with Ebola, Bloomberg reports (Lorin, Bloomberg, 11/8).

    The strike coincides with a "national day of action," on which nurses will demand hospitals provide improved training and protection against Ebola (Parr, Daily Review/San Jose Mercury News, 11/7).

    Last week, National Nurses United in a statement said that Kaiser had "continued to stonewall on dozens of proposals to improve patient care standards, as well as refusing to address the concern of Kaiser [nurses] about Ebola safety protocols and protective equipment."
    Strike Details

    The strike will affect 21 hospitals and 65 clinics in California, according to National Nurses United spokesperson Charles Idelson (Bloomberg, 11/8). Nurses at Sutter Tracy Community Hospital and Watsonville Community Hospital also will go on strike, according to the union (Daily Review/San Jose Mercury News, 11/7)...


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      California nurses go on strike over lack of Ebola preparedness

      Nearly 20,000 nurses will walk out at Kaiser Permanente to protest what they see as inadequate Ebola preparedness.

      California nurses begin a two-day strike Tuesday, protesting what they see as insufficient training and supplies to fight the Ebola virus.

      Some 20,000 nurses are planning to walkout, which would impact 86 hospitals and clinics operated by Kaiser Permanente in the northern part of the state, according to a statement by National Nurses United. The union extended its contract with the nonprofit medical provider until October after it expired in August.

      The nurses are protesting ?eroding patient care conditions symbolized by inadequate safeguards at most U.S. hospitals,? the group said.

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        Re: California nurses go on strike over lack of Ebola preparedness


        Nurses, citing patient care and Ebola, strike at hospitals in California during contract talks
        Published November 12, 2014
        Associated Press

        SAN FRANCISCO ? As many as 18,000 nurses went on strike Tuesday and picketed in front of Kaiser Permanente facilities in Northern California to express their concerns about patient-care standards and Ebola.

        The nurses, who are in the midst of contract negotiations, held red and yellow "strike for health and safety" picket signs. The two-day strike was expected to affect at least 21 Kaiser hospitals and 35 clinics and last until 7 a.m. Thursday...