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Story Map: Which Way Are Things Going?

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  • Story Map: Which Way Are Things Going?

    About This Map

    To help policy makers, business leaders and the public understand COVID-19 trends, Charlie Frye, Chief Cartographer at Esri, analyzes the week to week changes in active cases. By shifting focus from the highly variable daily changes in active case counts to a weekly perspective, we can see weekly trends emerge. The maps below show data through August 29, 2021.

    This arrow map builds on a simple question most people want to know: are things getting better, or worse, in my area? And for how long has it been going this way?

    The colored arrow indicates whether new cases of COVID-19 are going upweek to week, or hopefully going down. Purple arrows always point upwards because cases are accelerating. Orange arrows always point down because new cases are slowing down.



    Okieman Comment: Be sure to zoom into the county you are interested in and click on it. An informational popup will give you additional data.