Rebuilding US Supply Chain: Shorter-Term Tactics and Longer-Term Strategies

Posted: November 3, 2021
Contrary to popular belief, the current supply chain crisis has not been caused by the global pandemic. As early as April 2020, Nassim Taleb — widely regarded as the world’s preeminent risk analyst — argued correctly that the coming crisis would not be a pandemic-driven black swan event but rather an entirely predictable case of the proverbial chickens coming home to roost. (Chickens representing 30 years of unchecked globalism.)
Nassim’s predictive power is based on insights drawn from the sciences of complexity — sciences that have long understood that complex systems such as the global supply chain are inherently fragile. The non-linearity of such systems means there is no single cause of, nor cure for, the current crisis, lying as it does at the heart of US supply chain models and infrastructure. This means that without a systemic focus on rebuilding these models and infrastructure, solutions will be short-lived and unsustainable.
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