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How to Keep the Coronavirus at Bay Indoors

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  • How to Keep the Coronavirus at Bay Indoors

    Tips for dodging the virus as Americans retreat from colder weather: Open the windows, buy an air filter — and forget the UV lights.

    By Apoorva Mandavilli
    Sept. 27, 2020, 11:58 a.m. ET

    As the autumn chill ushers people back into homes, classrooms and offices, the coronavirus may resurge even in states that so far have restrained its spread.

    Why? The virus poses a greater threat in crowded indoor spaces than it does outdoors.

    ... This summer, scientists isolated live virus from tiny droplets called aerosols floating in the air as far as 16 feet from an infected patient in a hospital.

    Unless you are living with an infected person — in which case the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers specific guidelines to follow