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  • WORLD COVID-19 reinfection tracker

    Published 3 weeks ago on August 28, 2020 By BNO News

    The table below shows confirmed cases of COVID-19 reinfection. The first confirmed case of reinfection was reported in Hong Kong on August 24, and six others were reported later that week. Earlier cases of suspected reinfection could not be confirmed due to a lack of data.

    For a timeline of new cases, scroll down. ...

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    BNO News - Coronavirus : Re-infection

    September 26
    • A third case of reinfection has been confirmed in the United States. It involves a person in their 60s who resides in a skilled nursing facility in the Seattle area and has a history of hypertension and severe emphysema with home oxygen, according to a preprint paper. The patient was hospitalized with severe pneumonia in early March and tested positive for coronavirus after contact with someone who returned from the Philippines with a respiratory infection. Other symptoms included fever, chills, productive cough, dyspnea, and chest pain. The patient returned to the facility after testing negative on days 39 and 41 of their hospitalization. Nearly 3 months later, the patient developed a dry cough and described feeling weak, which ultimately led to an ER visit two weeks later when the patient developed shortness of breath. The patient tested positive twice. “Fortunately for our patient, the reinfection was more mild than was the primary infection,” the authors said. ...