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  • Source: environmentalist Xu Dapeng and his wife died of pneumonia

    Mr. Xu Dapeng, a senior environmental activist in Wuhan, died of pneumonia within 10 days. Although their symptoms are very similar to those of the new type of coronavirus pneumonia, the hospital did not test them for "Wuhan pneumonia" and their death was not listed as " Many of the close friends and relatives who died during the "Wuhan pneumonia" epidemic did not receive any isolation measures. (Reporting by Huang Shanshan / Wen Haixin)

    Friends of Nature, a well-known environmental NGO, announced on Wednesday (22) that the original convener of the group's Wuhan group, Xu Dapeng, a senior environmental educator in China, died of a lung infection at the Hankou Hospital in Wuhan that day.

    Prior to this, on January 12, Xu Dapeng's wife died of a lung infection at Wuhan No. 6 Hospital. Xu Dapeng was in the hospital for his wife's last days.

    Mr. Zeng of the Wuhan Group of Friends of Nature confirmed the news to this reporter and revealed that Xu Dapeng's body had been cremated rapidly today, but they could not obtain more details.

    Mr. Zeng said 0122-CN-spread-1: Yes, yes, he also died. I also learned the news last night. Look at the official Wei of the Friends of Nature and the information I sent in the circle of friends. I have not got more detailed information about the specific situation.

    The mainland's "Beijing News" quoted Xu Dapeng's daughter as saying that Mrs. Xu had no cough symptoms but fever, and Xu Dapeng was very ill. She could go on her own at the hospital on the 20th, but died in the early morning of the 22nd. More importantly, although both Xu Dapeng and the couple showed severe symptoms of pneumonia, before their death, neither of them had undergone nucleic acid testing to identify whether it was pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus infection. In other words, Xu Dapeng and his wife have not been officially counted as deadly cases of the new coronavirus.


    • Article has map..

      As of 19:30 on the 22nd, 473 cases of new coronavirus pneumonia in China have been diagnosed

      CCTV News Client 2020-01-22 19:42:11 Listen to News
      As of 19:30 on January 22, CCTV News exclusively collected 473 confirmed pneumonia cases of new coronavirus infections in various places.

      Based on the data reported by the National Health Commission and local health commissions, as of 19:30 on January 22, CCTV News exclusively collected 473 confirmed pneumonia cases of new coronavirus infections in various places.

      Among them, Fujian, Anhui, Macau, Liaoning, Guizhou, Hainan, Shanxi, Guangxi, Ningxia and other places today added the first confirmed cases.

      Editor-in-chief: Ark


      • Rather alarmist...they have a map and distribution of cases which is already behind the latest #s

        Killer coronavirus 'could ALREADY be in Britain': Heathrow passengers to be isolated as experts reveal up to TEN THOUSAND patients in Chinese city of Wuhan alone may be infected

        • Experts say there may already be a case because UK screening 'is not foolproof'
        • Researchers have predicted up to 10,000 patients in Wuhan may have the virus
        • Last week the same team estimated just 1,700 residents in the city had the virus
        • However, the Imperial College London team have now upgraded their estimate


        • Source:

          2020-01-22 20:33:20 Beijing News Reporter: Xu Wen Editor: Li Guojun
          New pneumonia patient dies in South China market

          According to a nearby shop owner, Xiong Yijun often travels to the western part of the market because of business, which may be an important reason for his infection.

          Beijing News (Reporter Xu Wen) As of 24:00 on January 21, nine patients with new coronavirus died in the epidemic. The reporter was informed that Xiong Moumou, the second official reported death in the epidemic, was the owner of a seafood store in the South China Seafood Market during his lifetime.

          Liu Chang (a pseudonym), owner of a battery car repair shop near the South China Seafood Market, told reporters that Xiong Yijun (a pseudonym) 's store is located at No. 6, Sixth Street, East District, which mainly specializes in shrimps. Because of business, Xiong Yijun often went to the western part of the market. Liu Chang believed that this was an important reason for his infection. In his observation, the western part of the South China market was the hardest hit area of ​​the pneumonia epidemic. "80% of the illnesses are in the western part."

          Xiong Yijun (pseudonym) played chess every morning in the alleys and neighborhoods on the north side of the eastern part of the South China Seafood Market. Photo by Beijing News reporter Xu Wen

          Xiong Yijun's business is in the Eastern District, but he lives in the Western District. In the old community near the western part of the seafood market, merchants living in the South China market are affected by the market closure. Many residents have already returned to their hometown to celebrate the New Year in advance. Xiong Yijun lived here before his death. In Liu Chang's view, Xiong Yijun's life track is very fixed. Picked up at the seafood market at three or four in the morning. After busy at eight or nine, I took a break, crossed the exit on the north side of the eastern side of the seafood market, and came to play chess at the door of a grocery store every day.

          According to Liu Chang, Xiong Yijun has three daughters who all do business in the South China market. One of them is a member of the South China Market Shrimp Association. After Xiong Yijun's death, the three daughters returned to the market, but have not seen each other since. He speculated that the daughter may have been isolated.

          In Liu Chang's memory, Xiong Yijun was not tall, looked quite lean, and spoke loudly. His sudden death surprised Liu Chang.

          According to the official report, the deceased Xiong Moumou, male, 69 years old, became ill on December 31, 2019, and became worse on January 4, 2020, and was transferred to Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital for treatment. He was admitted with severe myocarditis (myocardial enzymes reached normal) 20 times the value, abnormal ECG); abnormal renal function; severe damage to multiple organ functions; chest CT showed pulmonary fibrous lesions, pleural effusion, and pleural thickening. Considering tuberculosis and pleural tuberculosis, at 15: 00 on January 15 Death due to ineffective rescue.

          Beijing News reporter Xu Wen

          Editing Li Guojun Proofreading Li Lijun


          • Edited: Daily mail article based on the following press conference that is worth a watch: dont be put off by 'The Sun' tag - they just videoed the conference and posted it. I should add that this is by the Imperial Infectious Disease team, including the professor who headed up the WHO response to SARS in 2002/3
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            • Also this video confirms request for people of Wuhan to stay put.


              • Interview with a patient;

                68-year-old patient with new coronary pneumonia: the last time she saw her husband was she was pushed to the ICU

                Zhang Jun said that his wife had cough, fever and other symptoms since the beginning of January, and then developed shock. He died in the intensive care unit for several days after treatment.

                63-year-old Wuhan citizen Wei Mou died late in the night on January 21 in the Houhu District of Wuhan Central Hospital. Her wife, Zhang Jun, 68, is still receiving treatment.

                Before that, the old couple lived in a neighborhood near the South China Seafood Market. But Zhang Jun said he had never entered the market.

                The Beijing News reporter confirmed from the medical staff of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Houhu District, Wuhan Central Hospital that Zhang Jun and Wei were infected with pneumonitis caused by a new coronavirus.

                Zhang Jun worked in the Houhu District of Wuhan Central Hospital for 40 years and retired from the hospital 8 years ago. He told the Beijing News reporter that his wife had cough, fever and other symptoms since the beginning of January. At first he thought it was a common cold, but then he developed shock. He died in the intensive care unit for a few days.

                Zhang Jun said that the last time she saw her husband, she was pushed to the intensive care unit.

                Wei's death certificate. Photo courtesy

                "At first I thought my wife was a common cold"

                Beijing News: When did your lover start to feel uncomfortable?

                Zhang Jun: Symptoms were discovered in early January. At that time, I thought it was a common cold, cough, fever, and it was not good to take a cold medicine. I saw a fever clinic in the hospital and did a CT. It showed that there was inflammation in the lungs. I lost two days. Oxygen, also gave an injection. I stay with her. She couldn't sit still on the third day of the injection. The hospital had no bed, so she leaned on the bed.

                Beijing News: How did her condition develop later?

                Zhang Jun: She has poor resistance. She can't breathe when she inhales oxygen. She leans against the wall and stays overnight. Later, the doctor saw that her condition was too serious, so she was admitted to hospital. She had both lungs and was unable to walk at all, so I borrowed a wheelchair to push her up. She shook on January 10.

                Hospital before and after shock. Before the hospitalization, I had some drips at the fever clinic and there were no beds. Inhale oxygen against the bed. It was too serious before being admitted to hospital.

                Beijing News: When did she enter the intensive care unit?

                Zhang Jun: The first three or four days. The last time I saw her was when she was pushed to the intensive care unit.

                Isolation measures are available in the intensive care unit and I cannot see her. At that time, her blood oxygen concentration dropped to 80. The hospital asked us to go to the outside pharmacy to buy immunoglobulin at my own expense. I bought it 5 times and spent a total of over 10,000 yuan. Each time you buy 4 bottles of immunoglobulin and 1 bottle of albumin, it adds up to 2750 yuan. I played for five days without any effect. On January 19, the hospital issued a critical illness notice. Yesterday (January 21) at 11 pm, no one came over and died.

                Many medical staff are wearing protective clothing and are treating patients in the monitoring room of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Houhu District of Wuhan Central Hospital. Official Weibo map of Wuhan Central Hospital

                "Hospital to apply for, queue up"

                Beijing News: How are you now?

                Zhang Jun: I have a fever of 38.5 ℃ now. I had a fever yesterday, which is better. I had a cough for half a night last night, and I was not feeling well.

                Beijing News: How did you find yourself infected?

                Zhang Jun: When caring for my wife, I also started coughing. At first, I went to a private clinic for two days to hang a needle, which was useless. I was uncomfortable. I had chest X-rays and checked for inflammation. Later, the hospital opened a penicillin injection for three days and underwent a CT examination. The results were getting worse.

                Beijing News: When were you hospitalized?

                Zhang Jun: There are no beds in the hospital. The number of fevers every day is full, and many patients transferred from Xiehe Hospital are also received. The beds are too tight, and I usually have a fever clinic for a few minutes. If you are seriously ill, you need to apply and wait in line to be hospitalized.

                I worked for 40 years in the Houhu District of the (Wuhan) Central Hospital. Retired from the hospital 8 years ago. Three or four days ago, I negotiated with the hospital many times before accepting me. I am currently being admitted to a general ward in respiratory medicine.

                Beijing News: How is the hospital treated?

                Zhang Jun: There are six, four and two rooms here. I stayed in a double room and came in with an extra bed. I'm in good and bad condition now. Every morning, the doctor came to the ward for a round, ordered an injection, and today injected two vials of immunoglobulin. The anti-inflammatory drug was changed from penicillin to cephalosporin. I take blood and do various tests every day. I don't understand the specific medical description.

                The doctor looks at the film and observes how far it has spread. He told me that he was infected with a new type of coronavirus pneumonia. Both lungs have inflammation, and one of them is severe. Doctors said that the disease is now collectively referred to as viral pneumonia. There is a certain course of healing, and you must have a good attitude and eat. I was considered serious by myself and did not say when I would be discharged.

                Beijing News: How is your eating?

                Zhang Jun: I can only drink porridge every day. The doctor said that he had to eat. If he could n’t get in, it would be useless to take a drip all day. The patient next to me is from a foreign country. Some of them are in good condition and some are in poor condition. Everyone is unstable and all depend on their own resistance.

                Patient's home near South China Seafood Market

                Beijing News: Can you determine the source of the infection now?

                Zhang Jun: Our home is very close to the South China Seafood Market. Suspected to be infected in life. My wife likes to go out to play Tai Chi, Mahjong, and run around every morning. I basically don't go. We have never entered the seafood market.

                Beijing News: Do you have a basic medical history?

                Zhang Jun: My blood pressure is a little high. Besides, I have no medical history and my health is quite good. My wife doesn't have any medical history, but his body is a little bit weak. When he sweats in Taijiquan, he takes off his clothes and it is easy to catch a cold. She told me that it was like this. At first we thought it was a cold and the symptoms were not obvious.

                Beijing News: How is your family now?

                Zhang Jun: I usually live at home with my wife. His wife is a native of Wuhan and was a chemical factory employee before retiring. We are a second marriage. I have a son. Now I say that it is a unified arrangement. I can only knock on the door outside the ward and ask about the situation. I can pass in the meal, but I cannot.

                (At the request of the interviewee, Zhang Jun changed his name)

                Beijing News reporter Wang Yuqian Pan Wenbo Zhang Xiting Lu Haiyan

                Edit Guo Chen



                • I saw this article yesterday. It is very similar to the one Shiloe posted above. If what is reported is actually happening then the number of deaths may be significantly higher.

                  It has been a very long time since I last posted anything here. Hopefully I have done it correctly. My apologies if not.
                  Number of cases, and deaths, could be much higher than those cited in official reports if claims are true


                  • Can anyone confirm this? I hate tweets for info, but if true, significant, I would think.

                    Kaidong Yu

                    Can you hear #wuhan people cry? There are thousands of people who may be affected by the #coronavirus (much bigger than official reports) but most of them are rejected by the hospitals. Tomorrow from 10 am, all public transportation will be closed.


                    • Coronavirus: China advises against travel to Wuhan as deaths surge

                      2 hours ago
                      Chinese authorities admitted the country was now at the "most critical stage" of prevention and control.

                      "Basically, do not go to Wuhan. And those in Wuhan please do not leave the city," said National Health Commission vice-minister Li Bin in one of the first public briefings since the beginning of the outbreak.
                      Mr Li said there was evidence that the disease was "mainly transmitted through the respiratory tract". In general, coughs and sneezes are a highly effective way for viruses to spread.
                      "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
                      -Nelson Mandela


                      • Although I hate using tweets for info, this seems to confirm Wuhan shutting down

                        Seems to be confirmation.

                        Chenchen Zhang

                        All bus, subway, ferry and coach services in Wuhan will be suspended from Thursday 23 January. Departures from railway stations and the airport will also be closed. #coronavirus

                        "From 10:00 on January 23, 2020, the city's urban bus, subway, ferry, and long-distance passenger transportation will be suspended; for no special reason, citizens should not leave Wuhan, and the airport and train station from the Han corridor will be temporarily closed. Recovery time will be announced separately."


                        • Ugh. Nevermind.


                          • I am willing to conclude that this coronavirus is widespread in China and is being rapidly transmitted person to person. The map below depicts the reported number of confirmed cases from provinces in China based on the media report cited in post #124 by Shiloh above.

                            Click image for larger version

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                            • Originally posted by NawtyBits View Post
                              Can anyone confirm this? I hate tweets for info, but if true, significant, I would think.

                              Kaidong Yu

                              Can you hear #wuhan people cry? There are thousands of people who may be affected by the #coronavirus (much bigger than official reports) but most of them are rejected by the hospitals. Tomorrow from 10 am, all public transportation will be closed.
                              Thanks for the heads up. A link with an article link was posted on the news thread while you were posting here. Tweets belong here but if anyone can get a link to back up the tweet please post that on the news thread.


                              • Hi! to participants who have not posted for a while. Glad to see you!