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China - Rice that stops H5N1??

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  • China - Rice that stops H5N1??

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    Re: China - Rice that stops H5N1??

    May be Yu Zhu is an anti-viral?

    Sambucol had (better proven?) positive results in "killing" H5N1 in a petri dish. May be feed elderberries to chickens?

    Yu Zhu (Polygonatum officinale)

    Part Used Root

    Main function Herb for Yin Deficiency (Yin Tonic)

    Thermal qual. Cool

    Taste Sweet

    Meridians Entered Lu, St

    Functions Tonifies Yin and moistens Dryness

    Tonifies Lung and Stomach Yin

    Used for dry cough, thirst, feelings of hunger

    Cautions Contraindicated in conditions of Phlegm or Cold in the Stomach.
    Use with caution in cases of hypertension or tachycardia.

    Toxicity Relatively safe for long term use

    Phyto-chemicals Convallamarin, convallarin, chelidonic acid, nicotinic acid

    Western Properties Nutritive, demulcent, anti-tussive, expectorant, mild diaphoretic, hypertensive, cardiotonic, laxative, diuretic, hypoglycemic, anti-spasmodic, reduces blood lipids, anti-pyretic, interferon inducent

    Notes Used with Rehmmania glutinosa to resolve cysts
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      Re: China - Rice that stops H5N1??

      Is there any information about whether the virus would develop resistance to this ability in rice?

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