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Millennials are the loneliest generation

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  • Millennials are the loneliest generation


    Millennials are the loneliest generation
    July 30, 2019, 3:45 p.m.
    Jamie Ballard

    The social media generation is the one that feels the most alone.

    New data from YouGov finds that Millennials report feeling lonely much more often than their Gen X and Baby Boomer counterparts. While 30 percent of Millennials say they always or often feel lonely, just one in five (20%) members of Generation X says the same. Even fewer Baby Boomers (15%) report feeling lonely with the same frequency.

    Millennials are also more likely than older generations to report that they have no acquaintances (25% of Millennials say this is the case), no friends (22%), no close friends (27%), and no best friends (30%).

    However, a majority (70%) of Millennials do report that they have at least one best friend. Nearly half (49%) say that they have between one and four “close friends.”...