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Venezuela: MOH refuses to offer a daily account of cases of flu H1N1

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  • Venezuela: MOH refuses to offer a daily account of cases of flu H1N1

    For the Minister of health, Isabel Iturria, there is a paranoia in the population that could increase for the handling of information in the media about the H1N1 influenza. For this reason refused to offer a daily part number amount of cases that is accounted for in Venezuela by the virus.

    Iturria said that it is focusing attention on the element that is not the most relevant. 'I'm not going to say the numbers. 'You would enter in the confusion that has been generated from believing that we are giving a part of war of one unusual thing that should be handled with discretion of widespread alarm, when it should be handled with a view to education for health'. Dr. said that the masks were not designed so that healthy people protect themselves from a respiratory virus, but to avoid infected individuals to spread the germ. 'Its use is completely out of place and is only a reflection of what I call paranoia,' outlined

    The Minister indicated that the H1N1 flu vaccine is not the most important prevention measure, but hand-washing. He recommended people showing symptoms stay at home. 'Vaccination is only intended for some specific groups in particular'.

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    Re: Venezuela: MOH refuse to offer a daily account of cases of flu H1N1

    Controversial figures for swine flu in Venezuela

    According to the Minister of health, Isabel Iturria, press confused citizens when stresses that they shortage of vaccines and masks, because the important thing is prevention: 'wash your hands' and stay home when suspected patient.' the most relevant are the measures of prevention and identification ', said Tuesday in an interview with Globovision. 'The information to be given on health, when given in an inappropriate way, generates misconduct', he added.However, the Minister that speaks of data from Brazil, Colombia and United States - figures compiled and provided by Governments - as a way to make it clear that currently the swine flu is not exclusive to Venezuela.segun official figures, Brazil has been 61 deaths so far from year - 90% in the State of S?o Paulo -While in Colombia last week reported four deaths near the Venezuelan border.

    Of those countries that shows willing to talk Iturria, who has insisted on whether detailed numbers of infections and deaths 'as parts of war', means reproduced them with alarmist headlines and it would divert attention from the population of the most important preventive measures.So, to know the situation, you have to look for victims of disease data in statements scattered in 23 States authorities, when they realize.It is why, after a scan, it can be concluded that there has at least been up to 16 deaths, but with data that in some cases date back to last week.


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      Venezuela: Gov't not announcing case/fatality count?

      "Controversial Figures of Swine Flu (H1N1) in Venezuela

      May 29th, 2013

      Latin America News ? Swine flu (H1N1) is back in Venezuelan newspaper headlines. At least 16 deaths have been confirmed by local authorities. But the government, which ruled out any epidemic, is not reporting figures because that confuses citizens.

      According to the Minister of Health, Elizabeth Iturria, the press confuses and scares citizens when highlighting scarce vaccines and masks.

      According to official figures, in Brazil there have been 61 deaths so far this year, 90% in the state of Sao Paulo, while in Colombia last week, four deaths were reported near the Venezuelan border.

      The Minister of Health has stated on several occasions that the most vulnerable are safe because his office has implemented three million vaccines for ?all who need it.?

      ?It is very difficult to apply three million doses where there is no effective vaccination campaign? said the Minister."

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      "What information consumes is rather obvious: it consumes the attention of its recipients. Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention, and a need to allocate that attention efficiently among the overabundance of information sources that might consume it." - Herbert Simon

      "The benefits of education and of useful knowledge, generally diffused through a community, are essential to the preservation of a free government." - Sam Houston


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        Re: Venezuela: MOH refuse to offer a daily account of cases of flu H1N1

        Venezuelan medical Federation fixed position on H1N1: '24 deaths is serious'

        The President of the Federation medical Venezolana (FMV), Douglas Le?n Natera, fixed position on the H1N1 virus that affects the country. Leon assured: '24 deaths from H1N1 is serious.'Stated: 'the main thing is vaccination for those exposed as children under 9 years old and pregnant women.'Also, the President of the FMV mentioned: 'the only country that has not given information about the H1N1 is Venezuela'.It also recommended to take the minimum measures of personal care, 'wash your hands, use napkins when sneezing or coughing, clean surfaces, use mask and change it when it is wet'.

        La Federación Médica Venezolana sostiene que 50 mil médicos han salido del país. Pero siendo francos no hay manera de saber si esa cifra muestra una fotografía real.


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          Re: Venezuela: MOH refuses to offer a daily account of cases of flu H1N1

          Controversy over Act of the Venezuelan Government

          To political and social problems in Venezuela is now added an emergency in the area of health, influenza ah1n1esta wreaking havoc, in little more than two weeks of the outbreak of the disease started more than twenty people have died and hundreds have been infected.

          Writes in our forums

          Franciso Urreiztieta reports to Univision from Caracas that there is a controversy over how the Government has been taking to try to control this situation.

          Carteles that say 'for now there is no vaccine. Influenza AH1N1. Until further notice'are in many health centers and hospitals and not just missing shots also are scarce reagents to identify the disease and drugs to treat it.

          Everything happens in the midst of a severe outbreak in the country who would have already claimed the lives of 23 people (according to unofficial figures) in less than two weeks and spread to almost the entire Venezuelan.

          'What began Saturday was just, it makes a week today that were two dead, recognized by the Government today to have 23 or that effectively already this tells you that there is a major outbreak' said Doctor Rafael Orihuela, medical epidemiologist.

          The Government has not filed official figures

          No figures are official about the disease, which handled local media report them. In addition to the deaths linked to the H1N1 flu cases of contagion would already exceed 250 across the country.

          The Ministry of health refuses to supply these figures as if they were a part of war and is making a greater emphasis on prevention and prevent the spread of the flu.

          Authorities say that they have already vaccinated more than 3 million people. 'The only reason that is there to create alarm are political or economic interests that might be playing behind those situations' said Dr. Isabel Iturria, Minister of health.

          But such number of vaccinated could not be true as in the Venezuelan medical Federation, they point out that they have not received information or not found that that mass vaccination is carried out, more so when we have news of the shortage of vaccines and the lack of epidemiological information that is vital for the H1N1 flu outbreak controls and that the Government would not provide timely.


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            Re: Venezuela: MOH refuses to offer a daily account of cases of flu H1N1

            College of doctors in Lara: must ensure treatment for the H1N1

            'What draws our attention is that the forecasts were not taken because even though in principle they were vaccinated persons within the Group of risk or vulnerable, the following years has because vaccinating the entire population, so as to avoid that so many Venezuelans are contagiaran in this outbreak', said El?as Mubayed, President of the College of physicians of Lara state.

            For this reason, Moubayed said it is obvious that there is a high percentage of people infected, with symptoms of high fever, extreme discomfort, severe bone and muscle pain, and coryza (runny nose abundant).

            'Presents the outbreak and ministerial authorities instead of facing the problem, start to keep the numbers of cases, ignore information, seek to avoid panic, which definitely would not help for anything, but if you had sincerado epidemiological information would have better accuracy in the approach, agreed El?as Moubayed.

            In this regard, the suggestion and recommendation by the trade union organization, both at the local and national authorities, is to offer the information real and daily

            'Must be honest and give press conferences to learn about the daily life of the advance or decline of the virus in the population. We must be informed', it claimed.

            Stated that they had communication with the regional Health Directorate, where there has been a more fluid information on the timeliness of the virus and have addressed the problem in a way more direct.

            'Let us remember that health should be guaranteed by the State, who is your competition and an Act enshrined in the Constitution,' said Moubayed.

            In view of the current misinformation, El?as Mubayed advises the current Minister of health to import the necessary vaccines, which although they have effect of protection of two to three weeks after fitting, must be priority for population face the virus sufficient defenses. Now, with regard to the ads of the prohibition of oseltamivir as treatment of the H1N1 virus, Moubayed said that 'it is an act bordering on the irresponsible health authorities'.

            Después de la pandemia presentada en el año 2009 con la influenza H1N1, los países afectados quedaron con la cepa viral inactiva en la atmósfera  


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              Re: Venezuela: MOH refuses to offer a daily account of cases of flu H1N1

              Venezuela docs push gov on swine flu reporting

              AFP_CARACAS: Venezuela's doctors' union is warning of a possible resurgence of swine flu in the country and is reporting at least four new deaths this week.

              Douglas Leon Natera is head of the Venezuelan Medical Federation. He accuses authorities of withholding information about how many have died from the virus.

              The Health Ministry says there were 414 new cases between May 26 and June 1. That was a notable spike that raised the total on the year to 1,138.

              Health Minister Isabel Iturria says there's no evidence of an outbreak that would require a special response. She says media reports saying otherwise are ''totally erroneous.''

              But Natera criticized authorities Thursday for not being more forthcoming about fatal cases.

              He also noted there has been no new information for nearly two weeks.

              ISLAMABAD (APP): The Supreme Court (SC) on Wednesday adjourned hearing in a presidential reference seeking opinion on open balloting for the upcoming Senate elections till Thursday. A five-member …


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                Re: Venezuela: MOH refuses to offer a daily account of cases of flu H1N1

                Doctors expressed concern about cases of H1N1

                Caracas.-the medical Guild said that health authorities would be not providing timely and complete information regarding a possible rebound of the H1N1 flu, and the Minister of health, Isabel Iturria, discarded that there is evidence of an outbreak of evil.The Government of President Nicolas Maduro refused to provide figures of deaths and only official data on the cases of H1N1 reported in recent weeks have offered.The Minister Iturria, who has neither confirmed nor denied the figures of dead reported by independent media, has said that ' today there is an atypical behavior of the virus 'so that health authorities take special measures. He stressed that evidence there is no to say that there is an outbreak of the disease AH1N1.According to figures from the Ministry of health, between May 26 and June 1, 414 new cases of swine flu were diagnosed so the number of people affected by the H1N1 virus rose to 1,138 since January 1.Dr. Douglas Le?n Natera, President of the Venezuelan medical Federation, told the AP that the health authorities do not provide figures promptly and to make matters worse reserves part of that information... '.

                The most recent information that reached us dating back to June 1, is to say that now we have nearly two weeks of delays, which makes that the epidemiologist has no tools to work ', he added. Based on independent reports, the doctor said that this week four new deaths, three of them in the State of Tachira, bordering Colombia, were produced so the number of deaths would be located on more than two dozen.In an interview released by the State venezolana de Television, the Minister Iturria said that it is totally wrong 'interpretation of the unofficial data that are reflected in the local media.


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                  Re: Venezuela: MOH refuses to offer a daily account of cases of flu H1N1

                  Leonardo Fern?ndez criticizes Venezuela health system

                  On the morning of today UNT Leonardo Fern?ndez leader along with Congressman William Barrientos of the same party, spoke out from the Hospital Dr. Urquinaona, also known as the central; about reality in the health system in Venezuela and in particular H1N1 disease. Regarding the issue of H1N1 Deputy Barrientos said that the disease affects more than 1500 people throughout the country, but the Government refuses to recognize it.Leonardo Fern?ndez highlighted that the problem was not only the H1N1 flu: 'today there are more than 70 events at epidemiological risk, we have a serious problem with dengue, malaria, and tuberculosis, and even whooping cough now eradicated disease'.Referring to the case specific dengue pointed out that the figures of the Ministry of health are alarming, '70% of cases of dengue fever in America happen in Venezuela, in 2012, there was an increase of 55% over the previous year, is a case in which there should be an epidemiological alert but where the Government has chosen to remain silent'.

                  According to Fernandez this entire situation increase of cases in infectious diseases and reappearance of already eradicated diseases in the country, is due to the delicate situation in which the national health system. '40% of targets set for 2012 by the Ministry itself were not fulfilled according to the same reports, 188 refaccione hospitals and 11 new constructions are lagging behind, 30% of the patients arriving at hospitals are not addressed, either by lack of supplies, staff or beds;' 'This means that one of every three people who need health care do not receive it in Venezuela is why we say that this system is in intensive care'.Similarly the blue tolda leader pointed out that the situation of Venezuelan doctors is alarming, because economic reasons 12,300 medical had abandoned their posts, due to e this there is a deficit of 40% of the staff in certain specialties such as cardiology, gynaecology among others.

                  El médico internista Julio Castro advirtió que Venezuela es uno de los pocos países de la región donde los índices de mortalidad han aumentado.


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                    Re: Venezuela: MOH refuses to offer a daily account of cases of flu H1N1

                    H1N1 flu cases up sharply in Venezuela

                    CARACAS: The number of H1N1 swine flu cases rose sharply in Venezuela during the last week of May, the health ministry said Wednesday, refusing to disclose whether any deaths have been linked to the outbreak.

                    Health Minister Isabel Iturria, explaining why deaths would not be reported, blamed "political or economic interests" for creating alarm over the outbreak.

                    The ministry said there were 414 new cases of H1N1 in the week from May 26 to June 1, pushing the total number of cases from 724 to 1,138.

                    The virus was detected for the first time in Venezuela in 2009.

                    The current outbreak has surpassed one in 2011 that resulted in 900 cases and eight deaths.

                    Venezuela has been fiercely polarized since Nicolas Maduro was declared the winner of a disputed election in April to replace his mentor, the late leftist leader Hugo Chavez. The centrist opposition has contested the results.

                    ISLAMABAD (APP): The Supreme Court (SC) on Wednesday adjourned hearing in a presidential reference seeking opinion on open balloting for the upcoming Senate elections till Thursday. A five-member …


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                      Re: Venezuela: MOH refuses to offer a daily account of cases of flu H1N1

                      Natera: 'unofficially 50 deaths by H1N1 and the Government presents 21

                      (Caracas, June 25. Tuesday, the programme regions for Televen had DR: Douglas Le?n Natera, President of the Federation medical Venezuelan, who established a series of recommendations led to the increase in cases of H1N1, to thus prevent the infection and spread of this epidemic.

                      Natera recommended not to go to sites with massive crowds of people, sneezing protegiendose with the inner part of the arm, not shake hands to greet, among others, to avoid becoming infected with the disease.

                      Also noted that will unofficially about 50 deaths nationwide and that the national Government and the Ministry of health has some 21 deaths, therefore denounced 'timidity' of part of the ministerial body to give preventive information on disease.

                      Concluded by pointing out that the trade situation has been hit mainly by the closure of the discussion of the hiring collective.


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                        Re: Venezuela: MOH refuses to offer a daily account of cases of flu H1N1

                        'My son died because it infected influenza H1N1 in the Chet, I am testing'

                        Caracas, June 28 - of influenza H1N1 confirmed by the Institute of hygiene and address State of health of the State of Cojedes, Omaira Silva, was narrated that his son 2 weeks ago began suffering from high fever and muscle aches, and seven days later died in the hospital city 'Enrique Tejera' of Valencia.

                        Silva, yet hard you to believe that his son, Jorge Enrique Silva Alvarado is dead, however was the first medical center where he entered his son, went to the hospital of San Carlos 'Egor Nucete' under the deterioration of your health picture, he was transferred to Valencia, where his mother secured contracted H1N1 and it died.


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                          Re: Venezuela: MOH refuses to offer a daily account of cases of flu H1N1

                          at least 13 positive cases of influenza H1N1 have been confirmed daily in the country since the beginning of the year. The epidemiological bulletin number 26, which collects data on 20 of nationally notifiable diseases, indicates that there were 266 new cases until June 29. He accumulated up to that date was 2,322 positive patients of the respiratory condition.LISSETTE CARDONA / the average NacionalEl of confirmed infections grows if considered only the weeks in which the outbreak of the disease has been reported. From week 19 of the year, for the period from 5 to 11 may, at least 41 daily cases have been confirmed. 61 New reports, were recorded in that period, which placed the annual accumulated in 83 patients. 8 weeks later were affected 2.329.The report of the Ministry of health not reports deaths by the virus. However, unofficially it was known that the number of deaths exceeds 80 victims.Oswaldo Godoy, director of epidemiology of the Health Ministry, reported that the past July 1 died a pregnant in the Concepci?n Palacios maternity for flu, but health authorities are refusing to give details.' the Ministry is pushing doctors to make not as the underlying cause of death influenza. How is that the Director of maternity do not report if the sample of the dead patient was taken and if the H1N1 was confirmed it possible? The Minister has to allow an analysis of the situation and will review ', said.Godoy said that the number of affected informed by Min health is imprecise because there are no materials for making of samples suspected patients in hospitals.


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                            Re: Venezuela: MOH refuses to offer a daily account of cases of flu H1N1

                            Venezuela unit requires authorities official information about H1N1

                            Coordinator of the Commission of the Venezuela unit, Dr. Julio Castro AH1N1 said that according to the data provided in the Bulletin 25 ? of the Ministry of the Popular power for health, date 16 to June 22, the epidemic is right in full development, far from its final phase.

                            The information provided to the body suggests the possibility of a 'phase of stabilization of the epidemic curve (the curve peak)', since it reflects a decrease of 10% in cases of H1N1, which Castro reported that in fact the document is far from predict the final phase of the virus, and said that the proportion of positive specimens still emerging with 91% in reference to last week.

                            The Galen urged official spokespeople that are expressed on the situation that Venezuelans are living with concern. 'They have not clarified the number of fatalities, or control measures being implemented, but extra officially there have been about 90 deaths, of which a significant percentage have been pregnant,' he explained in a press release sent to this newspaper.

                            In the same way, Castro said that in the academic and health care fields Queen uncertainty by the low response of government agencies myriad complaints from patients and doctors who treated patients with H1N1, especially in reference to the availability of therapeutic tools (antivirals), access to testing diagnostic (PCR and Virocult) and preventive measures (prevention and vaccination campaigns).

                            The representative of Venezuela unit warned that the holiday season is a change in the dynamics of transmission of the virus, and therefore must refocus efforts on measures of symptomatic control and management of travelers with potential symptoms.

                            Finally the spokesperson conveyed on behalf of the democratic alternative concern which generates fake security related to the beginning of the end of the epidemic: 'is more likely for the present time, we are closer to the beginning than at the end of this circumstance '.' (RC)


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                              Re: Venezuela: MOH refuses to offer a daily account of cases of flu H1N1

                              Report on serious epidemic of influenza A(H1N1) in Venezuela

                              Given the progressive seriousness of influenza A (H1N1) pdm09 in Venezuela and the silence of the Government, representatives of universities, the National Academy of medicine, medical networks and expert epidemiologists, gathered at the UCV to publicly report errors, omissions and contradictions in them that has committed the Government to prevent and counteract the consequences of this guiding epidemiaDIC/UCVEl in charge of the UCV, Nicholas Bianco, points out that research and research carried out by this group, shed that Venezuela is faced with a serious epidemic of influenza A (H1N1) with more than 300% increase in infected than in the previous year. 'Our goal is to guide the population and that it manages information needed to apply the remedies necessary to prevent more deaths and other more aggressive variants of this influenza in our country'.Moreover, the former Minister of health and Social Welfare, Jos? F?lix Oletta, believes that the State is not complying with the duty to ensure continuous and accurate information so that people can exercise the right to health and considered that official messages are limited and contradictory.' in 6 weeks of work have confirmed contradictions and decisions wrong in at least 3 documents emanating from the official body of healthas well as deficiencies in vaccination and shortcomings of the instruments for the sampling and transport to research centers. There is no continuous messages to the public and we have identified points of self-censorship and delimitation of information ', says Oletta.

                              It says that the current situation, from the quantitative point of view, is a painful reality of patients and deceased that it is far from a normal situation as designates the Minister of health. ' 8 Weeks we have epidemic has 2,322 cases official, i.e., 387 times more cases than during the same period last year and we estimate that the number of fatalities in the country amounted to 88 persons '.Less than half of the risk groups have been vaccinated

                              Oletta emphasizes that if the descent of the A (H1N1) wave does not diminish, that would mean one greater impact on the depletion of the resources necessary to mitigate the epidemic. ' There are large faults to cover risk groups such as pregnant women and health professionals. This number should be for Venezuela in no less than 9 million immunizations and we have just one third of these protected persons. Unfortunately the Government has informed that at year end it will perform more vaccinations, when the epidemic is already '. 'According to the Minister, the treatment for patients with serious respiratory condition is none, but the behavior of the epidemic indicates that patients with this condition, the following week increase confirmed cases of a(H1N1) in the week that increase', explains Oletta.En name of the Working Group, Oletta requires the Minister to review the fundamental principles of the rectory in health. ' Already has a 4 weeks without issuing statements on the subject, when the country is in the midst of an epidemic. We are called to correct errors, especially with regard to the treatment to follow Protocol and the use of antiviral drugs '.It has no sense to make diagnostic tests for A (H1N1) the Director of health of the municipality Sucre, Julio Castro, indicates that of every 10 deaths from respiratory distress 9.3 are confirmed as a(H1N1). ' No longer makes sense to do diagnostic tests because a health professional must be able to carry out only 3 questions to make the correct diagnosis and treatment ', expresses Castro.En contradiction with what was said by the Government, Castro said that the recommendation is to treat patients with severe respiratory failure with flu and officially inform professionals of the health of public and private institutionsthat this should be the Protocol to follow. The first ally of an epidemic is the information and if the Government now rectify that proper treatment protocol must be made with the use of influenza, this should be efficiently to all institutions of the country and not clandestine way or just a web page waiting for someone to read it '.The press conference also attended the academic Vice-Rector of the University of Carabobo, Ulysses