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Venezuela: MOH refuses to offer a daily account of cases of flu H1N1

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    Re: Venezuela: MOH refuses to offer a daily account of cases of flu H1N1

    Demanding that the ministry of health to investigate the recent outbreak of influenza A/H1N1 in the country

    Doctors, members and researchers attended this Monday to the public prosecutor's office to ask the agency to urge the ministry of health to provide details of the outbreak of influenza A subtype H1N1 from where it originated and how the epidemic. Carlos Walter, a researcher at the CENDES of the UCV indicated that beyond to urge, requested an investigation about how is handling the epidemic of ah1n1 which is still continuing.

    'The document consists of 20 collections that highlight the need to establish responsibilities, It is necessary to listen to the complaints because here would be violating the right to health and even to life with the deaths, There is unofficial information that have occurred 100 throughout the country'

    explained that this action is important for the prevention and also to the moral power is responsible for similar situations, such as the currently living patients in hospitals where do not receive the necessary attention.


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      Re: Venezuela: MOH refuses to offer a daily account of cases of flu H1N1

      Venezuelan Medical Federation requests declaration of emergency health

      Caracas, Aug 20.- The president of the Venezuelan Medical Federation (FMV), Douglas Leon, today asked the Venezuelan Government to declare the 'emergency' epidemiological and health in the country and claim improvements in the hospital facilities and salaries for doctors referred to in the collective agreements

      'We demand ( ... ) to declare the emergency in health here in Venezuela as both epidemiological hospital', Leon announced in a press conference to Venezuelan media. Leon joined to this request the 'urgent' hospital staffing, as well as the repair of infrastructure and equipment, along with a 'fair wage' for medical professionals at the national level. I assure you that in the '90 per cent or more' of the hospitals of the country the budget for the year 2013 is already consumed and are in 'technical closure' . 'We have situations very critical in all hospitals', he said. Leon also made an 'urgent' called the Government to search for an 'immediate' solution to the situation that has arisen with the private clinics. Last June was approved in Venezuela a new legislation to regulate the prices of the services offered by the private health centers, what gender discomfort in the owners of the clinics to ensure that the service is not feasible in these economic terms.

      Venezuela faced a couple of months ago to what experts considered a flu epidemic, when they came to be detected in the country, according to the epidemiological bulletin from 9 to 15 June, 1,826 positive cases of influenza A. The proportion of affected dropped dramatically in the last few weeks, according to the Ministry of Health.