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5th A/H1N1 death in Uruguay reported

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  • 5th A/H1N1 death in Uruguay reported


    New death brings to five people killed by influenza A in Uruguay
    Today 19:13 --

    Montevideo, July 3 (EFE) .- The death of a man admitted with influenza A in the Military Hospital of Montevideo rose today to the five deaths from the disease in Uruguay, said the Ministry of Public Health.

    Also, the director of Health, Government of Uruguay, Jorge Basso, reported that in the last 24 hours there have been 20 new patients of this disease, caused by the H1N1 virus in Montevideo and 49 people are admitted to hospitals because of the disease.

    Even so, the officer requested "to contextualize the information" to raise unnecessary alarm and recalled, for example, that 15 people died in the last two days due to diseases related to smoking without arousing much interest.

    Yesterday killed three people infected by influenza A, two women and one man, all aged over 50 and other diseases.

    The increase in cases of this disease both at home and in neighboring Argentina has raised the alarm in Uruguay, especially after it spread the news that the supply of medicines to combat the disease could be at risk due to the Argentines who crossed the border to buy them in this nation.

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    Re: 5th A/H1N1 death in Uruguay reported


    Google translation:

    Suman five died of the flu virus "A"

    Pregnant. 18-year-old was admitted yesterday to the Military

    The MSP has confirmed a new death caused by H1N1 influenza, which is added to the four cases last week. There are two deaths suspected to have been caused by the virus. A young pregnant woman was admitted to Military Hospital.

    According to a press release issued last night by the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) over the weekend was a new death caused by influenza A. This is a case in Montevideo, but was given no further information.

    So join the five people killed by the action of viruses, which led to the global pandemic is declared. However, the MSP said that in all fatal cases, victims were suffering from prior diseases (such as diabetes, heart disease or respiratory disease) that became a deadly influenza.

    The first death caused by the H1N1 virus last Monday. This was a woman of 60 years who was interned in the Hospital Maciel. On Wednesday of last week there was a row of three more deaths: two in Montevideo and one in a mutual Maldonado. As in the first case, there were two women and a man of about 60 years and had previous symptoms.

    In addition, two cases of death "suspicious" in which there is doubt about the action of the virus, because while presenting symptoms, the MSP did not make its confirmation. One is a man of 65 years who was admitted to the hospital with a large Pasteur decompensation. The second was a patient of 74 years who died in Saturday morning at the Military Hospital. Colonel Guido Manini R?os, director of the hospital, El Pais said yesterday that although the symptoms coincides with the described for influenza A, the case could not be confirmed.

    REVENUE. Yesterday, a young pregnant woman of 18 years was transferred from a private mutual Rocha at the Military Hospital, as a table suspect, which added to her pregnancy, which should make the utmost care.

    Over the weekend there were dozens of consultations in public hospitals and private mutualists because of symptoms associated with flu-like tables, yesterday told the country the holder of the Chair of Infectious Diseases, Faculty of Medicine UDELAR, Eduardo Savio.

    According to the MSP, there are 68 confirmed cases of influenza A, 100 are awaiting confirmation and 9 others are considered "probable" but not confirmed. The most affected age group is children under 5 years, with patients.

    EVALUATION. On the other hand, tomorrow will be a meeting between Minister Maria Julia Mu?oz, advisers and technicians MSP mutual private analyze possible actions to take.

    Mu?oz yesterday gave the country the purpose of the meeting is "what is reality" listen ", but noted that it is complying with the care provided according to the pandemic phase decreed by the World Health Organization.

    Savio, meanwhile, felt that it should "adjust some details in the coordination and timeliness of actions to be taken before a suspect case for" further facilitate the diagnosis and treatment to make it even more dynamic as is now, "said the specialist.
    V?zquez Mu?oz informed

    During the meeting of the Council of Ministers on Monday as the president headed today Tabar? V?zquez, the head of Public Health, Maria Julia Munoz, the agent will consider you an update on the status of influenza A. "These are general considerations and technical," said Munoz, who regularly informs V?zquez on the effects of the virus, but today will be the first after the deaths last week.
    Close border with Bolivia evaluates Argentina, two deaths in Peru

    Following the large number of cases of influenza A in Argentina, where the virus has so far caused the deaths of 55 people, the government of Bolivia assesses the possibility of closing the long border of 773 kilometers.

    "We worry about what is happening in Argentina," said the Bolivian Health Minister Ramiro Tapia, who said that the decision to block the border will depend on the information provided by health authorities of Argentina on the "magnitude" of the pandemic.

    Meanwhile, the first step is to redouble the number of doctors at the border, "said Tapia. But if despite this we see that there are still registering cases, "which would close the border for about three, four or five days to prevent the spread of the virus," he explained.

    Until yesterday, Bolivia had been found 393 cases of influenza A. The highest number of infected is located in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, where 219 patients.

    Meanwhile, Minister of Health of Peru, ?scar Ugarte, yesterday confirmed the first two deaths from influenza A. She is a woman of 38 years and a girl 4. In both cases there were long term complications.
    El Pais Digital