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Peru: 25 deaths from influenza in 2016

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  • Peru: 25 deaths from influenza in 2016

    Health investigates four deaths from influenza AH1N1 in the Piura region

    The Regional Health Authority of Piura, investigating four cases of death from influenza AH1N1 in the region, the director of Epidemiology, Edward Pozo said.

    The specialist said that among the cases under investigation

    Figure a baby just four months old, whose death was recorded at the Santa Rosa hospital.

    Well Sucuple urged citizens not to self-medicate, go to the nearest health center and to make health recommendations to prevent the spread of this disease.
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    Piura: A teenager is the first victim of influenza AH3N2

    A new virus has begun to circulate in the Piura region. This is the AH3N2 flu has killed a boy of fifteen who lived in the settlement El Indio and was treated at the Hospital of Santa Rosa Piura.

    The regional deputy director of Piura Health, César Morón Pastor, confirmed that the patient died on April, but only just appeared the formal record of death and cause, in the Netlab system of the National Institute of Health, Ministry of Health ( MoH).

    Morón explained that both the virus AH3N2 influenza and H1N1 are the 'most serious types of respiratory infection, and there is a movement of both types. Influenza viruses have much ability to mutate. In terms of severity it is similar to the AH3N2 AH1N1. Both are similar, 'he said.


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      So far this year are 21 deaths from influenza

      According to the latest epidemiological bulletin of the Ministry of Health (MoH), deaths caused by influenza virus continue to rise until April 15 have been reported 21 associated deaths this evil, which most have been caused by strains type a (H1N1) and type B. The dead were children under one year, seniors and people with risk factors.

      According to MoH statistics they have been identified 479 laboratory-confirmed cases. The departments of the North Coast of the country represent 51.1%, 22.4% Metropolitan Lima, East 39.6% while 19.2% of Sierra Center reported cases. The Piura region has the highest activity of influenza virus circulation, bringing 207 cases. The Peruvian Society of Occupational Health has launched the campaign "Free Enterprise Influenza", an initiative that invites public and private institutions to promote among workers a culture of prevention of communicable diseases through vaccination.


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        MINSA reports three deaths from influenza A H1N1 in Juliaca

        A worrying situation was revealed by the Ministry of Health, through the Health Network San Roman: in the last seven days three people died from respiratory illness were recorded, of which He confirmó- 2 died because of influenza A H1N1. "we have 3 dead, the evidence we have sent to Lima have brought us positive for influenza a virus in variety H1N1 cases, this happened with a patient in intensive care," said the director of the Health Network San Roman, Enrique Sotomayor Perales.Detalló that the deceased, who were aged between 28 and 38 years (2 of them traders) were immuno-competent patients, ie, who did not have previous respiratory disease, but following the influenza died quickly, then whereafter testing was performed.


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          Arequipa: Alert for 5 deaths AH1N1

          The Regional Health Management Arequipa confirmed the death of 5 people from the flu AH1N1. In addition, 32 other infected patients following treatment.

          The head of the area of ​​Epidemiology, Jorge Velarde, reported this morning that the alert is given to prevent the virus from spreading and has more cases.


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            Seven people died of influenza AH1N1 in Arequipa

            According to the latest report from the Ministry of Health, at 19 deaths reported last Friday to add two more, making a total of 21 deaths in the area nacional.El Ministry of Health and the Departmental Health Service (Headquarters) have you decided to intensify the vaccination campaign against influenza a H1N1 "Let perifonear through neighborhoods and areas so that people know that being vaccinated, ideally reach 100% coverage in risk groups." he added.



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              They increase to 9 deaths from flu AH1N1

              Arequipa. H1N1 flu cases continue to rise. Yesterday the death of another patient was confirmed because of this dreaded virus. In total there are already nine dead as a result of the spread of AH1N1. The head of the Department of Epidemiology, Regional Health, Jorge Velarde, said the recently deceased patient is a 33 year old woman derived from Social Security in the city of Mollendo, Islay. Immediately was admitted to the Hospital EsSalud III of Yanahuara, however, he died last June 20. After exams, it was determined that died after contracting the H1N1 virus. Currently there are 45 patients who continue with treatment and are considered suspects.



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                5 deaths per influenza AH1N1 in Puno

                So far in the Puno region have been five deaths from the H1N1 flu and 13 confirmed cases of the disease, according to the Regional Directorate of Health said that are not imported cases as in previous years, but chief epidemiologist autóctonos.El Regional Health Authority (DIRESA) of Puno, Percy Casaperalta Calsina said that over evil still exist a number of myths that far from helping to cope with this issue, the program generates confusion.A statements Speaks South RPP news , Casaperalta Calsina, made it clear that the H1N1 flu is not caused by eating pork, but it is only a myth by many people sometimes stop feeding.



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                  Moquegua: 33 yo Woman is the first fatality of influenza AH1N1

                  The H1N1 flu virus is already in Moquegua and already claimed its first victim. It is a 33-year-old who was treated at the Hospital of Essalud in the town center San Francisco and after being evacuated to the city of Tacna, died of bronconeumonía.La information was corroborated by the director of health people from the Regional Health Management, Flor de Maria Curi Tito, who asked the public not to be alarmed. On the contrary they invoked virus.Precisó to be vaccinated against this virus has been contracted and the patient nor noticed. The problem occurs in people with comorbidity and young adults who are unknowingly exposed. The latest reports indicate that deaths from H1N1 is attacking the group of 30 to 40 years old.



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                    Puno: Reported 6 dead and 14 positive cases of influenza H1N1

                    The Regional Health Directorate reported that so far in the Puno region have presented six deaths and 14 positive cases of influenza AH1N1. In addition 75 cases were reported for a estudio.Según is made the chief epidemiologist of the Regional Health Authority these are not imported as in previous years, but indigenous, "the H1N1 flu has been installed as a way of life in all cases country, "the specialist said refiere.Además vaccines to combat this evil have been available since April in the various medical facilities in the region of Puno; however people have been interested in them we prevent this disease until deaths.



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                      Warning for increase in cases of influenza type B in Peru

                      Do you want to prevent influenza affect your family? Pay close attention to this note published by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) .According to the Regional Influenza Update PAHO during Epidemiological Week (EW) 32 in Peru there has been increased activity of circulating influenza type B because low temperatures that have been recorded in our country.The type B influenza is a highly contagious acute respiratory infection, which is responsible for increased mortality in children, youth and adults; and can cause epidemics. In addition, hospitalization rates and mortality associated with B virus are as high as those of serotype A (H1N1). There are currently two different lineages of influenza B (B / Victoria and B / Yamagata) while circulating worldwide.