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9th fatality reported in Peru

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  • Shiloh
    Re: 9th fatality reported in Peru


    Ninth fatality AH1N1 influenza confirmed in Huaraz

    Patient died two days ago suffering from hypertension, morbid obesity and had suffered three years ago of a pneumonic illness.

    The Regional Health Huaraz confirmed the first death from influenza in AH1N1 Huar?z, bringing the total to 9 deaths in the country.

    Manuel Ruiz Herrera, director of health of the Regional Health Huaraz, indicated that the victim died two days ago and the diagnosis was acute respiratory failure and unusual, which made it suspect in a possible influenza AH1N1.

    He explained that the results were sent two days after a person infected with the virus died.

    He indicated that the patient had hypertension as a risk factor, and morbid obesity as well as three years ago had a pneumonic illness.

    "People should take into account the need to protect, feed and shelter, especially in people with risk factors," explained Ruiz Herrera, noting that there are 16 confirmed cases of influenza in the region.

    Risk factors are common in victims

    So far those killed in the country because of the flu AH1N1 are people with risk factors. This is the case of two patients with severe heart disease, a man of 36 years with hypertension, two women gestantantes (six months pregnant and 30 weeks of gestation).

    It may be recalled that another victim of the deadly flu AH1N1 had diabetes, overweight and hypertension. And the first two deaths reprotadas in the country for the feared influenza was a woman of 38 years who suffered from arterial hipertesi?n and weighed 120 pounds, and four years of a child with Down syndrome.

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  • Shiloh
    started a topic 9th fatality reported in Peru

    9th fatality reported in Peru


    Google translation:

    Nine brings the death toll from the flu in the country AH1N1

    14:21 | An obese man died on Saturday of respiratory failure in Ancash.

    A natural person Ancash died from influenza AH1N1 and became the ninth victim of the deadly new flu, reported the regional director of Health, Manuel Ruiz Herrera.

    In statements to RPP, Ruiz Herrera said the man belonged to the risk group "for being hypertensive, suffer from morbid obesity, while three years ago had a pneumonic enfernedad.

    Ruiz Herrera did not give the identity or age of the deceased, who died two days ago upon entering a health center with a picture of severe respiratory failure.

    Minsa 2390 confirmed cases of influenza, of which 1753 cases discharged and 132 are new.

    When asked by, Deputy Minister of Health, Meliton Arce, said there was no information on it and just noted that the diagnosis could be made official tomorrow.