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3rd A/H1N1 fatality reported in Peru

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  • 3rd A/H1N1 fatality reported in Peru


    Urgent: A rose three deaths in Peru as a result of influenza AH1N1

    14:24 | Deputy Health Meliton Arce, confirmed that this is a man of 35 years, which weighed 140 pounds, died at Arequipa.

    Man of 35 years, which weighed 140 pounds, died at Arequipa. Minsa dictates Facilitating consumption drug used to combat influenza

    A man of 35 years died in Arequipa due to the flu AH1N1 and became the third fatality of the disease, health authorities reported.

    The deputy minister of health, Meliton Arce, confirmed the death and said that the data being sought.

    In that sense, the regional manager of health Arequipa, Miguel Alayza Angles, broken Per?.21 RPP and that the victim weighed 140 pounds, had suffered from diabetes and hypertension.

    The deceased, whose name was not provided, expired yesterday at the hospital Yanahuara in the region.

    The first two victims were on Sunday and it was Vigo Carmen Cortez, 38, who also suffered from obesity, and four years of a child with Down syndrome.

    The Ministry of Health reported that there have been 1135 cases of influenza AH1N1, of which 811 have been given high.

    New drug
    For its part, the Ministry of Health published in the Gazette today a standard that provides for the dissolution of the capsules of the drug Oseltamivir, which is used to combat evil.

    "The measure has been done in anticipation that if there is Oseltamivir syrup for children, the contents of capsule may dissolve it," said the deputy Arce.