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Ecuador - 307 Confirmed Cases A/H1N1; 5 deaths

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    Re: Ecuador - 91 Confirmed Cases A/H1N1


    Google translation:

    Increases to 91 the number infected with AH1N1

    Ecuador recorded 91 cases of H1N1 influenza, said the secretary of Health, Marcelo Aguilar.

    The provinces where there have been cases of infection are Guayas, Pichincha, El Oro, Manabi, Chimborazo, Azuay and Canar.

    After the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the pandemic, Ecuador strengthened epidemiological surveillance system to detect potential cases of the virus and prevent serious infections and deaths due to the presence of the same, said Aguilar.
    The trend now is that the virus is spreading and it is possible that in the coming weeks more countries and cities reported more infections. The important thing is to identify early cases and treat them to prevent serious and fatal.

    According to Undersecretary of Health, 91 cases of influenza AH1N1 are recorded in the country for a month. When under treatment are four or five cases, the remainder are recovered in their normal lives.

    Health Minister Caroline Chang, explained that Ecuador has listed "a planning and programming" for once the vaccine against influenza AH1N11 purchase the product. In such situations was "the big powers are those that hold the product.

    The health authorities of Ecuador said that the circulation of influenza virus AH1N1 is wide in the world, making it difficult to contain the spread of the virus which has the biological characteristics.

    The purpose of the surveillance is aimed at identifying people who are infected and those who develop serious respiratory infections. Ie those who have "severe flu tables, accompanied by shortness of breath, chest pain or with sputum containing blood."

    People showing these signs should go immediately to hospitals and health centers in the country.

    Epidemiological surveillance also includes observing the behavior of viruses in populations that may be more vulnerable socio-economic, according to Aguilar.

    Health authorities stress the positive response from people who practice preventive measures to address the virus as a respiratory infection.

    The first one was infected in Ecuador Guayaquil boy who returned from United States and was diagnosed May 15.


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      Re: Ecuador - 115 Confirmed Cases A/H1N1


      Ecuador recorded 115 cases of human influenza
      Monday June 22 2009
      Source: AFP

      Those affected by influenza A (H1N1) are located in Guayas (75), Pichincha (16), Azuay (7), Chimborazo (7) Ca?ar and (3) and coastal Manab? (4) and El Oro (3) .

      QUITO .- Ecuador has identified 115 confirmed cases of human influenza since it was first discovered on May 15 last, reported Monday that the Department of Epidemiology, Ministry of Health.

      He noted that 75 of those infected are concentrated in the coastal province of Guayas, Guayaquil and the capital of which is inhabited by a child who became infected in the first influenza A (H1N1) to travel to United States.

      The other cases are divided between the Andean provinces of Pichincha (16), Azuay (7), Chimborazo (7) Ca?ar and (3) and coastal Manab? (4) and El Oro (3).

      The portfolio added that the authorities maintain a surveillance on 22 suspected cases nationwide.


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        Re: Ecuador - 125 Confirmed Cases A/H1N1


        Google translation:

        Ecuador: 125 confirmed cases of influenza A
        Health authorities remind the public not to neglect prevention methods
        Date: 2009-06-23 17:46:59

        On the afternoon of Tuesday, the Ministry of Health confirmed that the country recorded 125 cases of influenza AH1N1. The two people infected, which were recently detected with influenza recover satisfactorily in the Eugenio Espejo Hospital in Quito. A woman aged 28 from Chile is a case, while the other patient is a child of 10 years who had contact with a person who returned from abroad...


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          Re: Ecuador - 132 Confirmed Cases A/H1N1


          12:38: Wednesday, June 24, 2009
          Influenza Type A: 132 cases were recorded in Ecuador

          Ten new cases of influenza AH1N1 increase the number of infected to 132 in the country.

          The Ministry of Health confirmed a few hours ten new cases of influenza AH1N1 in the country. With recent infection, the number of infected in Ecuador amounts to 132 people.

          Guayas were detected in 4 infected, bringing the figure rises to 84 in the province, of which 76 were discharged.

          Meanwhile in Pichincha and Ca?ar 3 new cases were detected in each province.

          Manab? maintained with 4, Azuay, 6, 7 Riobamba and El Oro 3.

          Those infected were confirmed by laboratory testing at the National Institute of Hygiene Izquieta Leopoldo Perez and all are safe, according to Eduardo Verdesoto, director of Health Guayas.

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            Re: Ecuador - 140 Confirmed Cases A/H1N1

            [Google Translation]

            6 new cases of influenza AH1N1

            Of these, three were in Quito, Cuenca and two in Ambato bringing in a 140 the number of infected nationwide.

            Health authorities yesterday confirmed six new cases of influenza AH1N1 in Ecuador. Of these, three were in Quito, Cuenca and two in Ambato bringing in a 140 the number of infected nationwide.

            The largest number of patients with influenza A is concentrated in Guayaquil with 80 cases, of which 76 were discharged today, and they operate with total normality, confirmed Eduardo Verdesoto, provincial director of Health.

            The remaining cases with this disease is spread in Quito, where there are 27 infected, of which eight were confirmed in the last two days, detailed Verdesoto.

            Azogues In nine cases, followed by eight Cuenca and Riobamba in seven cases. In Manab? are infected at five, then three Machala Ambato and finally, in the province of Tungurahua, which has an infected.

            The Provincial Director of Health announced that Guayauil confirmed in the case of a college student infected with the virus AH1N1 but did not specify the name of the academic center.

            Verdesoto informed on this subject that even the executives are considering whether the university suspended the classes to implement general or the extent to which the power couple is pursuing his studies.

            "We are discussing whether pa-ra closes the faculty or classrooms, but not the whole university. However, if the institution decides to close completely a matter of them, but I indicated that it is not recommended. Maximum power, "said Verdesoto.


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              Re: Ecuador - 162 Confirmed Cases A/H1N1


              Created: Monday, 29-June-2009 16:25

              Ecuador recorded 162 cases of H1N1 influenza

              The Ministry of Public Health, found 11 new cases of influenza H1N1 in the country. That number rose to 162 infected. However, of them at least a hundred and were discharged.

              According to health authorities in Guayaquil were detected two new patients. The main port has 86 confirmed cases, 81 of which have already been discharged.

              The H1N1 influenza infection was also recorded in one case and in Puyo Tulcan two cases.

              While in Quito were four new cases. There are also infected in Chimborazo, Tungurahua, Manabi, El Oro, Azuay and Canar.

              The first case was filed in Guayaquil, Ecuador on May 15 last.


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                Re: Ecuador - 163 Confirmed Cases A/H1N1


                Google translation:

                Ecuador 163 total cases of influenza A (H1N1)

                Ecuador reported two new cases of influenza A (H1N1) in the province of Carchi (north) to add 163 at the national level, reported on June 1 the Ministry of Public Health.

                The institution added that 87 of the confirmed cases are concentrated in the province of Guayas, where the first infection was detected in the country, a teenager who had returned from Miami, United States.

                The remaining cases are in Pichincha (33), Azuay (14), Chimborazo (7), Ca?ar (7), Tungurahua (1), Manabi (6), El Oro (border with Peru, 4) and the Amazonian province Pastaza (2). (Xinhua)


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                  Re: Ecuador - 204 Confirmed Cases A/H1N1

                  Ecuador detected 204 cases of swine flu that spreads across borders

                  11:49 A.M., 06 July 2009

                  QUITO, 6 Jul 2009 (AFP) - Ecuador has detected 204 cases of swine flu, some of them in the areas bordering Colombia and Peru, but not yet recorded any fatality since the onset of illness on May 15, said Monday the Ministry of Health.

                  Five of those infected by the virus A (H1N1) in the provinces of Carchi and Esmeraldas, bordering Colombia, according to the Department of Epidemiology of the Ministry.

                  On the border with Peru, six cases were detected in the coastal province of El Oro and Loja Andean he said.

                  Of the 204 cases discovered in Ecuador from May 15, 100 are concentrated in the coastal province of Guayas (the most populous country), 41 in New York (whose capital is Quito), 21 in Azuay, Chimborazo in 10, eight in Ca?ar, Manab? eight, three in two in Pastaza and Tungurahua.

                  The first case in Ecuador was in a child who lives in Guayaquil and contracted the disease while traveling to Miami, according to authorities.

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                  Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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                    Re: Ecuador - 204 Confirmed Cases A/H1N1


                    The death was ruled out yesterday by AH1N1
                    The Azuay died from pneumonia and not the virus AH1N1. In the capital Lojana were three cases.

                    The report of death issued by a clinic indicated that the Azuay Cuenca, 28, died from pneumonia and a cardiac arrest and not by the virus AH1N1.

                    According to the Director of Health of Azuay, Julio Molina, the patient lived in a village located 30 kilometers from Cuenca. Automedic? was two weeks ago after having symptoms of a flu. But his health deteriorated and needed medical attention.

                    The Azuay was served by a particular doctor and received outpatient treatment. But the June 29 was hospitalized in a clinic cuencana. Four days later, the authorities of the center reported the case to the Health of Azuay.

                    Molina said it made monitoring and surveillance, but the picture of the patient worsened to require an artificial respirator.

                    Before being transferred to the Intensive Care room Vicente Corral Moscoso Hospital in Cuenca, before the patient died. According to the follow-up, women had no contact with any patient infected by the virus and AH1N1 or with someone who came from abroad.

                    Like her, two other basin in patients treated in private clinics who were treated for pneumonia and who are in critical condition. The Directorate of Health maintains surveillance.

                    Yesterday the Department of Health issued a circular to Azuay private hospitals to receive box to report such cases immediately. "We can not just when they want to refer to a serious public health home."

                    Cuenca AH1N1 recorded 21 cases of which 17 were discharged. All cases were treated in their homes and did not require hospitalization.

                    Meanwhile, in Loja were the first three people with influenza AH1N1. Patients respond favorably to treatment. They are two young and the mother of one living in the city, but last week came from Riobamba and Cuenca.

                    They have mild symptoms and therefore did not require hospitalization, said the epidemiologist of the Health, Fabiola Barva.

                    Loja were examined in 16 suspected cases of influenza, of which 13 were discarded.


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                      Re: Ecuador - 218 Confirmed Cases A/H1N1


                      Increases to 218 the number of infected by influenza A in Ecuador

                      09/07/2009 11:21 AM

                      EFE. Quito. The number of infected by influenza A rose to 218 in Ecuador, which confirmed the first affected in May, reported today the Undersecretary of Health Litoral.

                      According to this institution, one hundred cases have been registered in the province of Guayas, whose capital is Guayaquil (southwest), the country's largest city and economic center of this Andean nation.

                      Also, there are confirmed cases, among others, in Pichincha province, whose capital is Quito, and in the provinces of El Oro, Manabi Azuay, Canar, Chimborazo and.

                      The Secretariat notes that as part of interagency coordination between the Regional Secretariat of Health and the provincial directorates of the Coast region remains to date the strategy of containment.

                      This means, he explained, track and provide timely medical treatment of the cases are recorded and are served through the Basic Health Teams (EBAs).

                      "Staff of these units visiting the homes of patients with suspicious symptoms, which after being diagnosed as influenza AH1N1, receive the drug Tamiflu for its gradual recovery," he added.
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                        Re: Ecuador - 256 Confirmed Cases A/H1N1; 3 deaths

                        Suman 3 deaths from influenza A H1N1 in Ecuador

                        QUITO, Ecuador, July 13 --

                        The Ministry of Health confirmed the third death from influenza A H1N1 in the country.

                        According to the Minister of Health explained, Caroline Chang, the Ecuadorian newspaper El Comercio, the third death from the contagious viral disease was a man of 74 years, resident in the province of Chimborazo, which is coupled to the first 2 fatalities reported the Friday July 11.

                        For its part, the Department of Epidemiology reported that total 256 confirmed cases in Ecuador, of which 107 are located in the province of Guayas, Pichincha 57, 8 on the border with Peru, and 7 in the border zone with Colombia .

                        LATAM: Report


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                          Re: Ecuador - 307 Confirmed Cases A/H1N1; 5 deaths


                          Ecuador clinical audit after influenza deaths
                          Today 16:58 --

                          Quito, 16 Jul (Notimex) .- The Ministry of Public Health today announced that Ecuador will be audited to the private clinics who treated five patients who died after human influenza, which are the only deaths in the country by the virus .

                          He noted that audits seek "to establish clear reasons for not notifying the ministry time, the type of processing, and other technical aspects needed to establish responsibilities, if any."

                          The five people killed so far in the country were treated by private physicians or placed in private institutions without notifying the Ministry of Health and transferred to hospitals in critical condition, he added.

                          He said that the fifth victim, who died last July 11 in the public hospital Eugenio Espejo Quito, is a woman of 42 years, who entered the home health care in critical condition from a private clinic.

                          Until Thursday, Ecuador records 307 cases of infection by the virus H1N109, five of which have ended in deaths.

                          Three other cases remain classified as serious under continuous observation, one in critical condition at the Eugenio Espejo hospital for over a week.

                          However, the latter has evolved favorably to treatment, but still in intensive care.