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Chile confrims first death, in Puerto Montt

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  • Shiloh
    Re: Chile confrims first death, in Puerto Montt


    The lack of protocols for the first died in Chile by the influenza A H1N1
    Dead man walking

    Although we were few hours of life, Fernando Vera never knew what dying. And so he walked to a health facility to another, joking about the swine flu. His family learned from the press who had entered the history of public health in Chile. The Ministry of Health will investigate the procedures followed.

    Soledad Neira Farias

    Correspondent in Puerto Montt

    "Sometimes I think that if we had taken to the hospital, if any care here at home, with herbs, in bed ... would not have died alone, isolated and hungry. But coughed much," says Vera Fabiola Maldonado The younger sister of Fernando, the g?sfiter of 37 years who became the first victim in Chile of Influenza A (H1N1).

    The first case was reported in Santiago, Puerto Montt, but added the largest number of patients in serious condition: 7 of 8 in the country.

    The crisis in the area has a team of specialists from the Ministry of Health (Minsal) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). Attempt to reconstruct the story from April 1, because they feel that the aggressive outbreak started before May 17, when the first two reported cases.

    The trip to Chilo?

    Fabiola Vera was the last of his clan to see his brother alive. Next to it was the 7 hours waiting in the Emergency Hospital in Puerto Montt.

    Buried on Wednesday to "Nano", but nobody in the family has recovered. Neither his mother, Maria Maldonado, nor his wife, Sandra, who could not say goodbye to him, nor his son, Fernandito, in one year and three months.

    A week before, Fernando was trying to convince them to go to Chilo? encourage the "Dynamo", the neighborhood where he played club soccer with his friends from childhood.

    They left fifty a bus leased. Torrential rain and his family wanted to accompany him.

    "We were wet on the outside and inside," says his boss at the construction Albano, Homero Soto, a fellow club and friend, who taught him the craft of g?sfiter and who worked for 17 years.

    This Saturday May 23, virtually all amateur football team arrived with flu symptoms to their homes

    On Sunday, Fernando was very bad, but the care with herbs and went to work Monday.

    Despite the protocol, the SAPU not given antiviral

    "He lived coughing, and once a year had a strong bronchitis. Recovered and herb bed," says his mother. Was hypertensive, had a heart and was a smoker.

    Friday the 29 was so bad that no rose. And he began to have fever.

    Saturday morning his wife convinced him to go to Urgent Care (SAPU). The hospital was close to them, but they did not believe it was so serious and they were afraid to the usual expectations of the urgency of this place.

    In phase mitigation ", as described on Minsal arrived at SAPU Padre Hurtado. I had two of the critical elements for the diagnosis of A (H1N1): cough (productive bloody) 39.o and temperature, but did not give antiviral, as stated in the protocol.

    The SAPU said he joined the 12:56, but his wife says that arrived after 13:30 and went close to 16 hours from the hospital with orders to rays, blood and PCR.

    Director SAPU Mireya Nieto said he offered to take him by ambulance, but Sandra says. "Why would we say no? Had to cross the entire city (about 10 kilometers), with Fernando with fever and he just went very wrong. They never told us we could take in the ambulance."

    The director (s) of Health, Monica Winkler, justified not to send an emergency vehicle, "we were in the process of mitigation." "We can not occupy the SAPU ambulances because accidents continue to occur on the road, people are still sick," the head of the Emergency Unit of the Base Hospital, Alfonso Oropesa.

    "Nano" was released after 16:15 pm, Fabiola cree. They arrived at 16:45, as the family, at 16.26 as the hospital.

    Seven hours in the waiting room

    Fabiola said that close to 17 hours spent by the selector of claim and sent him back to the waiting room, despite the protocol that provides privacy.

    "I've been here more than four hours. After going to say I died of the swine," joked, drawing laughter from the other patients.

    Complaints were futile. Only at 21:30 they called a box. I saw a doctor. He ordered an x-ray, "five hours to do what the doctor had already said the SAPU," said Sandra.

    Fabiola him. "I could barely walk. We had to cross the entire hospital. We went and wheelchair to go to Ray," he recalls.

    When the doctor saw the X-rays "to put the faces, I knew that something bad happened," he says.

    The doctor told you that you had to stay under observation. According to the medical records began treatment with oseltamivir, ceftriaxone and clindamycin. "But we were sent to wait outside because they had no bed, couch or even where ?quit! He entered and went to order something to eat. I was hungry," says Fabiola.

    But while the hospital director, Osvaldo Vera Gasc? said that even refused to hospital, Fabiola says angry. "Yes, did not have a stretcher," he insists.

    "I doubt that they see today"

    At 00:15 am on May 31, his sister saw him last, in the pensioner, after a worrying sign, "Isolation." Further, there was a civil servant, only to see him behind the eyes of a blue dress that covered from head to toe.

    "I asked him if he could bring food, because it was still complaining of hunger. 'Nothing,' he said, adding:" I doubt we will see today ', "says Fabiola.

    Fernando came just called his cell phone. "Put the mask and do not remove it for the world. Hospitals are full of bugs," he said. I was scared because it felt that this was the area infected by the "swine flu". I never suspected that this was the virus that took the life of his brother.

    A few minutes before 10 am Sunday, Fabiola was able to speak with him one last time. "Screamed the nurse for help."

    According to the hospital, had a cardiac arrest, was taken to the ICU and was connected to mechanical ventilator. Fernando Vera died about 04:15 am on the Monday.

    The Vera Maldonado want to take legal action to clarify why the procedures were followed, days later, they learned that corresponded to human influenza cases.

    They complain about having to learn from the press that Fernando had died by the A (H1N1) and that nobody had contacted the people with whom they shared during their final hours.

    "We regret not having corrected and brought the family," said the director (s) of the regional health service.

    The SEREMI health Bernardo Martorell, warns that "evolved so quickly that the move (to Santiago, for example) was never an option."

    To confirm the cause of death of Vera, Minister of Health, ?lvaro Erazo, announced that the entire protocol and procedure established by the Minsal be reviewed.

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  • HenryN
    Re: Chile confrims first death, in Puerto Montt

    Originally posted by thebes View Post

    The new flu -- a mixture of swine, bird and human viruses -- remains most prevalent in North America but has infected nearly 19,000 people in 64 countries, according to the WHO's latest toll, which tends to lag behind national figures but is considered more reliable.
    The swine flu is NOT a mixture of three viruses. It has a PB2 that originated in avina but has been in swine for over a decade. It also has PB1, which originated in humans, but has also been in swine for over a decade.

    ALL 8 gene segments have been in swine for decades.

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  • thebes
    Re: Chile confrims first death, in Puerto Montt

    UPDATE 1-Man is first to die in Chile from H1N1 flu - gov't
    Tue Jun 2, 2009 4:21pm EDT Email | Print | Share| Reprints | Single Page[-] Text [+]

    SANTIAGO, June 2 (Reuters) - A Chilean man has died from H1N1 flu, Chile's Public Health Institute said on Tuesday, the first death in the South American country from the new virus that has killed more than 100 people worldwide.

    "It is confirmed," Claudia Droguett, head of communications for the institute, told Reuters.

    Chile had so far confirmed 312 other cases of H1N1 by late on Monday, two of whom continue to be in serious condition.

    Chile's first victim, 37-year-old Fernando Vera Maldonado, died in the southern city of Puerto Montt in the early hours of Monday, local media reported. An initial test came up negative for H1N1.

    The spread of H1N1 flu in Australia, Britain, Chile, Japan and Spain has nudged the world closer to a pandemic, the World Health Organization said on Tuesday.

    The new flu -- a mixture of swine, bird and human viruses -- remains most prevalent in North America but has infected nearly 19,000 people in 64 countries, according to the WHO's latest toll, which tends to lag behind national figures but is considered more reliable.

    Before the Chilean death was confirmed, the WHO had put the global death toll from H1N1 at 117. Most of those killed have been in Mexico. (Reporting by Simon Gardner, editing by Philip Barbara)

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    Chile confrims first death, in Puerto Montt