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Brazil - Rio Grande do Norte, influenza 2018 - 15 fatalities

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  • Brazil - Rio Grande do Norte, influenza 2018 - 15 fatalities

    The Secretary of Health confirms five deaths due to influence in the RN
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    Epidemiological Bulletin confirms H1N1 death in Pentecoste

    The last Epidemiological Bulletin published by the Municipality of Pentecoste, through the Health Department, with information up to June 8, shows that the municipality recorded five cases of H1N1 flu in 2018, one in each locality: Vila Nova, ProvidÍncia , Nucleus D, Agricultural Post and Carnauba. The Pentecoste News blog was wrong to say that the municipality recorded two deaths due to H1N1, due to an error in the interpretation of the case table. In fact, a death from H1N1 influenza has been confirmed so far. The cause of the second death, influenced by respiratory syndrome, is still being investigated.


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      Councilman dies with H1N1 virus diagnosis

      The 45-year-old Alexandro alderman and businessman, Leomar Ferreira de Souza (MDB), died on Friday afternoon in Mossorů. He was admitted to Wilson Rosado Hospital (HWR). Mazinho was diagnosed with the H1N1 virus. He died as a result of this problem. He was in his third consecutive term of councilman. Mayor Jeane Ferreira (PSD) issued a decree determining official mourning for three days in the city. In the municipal scope, there are days that sanitary authorities of the municipality alerted for incidence of the H1N1.